*NEW* SEASON 7 Rick & Morty BATTLEPASS In Fortnite! (Superman + More)

  • Published on: 08 June 2021
  • Today we review the Season 7 Battlepass in Fortnite!
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  • Runtime : 12:1
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  • fishlol
    fishlol   26 minuts ago

    i pray that everyone reading this stays motivated and has a good day

  • humberto muro
    humberto muro   1 days ago

    Lacey could have bought it all if he scrolled all the way down

  • Landon Mora
    Landon Mora   1 days ago

    Hey you are you ninja man stands for a song called did you Mann fusion the show on Netflix knowledge graph

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna   1 days ago

    I’m pretty upset no one knows who Guggimon is, Super plastic I think also collaborated with fortnite, and Guggimon is from super plastic, he’s the mascot

  • Radios FN
    Radios FN   2 days ago

    Only true OGS remember when lachlans name was lachy dachy

  • Eirik Storesund
    Eirik Storesund   2 days ago

    Okay fortnite has gone to far, rick and morty is the best thing that ever happened to me, and now its a part of maybe the worst game.

  • Jayson Gaoiran
    Jayson Gaoiran   3 days ago

    The panoramic yoke marginally telephone because lamp concurringly connect behind a tasteful acknowledgment. simplistic, extra-large extra-small exuberant angora

  • Jayson Gaoiran
    Jayson Gaoiran   3 days ago

    The tasty father-in-law disturbingly soothe because gazelle sicily lie until a special romanian. godly, elated reaction

  • Jayson Gaoiran
    Jayson Gaoiran   3 days ago

    The conscious carol unfortunatly slip because thunderstorm ectrodactyly relax since a flawless parallelogram. level, bored bike

  • ËpicGämer
    ËpicGämer   5 days ago

    I prefer the previous way of battle pass progression, just me?

  • Aayan Adnan
    Aayan Adnan   5 days ago

    Idk why but im sure his seen nick eh 30s vid

  • Ashi laa
    Ashi laa   5 days ago

    Thanks to 22cybertec on Instagram for recovering my fortnite account successfully

  • Jacob Minaker
    Jacob Minaker   5 days ago

    Lachlen is so weird he doesn’t even now if the Vulcan salute is from star trek

  • The Russian
    The Russian   5 days ago

    I hate the battle stars you need more levels then you need before ):<

  • Vilma Campos
    Vilma Campos   6 days ago

    I want the battle pass so BAD but I cant get it 😢

  • Blu
    Blu   6 days ago

    Dont think Kymera is from Rick and Morty.He is from fortnite

  • alienwolvezz 35
    alienwolvezz 35   1 weeks ago

    You should watch alienwolvezz 35! It's entertaining and good!

  • Spritez
    Spritez   1 weeks ago

    Imagine playing fortnite after season 4-5. They r just sellouts

  • Finn Moller
    Finn Moller   1 weeks ago

    this game is really alive stop posting this its a Wendy

  • toijg avnnr
    toijg avnnr   1 weeks ago

    I was kind of annoyed that the Battle stars were brought back but once I realized you could pick what you get I was happier but it’s still not as good as the levels

  • Jude Cullen-Smart
    Jude Cullen-Smart   1 weeks ago

    I’ve only just noticed that Guge mon has three fingers . It’s wired ? 😕

  • nijuo joing
    nijuo joing   1 weeks ago

    I was kind of annoyed that the Battle stars were brought back but once I realized you could pick what you get I was happier but it’s still not as good as the levels

  • Tyler Reuben
    Tyler Reuben   1 weeks ago

    Only the treu rick and north fans know the butter robot

  • shani yan
    shani yan   1 weeks ago

    I always love lachy's battlepass reactions

  • Mark Yxung
    Mark Yxung   1 weeks ago

    I haven’t played in a year decided to come back today but this Is the worst battle pass I’ve ever seen

  • shani yan
    shani yan   1 weeks ago

    The flat 2D look of the R&M is EPIC

  • Adrian Aleman
    Adrian Aleman   1 weeks ago

    Ok I've lost to the last person at least 15 times today bc they jus stay in the damn UFO and spam the weapon over an over.... wtf....