JIU JITSU (2020) - A Garbage Fire Starring Nicolas Cage

  • Published on: 20 December 2020
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  • Runtime : 32:53
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  • pie boi
    pie boi   4 hours ago

    i have made 500 paper hats

  • Doty Ohio
    Doty Ohio   5 days ago

    The alien is invulnerable to nukes.IRON PLOT ARMOR

  • Orthane
    Orthane   1 weeks ago

    Imagine an alien coming down and teaching you fucking JIU JITSU. Man out species would be doomed, because it's one of those many fake martial arts.

  • Ace Jo
    Ace Jo   1 weeks ago

    Watch my name is Earl, He plays a character called Crab Man on there.

  • Tatablyat
    Tatablyat   1 weeks ago

    The actual fak with that movie nameU could PhillButW H Y

  • Eric
    Eric   1 weeks ago

    Heeeeeeyyyyyy it's crab man

  • Oron Mendel
    Oron Mendel   1 weeks ago

    Early in Nic Cage's career, he could do no wrong. He gave fascinating performances in very good films. One of his best was called "Birdy", co-starring with Matthew Modine. They play best high school friends who then serve in the army in Viet Nam. The movie won a special Jury Award at Cannes, for the innovative way (at the time) in which Peter Gabriel's score helps propel the story. It is hilarious, weird, highly original and also tense and sad.

  • Ishaaq Martin
    Ishaaq Martin   2 weeks ago

    Honestly. I'm here to state that it's true what you say that a negative review can pique interest.

  • FabulousJekster
    FabulousJekster   2 weeks ago

    Please watch killer mosquitos (2018) and make a video about it

  • OliTheNorthMan
    OliTheNorthMan   2 weeks ago

    please review mortal kombat annihilation. it also has a fist person fight for a couple of minutes. jax gets attacked by the camera man. and the cgi might be the worst ever

  • Gerry Bird
    Gerry Bird   2 weeks ago

    This sin't a nick cage movie but does have LL Cool J, Its called "Rollerball" and it has a scene with the worst night vision and sound effects all rolled into one. The scene starts... with an airplane chasing a motorcycle on an icy road in like Russia, classic right? Then the plane lands on the ground and the bike runs thru a wire fence and makes that cartoon "Boing" noise and the plane turns to follow it and makes the same exact "Boing" noise. If we're judging bad movies thats my number 1

  • TommyFanzFloppyDisk
    TommyFanzFloppyDisk   2 weeks ago

    My take on the alien was something along : they're a warrior based tribe and as a rite of passage every 6 years they send some guys, for their 18 birthday, to random planets to fight the best warriors of those planets, the warriors that come back are accepted in the tribe. one of the guys was so bored of this tradition he just stayed and taught people martial arts.

  • nedia
    nedia   3 weeks ago

    Dmitri would like to demonetize your video

  • Edwin Digital
    Edwin Digital   3 weeks ago

    Only 3 days to film because he had 5 more movies to film for Redbox that same month

  • Sadie Perry
    Sadie Perry   4 weeks ago

    FFFFFFFFFFFFF — Sincerely, a Cypriot 💀

  • Old Soul
    Old Soul   4 weeks ago

    On a positive note, I had an ad break during this video that ended up being the trailer for Nic's new movie, "Prisoners of the Ghostland," and it looks absolutely incredible.

  • D0S81
    D0S81   4 weeks ago

    6:25 there's the awesome Gui Dasilva on the left in the back there, who fell asleep in one of the scenes of his movies when they were taking through a plan in front of a tv, whilst standing up! and again here, at the end he's just laying in the bottom of the elevator catching some zees. i think he's brilliant in corridor crews stuntmen react....when he's awake.

  • D0S81
    D0S81   4 weeks ago

    0:19 wtf is that? is that guyver? is that david hayter in there?

  • The Corn-Cob
    The Corn-Cob   4 weeks ago

    I think Frank Grillo is a great actor but those jokes about him are hilarious

  • Victoria Bryer
    Victoria Bryer   4 weeks ago

    Matchstick Men, National Treasure, Family Man and Sorcerer Apprentice were his only good movies Imo

  • John Ins0mnia
    John Ins0mnia   1 months ago

    A Nic Cage movie where he's not the main character, 0/10

  • gubm
    gubm   1 months ago

    Ayo my man crab man

  • Elliot Martin
    Elliot Martin   1 months ago

    The alien is actually the worst fighter on its planet and comes to earth because humans are easy to beat up to feel better 😂

  • Evil Dog Films
    Evil Dog Films   1 months ago

    Bruh Frank Grillo is in they grey and Warrior, he's cool :D

  • Shmoked
    Shmoked   1 months ago

    Franks in BOSS LEVEL and its pretty good in my opinion

  • Jeebus Christos
    Jeebus Christos   1 months ago

    12:53 That alien LITERALLY looks like a smeghead...

  • Miyuru Eranda
    Miyuru Eranda   1 months ago

    15:51 was that a reference for 'Face Off'? that hand gesture thingy.