[MV] 화사 (Hwa Sa) - I'm a 빛

  • Published on: 24 November 2021
  • [MV] 화사 (Hwa Sa) - I'm a 빛

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  • Runtime : 4:21
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  • Annie
    Annie   8 minuts ago

    U know what hits different? This bop. I'm addicted to this first day one.

  • AF
    AF   10 minuts ago

    Hwasa if your reading this leave rbw , you deserve the world <3

  • csfung
    csfung   19 minuts ago

    Queen Hwasa has come a long way... So proud of her

  • luvlyjun
    luvlyjun   25 minuts ago

    idk what to say, just queen

  • Everybodysaylalalala
    Everybodysaylalalala   41 minuts ago

    She is so fucking hot inlove her i like that ( let me breath no bra)✨🤌🏻💞

  • Moonluv
    Moonluv   1 hours ago

    Getting goosepumbs at every movessss..queen indeed

  • pao.paobunny
    pao.paobunny   1 hours ago

    the word savage is really the trend this year i already know 3 songs using savage <3

  • Andres Martinez
    Andres Martinez   2 hours ago


  • Sha _elmo
    Sha _elmo   2 hours ago

    watching this with MINO's TANG! To more collab between WINNER X MAMAMOO💙💚

  • Jeje
    Jeje   2 hours ago

    It’s okay

  • Jeje
    Jeje   2 hours ago

    We love you Hwasa

  • Jeje
    Jeje   2 hours ago

    Please accept my ring 💍 I love you 😭😭😭

  • Taekookiee:3
    Taekookiee:3   2 hours ago

    Sao mà chị iu nhảy đẹp hát hay vị trùi sự xinh đẹp lày tui ngất đây~~

  • csfung
    csfung   2 hours ago

    Life is so incredible <3

  • Hemara Leiataatimu
    Hemara Leiataatimu   3 hours ago

    Wait Why did Hwasa Cut her Hair. She looks better with her long her. The short hair nahh is kinda like 50%/100 but her long her is more like 1000%. But I love the music 🎶/song. Fan of Hwasa 😊❤ & MAMAMOO 🙏🔥❤

  • Sophia
    Sophia   3 hours ago

    I can't stop listening! Love her voice, love the melody and love love love her lyrics!

  • JenNon13
    JenNon13   3 hours ago

    I'm a B...!!!so what?! 🤭

  • Karmi Cagam
    Karmi Cagam   3 hours ago

    This sound is really unique. I love this sm ❤️

  • T Hunter
    T Hunter   3 hours ago

    there is a part.....quite Chinese then

  • D C
    D C   4 hours ago

    Hwasa is an iconic artist. She only makes perfect songs. She never misses.

  • Dummy Account
    Dummy Account   4 hours ago

    I hope I can receive my album before the year ends 🥲

  • cottage_c
    cottage_c   4 hours ago

    Omg im not even her but shes killing it sis

  • QueenSa
    QueenSa   4 hours ago

    This should already have 100m views the Queen only makes masterpieces

  • Dileep Kumar
    Dileep Kumar   4 hours ago

    Why is she so perfect??? She really pretty & talented ..... But haters..............................