Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 – Reveal Trailer | PS5

  • Published on: 09 September 2021
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the next game in PlayStation’s critically acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise. Developed by Insomniac Games in collaboration with Marvel Games and PlayStation for the PS5 console.

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  • Runtime : 1:38
  • marvel comics nsomniac Games Marvel Spider-Man Peter Parker Miles Morales Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Venom


  • Mohammed And awab ibrahim

    Marvel if you saw this message I just want you to give tom holland this message:spider man. I just wanted to say good luck on your new movie and in your biggest fan in gonna be the first one to buy the ticket

  • Justin Petit
    Justin Petit   7 hours ago

    IMAGINE IF.. peters new metal arms like made you roll when you hit the ground if you don’t front flips in the air.

  • Patrick Walsh
    Patrick Walsh   1 days ago

    after watching some miles morales gameplay i just noticed that his venom powers are now blue instead of yellow. not complaining, it was just fun to see it different.

  • Oatmeal
    Oatmeal   1 days ago

    i pray day by day that venom will be an unlockable character when we regard that he is an ANTI-HERO and eddie brock is trying to teach venom between good and evil. it would be SIIICK if once beating venom or just the whole game you unlock what id call the “symbiote suit” or maybe just “Venom” to play in freeroam as. And maybe a secret boss reveal of carnage would be cool since Sony kinda did him dirty in the movie (in context to watering down Cletus Cassidy’s psychopathic mannerisms and making him more into a villain than a maniacal serial killer) anyways ill stop ranting CANT WAIT FOR THIS GAME!!!

  • Adam E
    Adam E   2 days ago

    The voice of candy man and zoom...10/10

  • Joseph Filipo
    Joseph Filipo   2 days ago

    I hope for the web swinging that they add a feature where you can swing between trucks or pakour onto a car and transition back to swingingAlso i could be wrong i think its Harry in the suit , Peter already knows about Eddie Brock

  • Alex
    Alex   3 days ago

    Will this be on PS4?

  • Cinema Teen
    Cinema Teen   3 days ago

    I just want it to drop in 2022 is that so much to ask😭

  • The V
    The V   4 days ago

    I hope we will use venom

  • Billy Green
    Billy Green   4 days ago

    oh imagine mysterio in this brooooooooo

  • frmthemac
    frmthemac   4 days ago

    This venom is going to be so cool. Would rather of had Eddie instead of Harry but either way Candyman as the voice? Too perfect

  • TheBombBeast
    TheBombBeast   5 days ago


  • theplaystationbug
    theplaystationbug   6 days ago

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! WHAT A TRAILER!!! Venom, Kraven The Hunter, Miles Morales and Peter Parker as Spider-Men! The trailer itself is so exciting! I don't know what is gonna happen when the game releases! I AM GONNA GET MAD!!!

  • Prodigy
    Prodigy   6 days ago

    Does anyone know if this is coming out for ps4 pro as well?

  • Nhật Minh Phạm
    Nhật Minh Phạm   6 days ago

    Imagine Venom has the ability to deactivate Spidey Spider-Sense and in the boss fight, we can only rely on what we see and hear and have to move around blinded like Arkham's Mr. Freeze boss battle.

  • ArsenalX
    ArsenalX   1 weeks ago

    I really hope at some point spider-man gets infected with the symboite so we can have a playable black suit. Similar to the negative suit in the first one

  • agent blakk
    agent blakk   1 weeks ago

    Ngl this made me think of the Ironman 2 game

  • Caldera Records
    Caldera Records   1 weeks ago

    Not More Venom? I bet Miles gets infected & turns bad or some dumb crap like that.

  • Scorpios Rex
    Scorpios Rex   1 weeks ago

    I think that was Venom talking, I don't think we'll see Kraven

  • King Chaos
    King Chaos   1 weeks ago

    I think it will be miles v kraven meanwhile peter takes on venom

  • Victor Yongchu
    Victor Yongchu   1 weeks ago

    The only thing that I know I’ll be disappointed in is no multiplayer even though we’ll have multiple spider men. But it still looks amazing regardless

  • Terence’s Durag
    Terence’s Durag   1 weeks ago

    I read somewhere that Kraven has an ability where if he eats an animal he can use that animals abilities. I really hope they add that feature if its true.

  • Mr.pyschic void
    Mr.pyschic void   1 weeks ago

    not even kidding we i saw this i almost had a heart attack cause i was so hyped

  • TheironkenGG
    TheironkenGG   1 weeks ago

    oh this will be the best videogame trilogy

  • Platinum Edge
    Platinum Edge   1 weeks ago

    2023?!.....well.....all the time in the world to make this game epic I guess

  • Andrea 77
    Andrea 77   1 weeks ago


  • Crazy Diamond
    Crazy Diamond   1 weeks ago

    Only question I have is how does miles have blue lightning? He transitions between blue and yellow lighting in the trailer.

  • Drifty W
    Drifty W   1 weeks ago

    Do you guys think the reason why he has the Iron Spider legs is because of the soon-to-be PS4 exclusive Spider-Man DLC for Avengers? If not then it's just there as a suit power and that was a unique finisher perhaps.

  • TheIrex10
    TheIrex10   1 weeks ago

    Hope the box art for the game is actually good this time. Oh yeah also the game looks cool.

  • Skern
    Skern   1 weeks ago

    I would realy like this game to make you choose if you want to play Co-op