Dear Black Men: Paul Pierce GETS Fired From ESPN After IG Live Video - What YOU can learn.

  • Published on: 06 April 2021

    Paul Pierce FIRED from ESPN after Instagram IG live video surfaces.


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  • Runtime : 10:20
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  • Randy Booker
    Randy Booker   4 weeks ago


  • Changing Frequencies

    Sometimes I watch you just because your vibe is very calming and pleasant. You’re very attractive with a great voice🤗 You can talk about anything and make it sound amazing👌🏾💐 it’s extra saucy with the content being so good💯

  • Slick Ice
    Slick Ice   1 weeks ago

    Now he’s apparently “in the lab”

  • Rhino G
    Rhino G   1 weeks ago

    If u need to explain this to ur audience.. They are children

  • Trfx Vcdgu
    Trfx Vcdgu   1 weeks ago

    Stop working for whites and Jews and create amongst each other.

  • Sidney Atkins
    Sidney Atkins   2 weeks ago

    And those contracts got what they call the code of conduct

  • Zodiac Hoops
    Zodiac Hoops   2 weeks ago

    I know Paul personally they are getting divorced

  • Aaron Wic
    Aaron Wic   2 weeks ago

    Black people are the lost tribes of israel

  • Josh the Flat Earth Jedi

    If he did not break the law, he should be able to do whatever he wants on his own time period. Seen plenty of live streams of NBA players partying and doing similar things and they were not fired. This is ridiculous and I think he could sue. If he was at work yeah but off the clock he should be able to do whatever the hell he wants.

  • Gregory Cunningham
    Gregory Cunningham   3 weeks ago

    You are absolutely right brah. There are certain things you just can't do in public eye. What he does on his time is his own business. Long as it's not hurting anybody and/or illegal. If you are getting paid major money to represent a brand then you are responsible for how you conduct yourself in or outside the work place. Brah just stay the hell away from cameras and cell phones if you want to play like that. Me personally.

  • Walter R.
    Walter R.   3 weeks ago

    Black, white, orange or whatever I would be fired if I do the same.

  • cartierjoe
    cartierjoe   3 weeks ago

    Fuck ESPN He wasn't doing anything illegal.

  • Robert Carter
    Robert Carter   3 weeks ago

    what we can learn is that, all this was planned, Paul Pierce did all this to get out of his contract with ESPN and it worked. You'll see him on fox or somewhere soon.

  • MrGrombie
    MrGrombie   3 weeks ago

    Don’t smoke weed and drink on stream. Especially if you work for a Disney. Do your shit privately and to yourself. Social media ain’t your friend.

    BETTER UNDERSTANDING   3 weeks ago

    Here's the full video in a nit shell. Stay away from liberal networks. Modern day slavery.

  • David
    David   3 weeks ago

    He’s actually not married. 👀 fact check. Lol

  • Leando Bailey
    Leando Bailey   3 weeks ago

    Paul was tired of all the downplay of his opinions so he just shot a middle finger at ESPN

  • John Guillory
    John Guillory   3 weeks ago

    RB very great breakdown! People must understand their is a time and place for everything and it is really easy not to post everything. Also, as black men we really have to understand that

  • Jimmy Ramone
    Jimmy Ramone   3 weeks ago

    Disney is very strict. He signed papers.

  • chamberlain wonder
    chamberlain wonder   3 weeks ago

    Men bro ur a great analyst in youtube.. u already got millions followers

  • zzzap
    zzzap   3 weeks ago

    Not a color issue. Be responsible...

  • Sean Hk
    Sean Hk   3 weeks ago

    RB- We rock out with you all day because you speak the truth whatever the topic or content is..Salute Blackman

  • Prince Young
    Prince Young   3 weeks ago

    In today's society, Let's say Paul Pierce was gay & had a bunch of dudes instead of women, I wonder would ESPN treated him the same lls

  • Doctavion Bennett
    Doctavion Bennett   3 weeks ago

    Thats whats up Bro!!!!!!!!!!!!! i may not be on the work out but the life situations and stuff i will be able to rock out with you still. ... im wack when it comes to working out ha ha h aha

  • Erik Olson
    Erik Olson   3 weeks ago

    Yea, well at least don't post it on social media.

  • Wood2k Thanos
    Wood2k Thanos   3 weeks ago

    I disagree with you on this one bro and I like ur content I been watching for a few years especially your basketball content. What the main point is what he did was not illegal and it’s sad bc if they firing ppl for this they just going to keep moving the goal post whenever they feel like it. Imagine if they had social media 30 or 40 years ago nothing would progress or have the value it does today. #crabsinabarrelmentality

  • Ms. UndaStood
    Ms. UndaStood   3 weeks ago

    I agree with you. Paul simply was high and went live. I don't think he staged this to void his contract, he just exposed himself.

  • Chanel Williams
    Chanel Williams   3 weeks ago

    the unloyal penis always gets you in trouble not respecting women always gets you in trouble...smh

  • Ronnie Blalock
    Ronnie Blalock   3 weeks ago

    I had a funny feeling his wife was half white not surprising me.

  • Complete Chaos
    Complete Chaos   3 weeks ago

    Man for real. He did that himself and got fired on his day off.

  • SSChicago
    SSChicago   3 weeks ago

    Paul thought he was in the group 😂 dumb. Black men always trying to love a race that hates them.

    PRO BLACTIVE   3 weeks ago

    Sorry but you cannot sign a contract with the Disney Corporation and then think you are your own man. THEY OWN YOUR ASS literally.

  • anthony hale
    anthony hale   3 weeks ago

    Especially an idiot and all the people that agree with Paul is only because he’s black

  • DJ_ LeethoL
    DJ_ LeethoL   3 weeks ago

    Like you said... it’s more than likely 1 of the 2 situations you described about his wife & their relationship. Or...or, that was fire ass bud he was smoking.,:

  • DJ_ LeethoL
    DJ_ LeethoL   3 weeks ago

    Some folks just don’t get it bruh. Love your vibe. Keep doing you👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽