Hermitcraft 8: Episode 15 - THE MAGICAL MENAGERIE

  • Published on: 14 September 2021
  • Hermitcraft 8: Episode 15 - THE MAGICAL MENAGERIE grian does some interior of his base on hermitcraft to try and inject some life into the project. It goes well. Kind of.

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  • Runtime : 33:58
  • Minecraft Grian building grian mincraft tutorial yt:quality=high minecraft hermitcraft grian hermitcraft episode 15 season 8


  • Mama Duck
    Mama Duck   6 hours ago

    Creeper: enters magical menagerieGrian: moans

  • Coolcat Killcam
    Coolcat Killcam   6 hours ago

    Grian you have some weirdos replying to wholesome comments with very inappropriate accounts

  • FlauscheBällchen
    FlauscheBällchen   8 hours ago

    Every time i write a comment it disapiers. I dont say bad stuff. But my english is not the best did i write something wrong?

  • Jacob Leigh
    Jacob Leigh   12 hours ago

    Couldn't he have put the creeper in a minecart

  • YouBestBelieve
    YouBestBelieve   1 days ago

    That dead silence after the magical menagerie blew up…🤣🤣🤣

  • eddog6666
    eddog6666   1 days ago

    Did you know that if you breed a brown mushroom cow with a red one you have a 35% of getting a brown one?

  • nethosss
    nethosss   1 days ago

    The pillbug reminds me of something...The grumbot

  • Karmatic Poison.
    Karmatic Poison.   2 days ago

    A "what could possibly go wrong?" from scar is pretty much a "nothing bad ever happens to the Kennedys" translation to me

  • {♡Mitsuko♡}
    {♡Mitsuko♡}   2 days ago

    .o. nooooooo pillbug is a replacement for grumbot!! :c

  • Micah Mock
    Micah Mock   2 days ago

    Why didn't he bring the mooshrooms back first and then strike them with lightning? That way he could work while waiting for the thunder.

  • Chicken Permission
    Chicken Permission   2 days ago

    He better do a potion shop, that would look amazing!He could also do a shop like “Quality Quidditch Supplies” but instead of brooms and uniforms, it’s Elytra and armour!!

  • Will Swekla
    Will Swekla   2 days ago

    If someone didn’t put 42 for the answers for the universe, I’ll be just a sad lad

  • Fence 03
    Fence 03   2 days ago

    Here’s how you transport creepers, you put them in a boat then pull the boat with a lead.

  • Fezzie
    Fezzie   3 days ago

    24:33 had me in stitches from laughing so hard!! The way it got so quiet and then Scar slowly turning to look at you had me rolling!

  • ridleigh
    ridleigh   4 days ago

    fav season of hermit crab :)

  • Gabriel Drake
    Gabriel Drake   4 days ago

    You sooo should have hidden the magical and elusive Jellie in the magical and elusive creature shop!

  • Samuel Lane
    Samuel Lane   4 days ago

    You should make the blue shop a mob store where you sell dogs cats or Axolotl’s

  • Samuel Lane
    Samuel Lane   4 days ago

    Why didn’t scar just drink a potion of invisibility and move it in the boat

  • Zach Stanley
    Zach Stanley   5 days ago

    man i love Scar lol. We need to make him a big bubble suit to keep him from hurting himself so much lol

  • Blizzard 333
    Blizzard 333   5 days ago

    I think a rainbow jeb_ sheep would be a great addition.

  • •Sléepy•
    •Sléepy•   5 days ago

    Grian: Welcome to cheapslateGrian 1 second later: Turns to horse

  • Ghost
    Ghost   5 days ago

    famous last words: "there we go"

  • mielbordios
    mielbordios   6 days ago

    24:28 I can't with the scream 😂🤦😂

  • toabrony
    toabrony   1 weeks ago

    grian i ask for help from poultry man he courage come back in hermitcraft s8 a dark future is coming on hermitcraft 8 if you don't believe me watch game theory episode on hermitcraft 8 and couple hermit are already in danger

  • Sasha deBeer
    Sasha deBeer   1 weeks ago

    "pluck my nose hairs and send me to Alaska"😂😂😂

  • Brit
    Brit   1 weeks ago

    What a magical me-tragedy

  • SpoodeyBoi
    SpoodeyBoi   1 weeks ago

    24:26 "Scar, do you want me to do this? " Nah I got it "😂