AC Valhalla - Valhalla Calling Me / 1 hour / Music By Miracle Of Sound

  • Published on: 20 January 2021
  • This is my first video on YouTube so i am proud of myself i did something new. If you want 1 hour version of another song just write comment 😃
  • Runtime : 1:11


  • Claudia V.
    Claudia V.   2 days ago

    Wo sind sie hin? Wo sind unsere Kämpfer und Beschützer hin 😭😭😭 😭 in Germany sind sie jedenfalls nicht😩😩😩

    RAKRANOS   2 days ago

    my mother told me king harald :D

  • Felipe Couto
    Felipe Couto   4 days ago

    been listening to this while drawing.Now my pen is an Axe and my cintiq is destroyed.

  • drgulcu
    drgulcu   5 days ago

    I like it. My heart beat synchronized with the music now. "Dum tek, dum teke tek, dum tek"

  • christian wolf
    christian wolf   6 days ago

    as Hurricane Ida's storm surge came in and suddenly all the villages panicked and fled .i gathered my wolf husky hybrids mounted the longship of a sequoia i had with this blaring thru its war horn speakers we set out upon the road to cleave the invading waters and trees to allow the weak and defenseless to flee before the might of the storm while my battle dogs and i fought against its fury to clear the road that allowed all to seek safer harbors . the blood boils and ears hear the call of war and conquest .......always

  • Selda Koray
    Selda Koray   1 weeks ago

    I love Viking mythology so much. Viking Tv dramas are very popular in my country..


    ДРова калол, калол, калол, Ани закончились, что делать, что делать, есть жена, есть, жена, есть ЖЕНА, КАЛОТЬ, КАЛОТЬ, КАЛОТЬ, КОГО


    Поют я рублю дрова, я рублю дрова я, рублю дрова, я рублю дрова, чтоб затопить печь, чтоб затопить печь, чтоб затопить печь чтоб затопить печь, далее контент, не манетизирван, хочешь,

  • stevensonDonnie
    stevensonDonnie   1 weeks ago

    I played this Loud in my condo. The condo association held an emergency meeting and voted to pay me Danegeld.

  • SM Hakef :D
    SM Hakef :D   1 weeks ago

    Me be like: Wow, what a nice son-.....oh no i grew a beard

  • al ber
    al ber   1 weeks ago

    Расчесал бороду, заточил топор, покормил медведя (Умку), заправил БМП - готов к приключениям 0_о ... . Karol Kojda - лови +1 подписку. Весьма эпично ))

  • goku saiyen
    goku saiyen   1 weeks ago

    Me:death in at the cimetiaryThe god:play this musicMe:bring back to life who play this music????

  • Santiago Rodriguez Guillen

    Why people would think that Eivor was a man... LOL. it was clear that Vikings started the process of sex changed lol

  • Xander Paul
    Xander Paul   2 weeks ago

    Все Мы тут Диванные Викинги!

  • Michael Bowen
    Michael Bowen   2 weeks ago

    Uh I need help...... I just listened to this and now my jack russel chihuahua is a giant wolf.

  • New Black Paladin
    New Black Paladin   2 weeks ago

    Took a DNA test because my father said we were of German and Native American decent. 32% Scandinavian 18% Irish. German? 14%. Native American? 0% No wonder I've always felt a connection to such music.

  • Kojot{WIR}
    Kojot{WIR}   2 weeks ago

    Super music. I ask for more because I feel the positive energy

  • Ahrry depp
    Ahrry depp   2 weeks ago

    KSI need to listen to this so his beard growths

  • Benson Binford
    Benson Binford   2 weeks ago

    I can’t be the only one driving like a bat out of hell to this.

  • frederick agerbo
    frederick agerbo   2 weeks ago

    I am a Dane and everybody who dare too call the vikings Swedish will taste my AXE!!!

  • tyler hansen
    tyler hansen   2 weeks ago

    i've been listing to this song before it was cool

  • MostHated
    MostHated   2 weeks ago

    Is that Nick Offerman as a Viking? I need that in my life.

  • Michael Stratton
    Michael Stratton   3 weeks ago


  • John Kelly
    John Kelly   3 weeks ago

    The 801 dislikesmustbe from Saxons