ETERNALS Trailer 2 (2021)

  • Published on: 19 August 2021
  • ETERNALS Trailer 2 (2021) Angelina Jolie, Marvel Movie HD
    © 2021 - Disney
  • Runtime : 3:4
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  • dragonkam
    dragonkam   1 weeks ago

    When final day coming, and for end of the word 7 days left, is few important things to prevent this:-first gather group of the heroes: checked -WEAR THEM IN SILLY TIGHT COSTUMES (most important thing): checked

  • Erwin Kumadjawa
    Erwin Kumadjawa   1 weeks ago


  • iPLAY infinity
    iPLAY infinity   1 weeks ago

    ''why didn't you guys help fight thanos?''''You saw the beating Hulk received, no thank you..''

  • T Rabbit
    T Rabbit   3 weeks ago

    The cast doesn't really grab me. But I like the concept. We'll see. Casting is IMPORTANT Hollywood.

  • Funky
    Funky   3 weeks ago

    the music is like aquaman, always the same things.....hollywood has no more ideas since a few years

  • 尤尼塔·阿比勒
    尤尼塔·阿比勒   3 weeks ago

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  • MOVies
    MOVies   3 weeks ago

    Can Someone please give me a Compersion between the villain at 1:15 and Galactus and who is the Stronger one

  • C P B
    C P B   3 weeks ago

    Yawn woke fest

  • Rho
    Rho   3 weeks ago

    sorry but with all that is happening in the world right now... i already told myself i will not buy anything made in or by china.

  • Jy Ty
    Jy Ty   1 months ago

    2:18 ... I hope they fix that 3D rendering before the release xD

  • Victor Carvalho
    Victor Carvalho   1 months ago

    Bruh, literally nothing matters in this universe. After the eternals, a new bigger threat will appear. This is just a meaningless cycle of the same stories with different characters

  • Big D
    Big D   1 months ago

    Looks like a Harry Potter movie

  • Tarso Werlang
    Tarso Werlang   1 months ago

    Why why Angelina Jolie, come on I'm sure you could have found somebody who could do a better job than that.

  • greg B
    greg B   1 months ago

    wow selma chunked out for this role

  • Matt64_88
    Matt64_88   1 months ago

    anyone else NOT excited to see this??

  • Komlit
    Komlit   1 months ago

    People acting like Eternals could have killed thanos. Maybe read the comics before assuming.... If they followed the comics he would have destroyed them. What we got was a Walmart thanos

  • mhb11
    mhb11   1 months ago

    That strong dude with eye-lasers kind of reminds me of The Homelander from The Boys.

  • Branimir
    Branimir   1 months ago

    why didn't you guys fight... wait who are you?

  • bimer martinus1
    bimer martinus1   1 months ago

    looks like bolywood productions but bolywood is not so boring i gess

  • Ankur Bisht
    Ankur Bisht   1 months ago

    why didn't you guys help fight thanos?"we wanted to earn more :D

  • The-Gamer-Chef T-G-C
    The-Gamer-Chef T-G-C   1 months ago

    Yeah! MCU did their best movies, now just make shitty ones with massive budget and still make trillions. No for me, i can wait to download it for free. God bless torrent

  • Christopher Mckiernan
    Christopher Mckiernan   1 months ago

    "Ikea fall collection"?... with all the money disney/marvel is making, their writers should be payed more to come up with better jokes. Those marvel one-liners are priceless. Other than that I like the special fx and cinematography in this.

  • David Romanycia
    David Romanycia   1 months ago

    "We were instructed not to interfere in any human conflicts unless deviants are involved"Thanos is a deviant lol.

  • Trae Maxwell
    Trae Maxwell   1 months ago

    I do believe that's Eson, The Searcher.

  • jijoe 13
    jijoe 13   1 months ago

    i came here because anjelina black eyes gone

  • home hm
    home hm   1 months ago

    who's normal is best one ? when normals play game to destroy each others normal . in process kill ,murder normals. to make certain normal .''bigger NORMAL'' for some other kind of normals . LOL aren't devients concentrate of all the fruits ? LOL