New Trailers, Episodes, & Games! | Marvel Minute

  • Published on: 30 August 2021
  • On this week's Marvel Minute, we have new trailers from Marvel Studios, the announcement of Marvel's Midnight Suns, and more!

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  • Runtime : 1:51
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  • Creator Amatir
    Creator Amatir   2 weeks ago

    we miss the Spiderman character played by Tobey Maguire

  • ankit nagar
    ankit nagar   1 months ago

    Hay marvel team please give rdj as Iron Man

  • Karan Rathore
    Karan Rathore   1 months ago

    If home coming spider man save the MJ of spiderman 2. It will be interesting??🙂

  • ronxander
    ronxander   1 months ago

    In a normal world (w/out c19) No Way Home will at End Game level of achievement.

  • Awesome
    Awesome   1 months ago

    Please make a marvel games for android

  • Blake Schumann
    Blake Schumann   1 months ago

    I have no problem with tactical RPGs, but Marvel's Midnight Suns shouldn't be one. The trailer lied to us.

  • TheMarvelMan76
    TheMarvelMan76   1 months ago

    It’s so weird that Doctor strange can see the watcher guess he is just so strong

  • Narvasa
    Narvasa   1 months ago

    Trying not to spoil in for 1 minute

  • Cosmo Baby
    Cosmo Baby   1 months ago

    Langston what type of name do a that?

  • Doly Bahal
    Doly Bahal   1 months ago

    Tobey and other spiderman actors were spotted in la. What if they just never go back from where ever they came from.😁

  • The Marvelous Donohues
    The Marvelous Donohues   1 months ago

    Eternals, Spiderman, What If...this is a total Marvel-fest ---if you didn't get enough Marvel before--you do now! awesome..can't wait to see what's next.

  • Edgars Baagants
    Edgars Baagants   1 months ago

    marvel minute? pfft, more like marvel minute and a quarter, because minute ended at 1:15

  • Enes Çiftci
    Enes Çiftci   1 months ago

    ı love you marvel. I m favorites channel

  • Jevin Jevers
    Jevin Jevers   1 months ago

    If "no way home" shows piter (tobey) and venom then this will be a good setup for venom to have the power of an organic web-shooter by using piter's body (tobey) as a host instead of the other piter bodies (andrew and tom) because in them web-shooter is just a technology

  • M Faizan
    M Faizan   1 months ago

    1:07Total countries on Earth - 193 Marvel comics - 240 Aaah... I got you some of the countries are from Multiverse. Right?

  • yupeng Li
    yupeng Li   1 months ago

    Yo Marvel can you do a Mexican superhero next time? Please

  • MrJustimbaa
    MrJustimbaa   1 months ago

    spoil l'esprit de tom holland sera dans les corps des anciens spider man :) et dr strage c'est méfisto ou un sbear et faite gaffe à le petite fille elle n'est pas ce qu'elle est :)

  • Ian Cruz
    Ian Cruz   1 months ago

    I can't wait for Marvel modnight suns gsme and xcited for tge gameplay tomorrow and awesme to see nico aka sister grimm and magik and robbie reyes ghost rider be in a main media Marvel game.

  • aman puri
    aman puri   1 months ago

    1:03Just like how he said tht

  • Diti Dave
    Diti Dave   1 months ago

    Him: No spoilers, but a familiar face shows up. Me: Which one? Btw, super excited was NWH and Eternals also!! And Shang-Chi soon!!

  • Adarsh
    Adarsh   1 months ago

    Marvel is an emotion ❤️

  • Tiisetso Hadebe
    Tiisetso Hadebe   1 months ago

    Movie tickets booked for Shang-Chi. I am ready Marvel, take my money dudes.

  • Glenda Bolling
    Glenda Bolling   1 months ago

    Did anybody else see that the countdown was the Captain Marvel symbol?? I bet that’s what’s releasing Sep. 10.

  • thrashGr00ve
    thrashGr00ve   1 months ago

    It's pretty evident now that Dr Strange is going to carry the Phase 4 forward. I honestly didn't expect much in Phase 4 but Marvel is good at surprises 😉

    PO8IK RADIATION   1 months ago

    Marvel is being now clickbaitI was excited and thought there will be Multiverse of Madness, Black Panther & other etc

  • James
    James   1 months ago

    Everyone even Marvel copy off Voss and MT. Get your own personalities.

  • Nathan Ame
    Nathan Ame   1 months ago

    Am so excited for venom let threre be carnage.

  • Zann Angelo Marasigan
    Zann Angelo Marasigan   1 months ago

    i just heard that The Spider Man No Way Home broke the record of Avengers Endgame because of the trailerThis morning i drew the Avengers logo(i actually traced it not draw it)

  • Sarin R
    Sarin R   1 months ago

    Hey man what about the TURE believers IN India? How can WE watch Shang Chi in Theaters we can't see the black widow in Theater pl🙏ease do something Marvel for Indian Fans 😭😭

  • The Emender
    The Emender   1 months ago

    This dude scares me when he opens his eyes huge 😅😅😅