Stephen Curry: 2008 NCAA tournament highlights, top plays

  • Published on: 22 April 2020
  • Stephen Curry led 10-seed Davidson to the Elite Eight in the 2008 NCAA tournament after scoring 40 points against Gonzaga, 30 against Georgetown, 33 against Wisconsin and 25 against Kansas. Watch all his top shots and plays from the memorable Cinderella run.

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  • Runtime : 10:36
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  • Mike Andresen
    Mike Andresen   18 hours ago

    I love curry but Lebron sonned him each time in the finals. Curry also doesn’t deliver in the clutch a lot - yet ppl think he does

  • Rao Venu
    Rao Venu   5 days ago

    1:07, isn't it unsafe for the cheerleaders to be sitting so close to the court?

  • Matt Murphy
    Matt Murphy   1 weeks ago

    Curry was good, but if you look closely at the end of the Kansas game, you’ll see that curry had an opportunity to pass to a wide open teammate, but instead took a desperate three pointer, still a good run though

  • Brian Taremwa
    Brian Taremwa   1 weeks ago

    this young boy will become an nba superstar, mvp watch the space . call him steph

  • HKim0072
    HKim0072   1 weeks ago

    #1 seed UNC and #1 Memphis would have the next games. Davidson gave Kansas the toughest challenge.

  • Thunderstorm
    Thunderstorm   2 weeks ago

    Imagine the scenes if curry played at KU, Allen field house would go crazy

  • I'mKydding
    I'mKydding   3 weeks ago

    And this guy has now Surpassed Wilt Chamberlain in franchise Points a record that stood for 57 Years.

  • Ricky Kenny
    Ricky Kenny   3 weeks ago

    What a run by Steph and Davidson! They knocked off; Gonzaga, Georgetown, and Wisconsin and lost to Kansas in a nail biter!

    WAVEYYTH   3 weeks ago

    LeBron then this kid pretty good. LeBron now I hate this kid

  • Mike Ferrer
    Mike Ferrer   3 weeks ago

    2:28 add Chris Berman's "WHOOP!' sound lol if you know, you know hahaa

  • Dav Smiv
    Dav Smiv   3 weeks ago

    Guy literally still plays the same way. It was too easy then 😂😂😂😂

  • Melissa Melissa
    Melissa Melissa   3 weeks ago

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  • T Dog
    T Dog   3 weeks ago

    He is good in college but his game won’t translate at the next level.

  • Layla Flynn
    Layla Flynn   3 weeks ago

    how on earth was curry a last round pick!! he was and still is unstoppable!!!

  • Moe Greengrass
    Moe Greengrass   3 weeks ago

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  • Ez Hertzberg
    Ez Hertzberg   3 weeks ago

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  • Wavezlol
    Wavezlol   3 weeks ago

    crazy how curry was so consistent even back then

  • Barbara Boatright
    Barbara Boatright   3 weeks ago

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  • Phillip Riles
    Phillip Riles   3 weeks ago

    Obviously I didn't think steph would become what he became in the NBA, but one thing for sure, even back in 2008, he was must see TV. He was by far the most intriguing payer to watch in this tournament, and even the next year when he returned to school, every time he was on TV, I was tuning in if I could. I hated that people doubted that he would make it in the NBA, even though I wasn't all the way sure myself.

  • Dillon Djie
    Dillon Djie   3 weeks ago

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  • Winder Zhao
    Winder Zhao   3 weeks ago

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  • weakpig
    weakpig   4 weeks ago

    i pity the cheerleaders, who had to get up and cheer everytime Curry scores. XD

  • Dan
    Dan   4 weeks ago

    0:47 I didn't know Ben Affleck played with Stephen Curry at Davidson

  • Michael Hurst
    Michael Hurst   4 weeks ago

    Remember when your basketball shorts HAD to go below the knee?

  • Adriana DiNobile
    Adriana DiNobile   4 weeks ago

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    cato rayn   4 weeks ago

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    Tang Swee Ching   4 weeks ago

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    ryan hannigan   4 weeks ago

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    Razvan Kirchoff   1 months ago

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    Riley Reid   1 months ago

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    Ryan Bush   1 months ago

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    SNKRS App   1 months ago

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    Jonathon Daniels   1 months ago

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