BLOOD RED SKY (2021) Ending Explained

  • Published on: 26 August 2021
  • #bloodredsky #endingexplained

    In Blood Red Sky, a group of hijackers take over a transatlantic flight, and it's up to a woman with a mysterious illness to unleash her monstrous secret to protect her son. We're breaking down the story, including what we learn about vampirism and how it works, along with explaining the ending.

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  • Runtime : 22:2
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  • StimuliKing
    StimuliKing   2 days ago

    I applaud the writer for putting an Arab Muslim guy as the innocent victim and actually the nice guy and put the bad guys mostly white. Love how they wanted to show that terrorism is definitely not an Islamic thing but rather an individual act. Love movies that break negative & wrong stereotypes. 👏👏👏

  • Bojana Matić
    Bojana Matić   6 days ago

    I came here to see how the boy survived... Nobody?


    all are geneus the most stupid here are the kid and the general that are not believing kid

  • Christopher Robinson
    Christopher Robinson   3 weeks ago

    Vampires on a plane. With a child co star being the last one of two? Vampire movies : sad or bad for humanity endings. I don’t think I would have liked it if they used another way to conclude this film. It was a good film. I’d could watch it over again.

  • ChrisTookFlight
    ChrisTookFlight   3 weeks ago

    The English dub was actual shit ruined the movie for me

  • Stephanie 1985
    Stephanie 1985   1 months ago

    00:30 Agreed! Netflix pumping out content over Quality! But this movie was actually good!!!

  • Isabella Stanley
    Isabella Stanley   1 months ago

    can someone turn on captions and witness this bs with me

  • r-t 92
    r-t 92   1 months ago

    An excellent movie !

  • Zombiesfromjupiter
    Zombiesfromjupiter   1 months ago

    i cant be the only one who couldnt STAND eliah by the end XD poor kid, but also... damn for all the times he squirmed away from someone trying to protect him!

  • Fernando Sanchez
    Fernando Sanchez   1 months ago

    Sometimes Netflix does come out with a good original, but for the most part it does often miss the mark.

  • Biscuitz 052
    Biscuitz 052   1 months ago

    How can I block his channel?I don`t ever want to see this guy again.

  • Dr Phot
    Dr Phot   1 months ago

    Your analysis of Netflix was really spot on!

  • hiddengnome
    hiddengnome   1 months ago

    How'd she have enough medicine to last 8 years?

    TOEQIEM   1 months ago

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  • das real
    das real   1 months ago

    not scary enuf , scale of 1-1o its a 5

  • controversy
    controversy   1 months ago

    Damn that was kind of fucking sad...

  • Katalin Antal
    Katalin Antal   1 months ago

    This is just another shitty new movie, up to its eyes into political correctness.

  • Shroomzy
    Shroomzy   1 months ago

    5:55 he's human after all

  • LoriLou Who
    LoriLou Who   1 months ago

    I’ve watched this over a dozen times. Loved it

  • 999
    999   1 months ago

    The real vamp 🧛🏾 Jordan Terrell Cater aka Playboi Carti 🧛🏾🧛🏾🧛🏾

  • Midnite Reveries
    Midnite Reveries   1 months ago

    And this whole thing would had been avoided if that kid just listened to his mom, stayed still in his seat and his mom won't get shot. That dumbass kid is the real villain of the movie.

  • Fernando Salvador
    Fernando Salvador   1 months ago

    Elias is part vampire since he fed off the milk of his mother, the same way a mother will transmit her antibodies to her children through breast feeding. Clearly he's infected from a less virulent form of vampirism. This explains he's heighten senses. Elias is the german Blade.

  • Kolby Adams
    Kolby Adams   1 months ago

    A cool sequel would be she was pregnant when she got bit and has the perfect vampire human hybrid that boy who can live like a human or vampire like blade but his vamp symptoms haven’t shown yet and he can just eat raw steak to satisfy his blood cravings. So that company is actually run by a vampire and needs his blood to try to turn every vampire into a perfect vampire and all of humanity and other vampires recruit/save him to try to stop the spread of vampires and that old guy worked there because he was a vamp and knows the true intentions of the company. So the boy ends up hunting down vampires and getting revenge for his mother and stopping the spread huge cash cow

  • Sandy Prater
    Sandy Prater   2 months ago

    Small bit of criticism of the rundown: wish you would have explained why Nadia killed Bastian. Otherwise it just seems like a random killing when, in fact, she was making a very difficult choice. I was a bit confused as to how the passengers and that crazy guy transformed so fast compared to Nadia, but it could make sense due to the different circumstances of infection: she was bitten on the hand, leaving a superficial wound whereas the crazy guy injected himself with blood and the passengers were ravaged and perhaps even "died" before the vampiric virus kicked in to save their life and itself.

  • EzEk5
    EzEk5   2 months ago

    Rory!!!! LOT

  • TheGholiday
    TheGholiday   2 months ago

    Loved this movie. A few things left unexplained as you said. Why was the elder vampires son affected more than his father?I thought it tragic how she’d spent so long clinging to her humanity only to sacrifice it all to protect her son.

  • Samuel gaming
    Samuel gaming   2 months ago

    This isn't really a horror movie when you actually watch it it's more of a Sci-Fi

  • Joel Springman
    Joel Springman   2 months ago

    The bald guy plays a vampire in "Dracula 2000".

  • Joel Springman
    Joel Springman   2 months ago

    The flight attendant is able to sneak a gun on board?How did the boy get off the plane?

  • Greg Asdourian
    Greg Asdourian   2 months ago

    I know it’s different. But this feels like that episode of Angel in Season 5 where he is trapped on the submarine during WW2.

  • gazi
    gazi   2 months ago

    I really hope at least the mother survive😭

  • Kawthar Bakhach
    Kawthar Bakhach   2 months ago

    Incredible movie! If you're on the fence, watch it!