Top 5 Vehicles Bucket List

  • Published on: 13 September 2021
  • TOP 5 VEHICLE EXPERIENCES! Wing Walking, Monster Trucks, Tanks & driving 200+ mph! Our best Bucket List yet! ► Thanks for subscribing! -
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    1. The Score - Top of the World
    Listen on Spotify:

    2. The Score - Miracle
    Listen on Spotify:

    3. Hardwell⁠ feat. Trevor Guthrie - Summer Air
    Listen here:

    Monster Truck FPV Drone Pilot IG: Justin Skinner @justinsmash

    Vehicles and Locations!
    1. Mason Wing Walking Academy:
    2. Ox Ranch Drive Tanks:
    3. Indianapolis Motor Speedway:
    4. Sea Breacher:
    5. Bristol Motor Speedway:

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  • Runtime : 18:12
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  • Dude Perfect
    Dude Perfect   4 months ago

    Thanks for watching guys!! 👊🏼NEXT UP 🗓 🎩 Optical Illusion Trick Shots w/ Zach King🚨 Overtime 30🛶 Build a Raft Battle

  • aislinghaugh1
    aislinghaugh1   1 hours ago

    m4 sherman was modified alot of times the most powerful one was the fire fly

  • Gildaflamingo
    Gildaflamingo   1 hours ago

    Ty's monstertruck skills are insssssaaaaaaneeeee!!!!!

    HARAMBE   11 hours ago

    For me I would drive a doge viper full spec down the track

  • World of Gaming
    World of Gaming   13 hours ago

    Lets just take a moment to realize that there is no pilot in the pilot seat in the thumbnail😐

  • Tania Dunn
    Tania Dunn   18 hours ago

    You should have done the party bus would of Been the best one for SURE

  • Potato Salad 321
    Potato Salad 321   20 hours ago

    Who the heck qut their finger on the cameraBruh😂 3:01

  • Kara McElya
    Kara McElya   1 days ago

    Do more bucket list stuff I love the bucket list

  • N J
    N J   1 days ago

    2:50 This reminds me of sonic being on top of Tails plane.

  • pappu das
    pappu das   1 days ago

    You drone buying please 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • pappu das
    pappu das   1 days ago

    You bigget laser light buying please 🥺🥺

  • Diesel New
    Diesel New   1 days ago

    I am your biggest fan and I love all of your vids

  • IlIlIlIlIlIl
    IlIlIlIlIlIl   2 days ago

    what is the intro song name of this video?

  • Hannah Grace Garner
    Hannah Grace Garner   3 days ago

    You only get an experience like that in Tennessee cause we are the greatest state! (Then of course Texas)btw southerners are the best!

  • Jaxson Modica
    Jaxson Modica   3 days ago

    Who were trying to win still like to play and walk

  • ODmation
    ODmation   3 days ago

    its after watching videos like these you cant help but say wow

  • Sam Michaels
    Sam Michaels   4 days ago

    Garrett: 4:45 this is my transportation to my vehiclealso garrett: 8:33 i got to head to the airport

  • Sam Michaels
    Sam Michaels   4 days ago

    garrett:4:45 this is my transportation to my vehiclealso garrett:8:33 i got to head to the airport

  • kal el
    kal el   4 days ago

    You know the walking on the wing kinea reminds me of sonic standing on thw wing and its the same plane that sonic was standing on the wing

  • Rick_GamerStar
    Rick_GamerStar   4 days ago

    When Coby says he drives a Tahoe. It is so funny when Cory says Here on Lake Tahoe, they both match

  • Miku
    Miku   5 days ago

    how was there some clips that had people watching and some not people watching when Tyler was driving the monster truck... sorry for my bad english

  • kevin saroha
    kevin saroha   5 days ago

    The others: yea let’s just drift and go fast while using a bug nerf gun Cody: yea going 4000ft in the air while hurricane winds are trying to push me off a air plane and not worrying about air pressure is fine.

  • roy canuck
    roy canuck   5 days ago

    The Garrett segment KILLED ME with laughter!! That's why the Purple Hoser is my favorite dude!!

  • trixers
    trixers   1 weeks ago

    Um is indianaPolis is from turbo like irl

  • Gaming Eternals
    Gaming Eternals   1 weeks ago

    Gary: the party busMe: I’m 12 and have been on one ha nerd

    KING OF MEENA   1 weeks ago

    From India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Tuan Nguyen
    Tuan Nguyen   1 weeks ago

    quá điên chất thật sự 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐

  • LMAO
    LMAO   1 weeks ago

    I want to ride the seabreacher so bad :/

  • SuttieToons
    SuttieToons   1 weeks ago

    Garret tank commander (does anyone get this reference?)

  • Zoilo
    Zoilo   1 weeks ago

    Be strong in your faith.Colossians 2:7

  • Nova Derp
    Nova Derp   1 weeks ago

    Someone knows the song playing on 4:44?

  • eh
    eh   1 weeks ago

    the fact tyler had the guts t drive a monster truck is cool