My Jolly Sailor Bold - Ashley Serena

  • Published on: 14 September 2020
  • I loved channeling my inner siren for this song, and hope you all enjoy my interpretation. 🧜‍♀️💙 Thank you to everyone who requested it!

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    The art for My Jolly Sailor Bold was originally shot and edited in part by Kristen Knorr. You can see more of her creations here:

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  • Runtime : 4:24
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  • Claire Maughan
    Claire Maughan   26 minuts ago

    Can I request hushabye mountain from chitty chitty bang bang

  • Sad Aesthetic
    Sad Aesthetic   3 hours ago

    When I heard ur first cover " lullaby of the woe " it was so creepy and beautiful, Now u surprised me with this cover! Which I was searching for years a good cover, now u did one, lucky me I guess. Thank u soo much and keep up

  • Web Trans
    Web Trans   7 hours ago

    A supreme nice song!Is this song related to Path of Exile - Merveil's Siren Song : ???If so I am searching for the song to buy in lossless format!

    VIKAS KUMAR   9 hours ago

    hey guys, could you suggest me few more songs like this. heard this today for first time, and absolutely in love with this.

  • NoName
    NoName   2 days ago

    In the book of Enoch, it states the sirens are the daughters of the fallen angels.Whose beauty no mortal human female could rival.

  • softsidesyd
    softsidesyd   2 days ago

    I'm getting a mermaid tail, can't wait to listen to this and wear my tail happily, and live my siren dreams.


    It's one year already... I remember watching this when it was released, not much a lot of viewers. Im into mermaid that time and this was recommended to me until my recommendation page is all about mermaids and I like it and then everytime I open YouTube this is the first one that's in the recommendation page

  • Rhanea_101
    Rhanea_101   4 days ago

    Oh my goodness.. this is amazing! <3

  • adam keys
    adam keys   5 days ago

    Just found your page. Thanks for sharing your talent. Love the spooking.

  • HH
    HH   6 days ago

    I love how it sound beautiful yet so ominous gives me haunted piano vibes

  • Aryaz Niralc
    Aryaz Niralc   6 days ago

    For Seacord Server in DC. Seacord bot needs My Sirens or mermaids

  • LabRat
    LabRat   1 weeks ago

    If I heard this out sea, I would shit bricks

  • Aneesh
    Aneesh   1 weeks ago

    This song makes me weep for memories that I didn't know I had😥

  • William Iaseto
    William Iaseto   1 weeks ago

    The difference between a mermaid and a siren is that a siren kills with there voice and a mermaid kills with there hands and tails

  • Hook Kids
    Hook Kids   1 weeks ago

    I would never stop talking with the beautiful voice. <3

  • Asmae Asmae
    Asmae Asmae   1 weeks ago

    My husband 9alo lih class talmmak tanbghiwkom w 3arfino Malo bzf

  • Paddy O`Shae
    Paddy O`Shae   1 weeks ago

    Oh, Boy!!! And i thaught, i'll ne'er fall in love with a siren again... But now she's got me though... Lost fer ye watering depths once more!

  • BreathofFreshAir
    BreathofFreshAir   1 weeks ago

    Being high as fuck this song is both anxiety inducing snd goosebump causing because its amazing

  • Evangeline Castro
    Evangeline Castro   1 weeks ago

    I love her tone, the delicancy of her vocals but... Sorry, she breaths like a lot between phrases.

  • Margaret Spring
    Margaret Spring   1 weeks ago

    Услышала в инста, в одной рекламе. Понравилось.🖤 (Это не тебе! Взламывают меня тут всякие🐓)

  • Asmae Asmae
    Asmae Asmae   1 weeks ago

    Ila mafhmtouhch about bant is hta bant hhh

  • Asmae Asmae
    Asmae Asmae   1 weeks ago

    Please Serena don't sink you sound of mom

  • grey cloud
    grey cloud   1 weeks ago

    Playing these song while cleaning and being with myself gives me peace.

  • Asmae Asmae
    Asmae Asmae   1 weeks ago

    Ha nodi m3a had lwa9t kaykouno salalim stairs cha3la bdwaw

  • Asmae Asmae
    Asmae Asmae   1 weeks ago

    9alt la mamak matna3sich liha hta tflo 3la wjaha that thing

  • Asmae Asmae
    Asmae Asmae   1 weeks ago

    Chab lhlib khyar kk mn dazo w kabob 3la bra

  • Misty Lam
    Misty Lam   1 weeks ago

    Layering this song with sound loops of ocean waves and rain makes an EXPERIENCE. 10/10, I use it to unwind after a long day

  • yunusmile
    yunusmile   1 weeks ago

    a siren or a harpy as a waifu, it would be the biggest dilemma of my life if i went to a fantasy world, truck-kun, i am ready for isekai