JIU JITSU (2020) - A Garbage Fire Starring Nicolas Cage

  • Published on: 20 December 2020
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  • Runtime : 32:53
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  • ParmesanCheese
    ParmesanCheese   1 weeks ago

    Of course this movie would take place in my tiny ass home country

  • Anthony Papiccio
    Anthony Papiccio   1 weeks ago

    It can't be worse than Ralek Gracie's G-in-a-Gi clip right? Right??

  • Links Between Drinks
    Links Between Drinks   2 weeks ago

    You don't know Tony Jaa well, obviously. Dude could easily dodge bullets and not die in real life, much less in a movie.Hell, Tony wouldn't have to dodge anything; mere bullets can't kill Tony Jaa.

  • Japezu
    Japezu   2 weeks ago

    Well even all the memes and videos arent making money for morbius so how does it work for this movie

  • Alde
    Alde   3 weeks ago

    Dude ive only seen a handful to maybe 10 kung fu movies, tony jaa starred in 3 of them and hes fucking epic. Honestly super stoked to hear he got a role here lol i want more people to know about him cause dude he does some amazing shit hes an impressive fighter. Ong Bak is one of them i think, and hes fucking brutal. I dont even know fighting movies and i know Tony Jaa xD

  • Ahab
    Ahab   1 months ago

    Jiu jitsu movie with no jiu jitsu at all.

  • Wes Harris
    Wes Harris   1 months ago

    It's like a really really shitty Predator knockoff

  • Rockstar Poptart
    Rockstar Poptart   1 months ago

    is the ending music the samurai boss fight music from scooby doo and the cyber chase for ps2?

  • frankpaws
    frankpaws   1 months ago

    Why does it have a sword? Ninja stars?

  • Emily jeretti
    Emily jeretti   1 months ago

    I definitely go watch movies and pay for them because of these kind of reviews

  • ZeprarexVII
    ZeprarexVII   1 months ago

    6:30 watch Boss Level, it's an actually decent film starring Frank Grillo as the main guy, dudes got potential but you're right, you usually see him as the tough bad henchman or something along the lines

  • DDK
    DDK   1 months ago

    Frank Grillo is awesome

  • Ben Higgins
    Ben Higgins   1 months ago

    13:10 that’s rough, seeing as the aliens in Prometheus were meant to resemble human

  • Sir De Butte
    Sir De Butte   1 months ago

    Holy shit this movie is just a heavily downgraded and soulless version of JJBA part 2

  • Mark
    Mark   1 months ago

    was it a good movie for jiu jitsu practioners alteast?

  • Quix Nix
    Quix Nix   1 months ago

    Ah yes joy jitsu, you know the art where people use a bunch of heavy weaponry and never fight on the ground

  • Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse   2 months ago

    Do a video on the Ben Affleck Daredevil movie and Jennifer Garners Elektra movie

  • joe goku
    joe goku   2 months ago

    Watch boss level bro, quality film with the tough guy as main character.

  • Trav A
    Trav A   2 months ago

    God I love your reviews

  • Henzo8i8
    Henzo8i8   2 months ago

    Movie called Ju Jitsu with no JJ in it

  • M Kinkade
    M Kinkade   2 months ago

    I looked up how many movies Nick has been in and it says about 122. The internet can’t even keep up. I bet he retires at 352 movies and at his current rate that’s like 10 years or less. He’s the GOAT of “something” by now.

  • Aldo Vallier
    Aldo Vallier   2 months ago

    Still don't know what does this have to do with actual Jiu-Jitsu which you know... Has no strikes...

  • Switchy
    Switchy   2 months ago

    Wow! I didn't know Derek Savage got a job at Paramount!

  • Zarkkill
    Zarkkill   2 months ago

    Oh I actually love Frank Grillo's work, he does a great job in The Purge movies honestly

  • Dante Davis
    Dante Davis   2 months ago

    This movie should be called karate, not jiu jitsu

  • Pokey Equatisitor
    Pokey Equatisitor   2 months ago

    Man, I remember seeing the trailer for this, it wasn't great but it felt better than the actual movie

  • Mac Dee
    Mac Dee   2 months ago

    25 million budget but only 38k in box office.. B R U H

  • StutterZz
    StutterZz   2 months ago

    I watched for it for 10 mins. and then walked out its not bad but terrible🤦‍♂️😂

  • callme cold
    callme cold   2 months ago

    why does the like button say this has 31051k and not anything else

  • Minurvaaa
    Minurvaaa   2 months ago

    I actually watched this movie

  • Gaurav Raj Ghimire
    Gaurav Raj Ghimire   3 months ago

    Wtf... 0.0001 return per dollar spent... If they had asked for that money in coin and melted the coin and sold the metal they could have made more money..

  • Plumbus
    Plumbus   3 months ago

    The movie is called jiu jitsu, yet i havent seen one submission the entire movie lol

  • Mr Panda
    Mr Panda   3 months ago

    We gonna ignore how they never actually used jiu jitsu in this movie?