Twitter Forced Me to Review GAYN****** FROM OUTER SPACE

  • Published on: 27 November 2020
  • Thanks, Twitter

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  • Runtime : 11:20
  • Elvis the Alien ElvistheAlien satire 1992 space movie from outer space movie review elvis the alien movie review gay n words


  • Elvis The Alien
    Elvis The Alien   11 months ago

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  • chewith
    chewith   12 hours ago

    is this movie a biography of lil nas x?

  • Alfonso Martone
    Alfonso Martone   2 days ago

    So my only question is that, if they havent previously encountered earth, how does the Dr speak german?

  • O Alem
    O Alem   2 days ago

    You need to understand that Danish humor is sarcastic and dark, and it's a very liberal country. Master Fatman married a woman from Mozambique and even took her surname, Mabunda. Probably not a bigot.

  • Pherro
    Pherro   5 days ago

    They just poured nut on his head

  • Pherro
    Pherro   5 days ago

    #1 Movie in the world

  • Rox the ugly god
    Rox the ugly god   6 days ago

    They missed the opportunity to name a character private part

  • A
    A   6 days ago

    best movie by far

  • Boxter
    Boxter   6 days ago

    truly the best film to ever come out of Denmark

  • Leoni Resquim
    Leoni Resquim   1 weeks ago

    twitter has two sides:the one that would burst out laughing at this movieand the one that would have a mental meltdown if only the name of this movie would've been said out loudi'm happy that i'm none of the two

  • Blizz Kamikaze
    Blizz Kamikaze   1 weeks ago

    Fat hunter hearst helmsley out here making movies.....yall folks wild ass hell

  • SkullFucker69
    SkullFucker69   1 weeks ago

    this guy was a shitposter before it became cool

  • MelodyLin0319
    MelodyLin0319   1 weeks ago

    “To make sure his gayness is still intact.”This is probably the most chaotic and beautiful sentence I’ve ever heard.

  • Wombypro
    Wombypro   1 weeks ago

    i watched this entire movie wold recommend 10/10

    JENDA DABINGS   1 weeks ago

    Man! Why do you keep callin the movie gay-n-words? Bruh.niguh

  • mc forhud
    mc forhud   1 weeks ago

    Haha master fatman is danish and i an danish too

  • clown circus
    clown circus   1 weeks ago

    This movie felt like it was just: gay rights lol

  • Jab Slant
    Jab Slant   1 weeks ago

    All the feminists will hate this movie.

  • Davis Connor
    Davis Connor   1 weeks ago

    How the hell that this movie got made and they allowed to made this movie?

  • pabloperezmoral
    pabloperezmoral   1 weeks ago

    Omg Wtf is this??? i thought i had seen every weird movie on this planet but i was wrong!!!! Elvis please give us more movies like this one!!! my god this is so weird!!! hahahaha!!!

  • Mason Thredgold
    Mason Thredgold   2 weeks ago

    this masterpiece of a film is only rivaled by the genius that is the room when i saw this film i knew we had peaked as a species

  • licked Giorno
    licked Giorno   2 weeks ago

    Badcomedian did a review of this masterpiece waaay earlier. To bad

  • Q Mckoy
    Q Mckoy   2 weeks ago

    This movie is ahead of its time LGBT-Q 🍭💖🍒

  • FabulousJekster
    FabulousJekster   2 weeks ago

    Please watch killer mosquitos (2018) and make a video about it