Jamal Murray Injury Reaction | Through The Wire Podcast

  • Published on: 13 April 2021
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  • Runtime : 1:15:14
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  • Zayvion Davis
    Zayvion Davis   2 weeks ago

    What do yall consider yall selves to each otherBrothers Family (besides p and kot4q)Best friends FriendsCo workers HomiesGang nemEtc/other

  • Landis Baxter
    Landis Baxter   2 weeks ago

    yo i’m 14 and already torn the same ACL twice. so i really relate to what P says abt putting everything into the game... prayers up for Jamal Frfr

  • kalvin lizama
    kalvin lizama   2 weeks ago

    When me and P ran the ps4 madden leagues time was great -Angel(i_young_04) great fuckin memories!

  • Marlin Williams
    Marlin Williams   2 weeks ago

    Pierre look like if Landry Shamet and Draymond Green met up and had a baby.

  • Maxwell Splash
    Maxwell Splash   2 weeks ago

    I love ttw and the after show..but got damn “dmills gets no girls and now he gets a lil jawn ” y’all wanna talk about this men/women response ratio lol...lowkey kenny and P is “Pause”

  • Johnny
    Johnny   2 weeks ago

    lets see if Pierre got that same energy with jabari singing to the Celtics 32:00

  • Damon Youmans
    Damon Youmans   2 weeks ago

    Just came from the story about Derrick losing his virginity on Pierre page, it’s no surprise he only respond to girls that nigga BEEN on demon time

  • Young Siimba
    Young Siimba   2 weeks ago

    Aye salute to yall boys💪🏿KB: 1mil congrats big timer🎉🎊P: my knick brother we really bouta get b postseason knicks basketball again!🔶️🔷️Mike: i heard you raw on 2k id love to run with yall (btw no mike i know has a nickname weird)🤔Dmillz: can't be ashamed of finding a shortie cute bro. Be confident but not thirsty/annoying and you'll be iight 💪🏿

  • Sushinosaurus Rex
    Sushinosaurus Rex   2 weeks ago

    i just hope he has a quick recoveryHe will be back to be a better player!

  • brown otaku
    brown otaku   2 weeks ago

    damn you guys dont talk about ball at all anymore, whats the point of this thrash podcast anymore

  • Fabian Matos
    Fabian Matos   2 weeks ago

    I with u on that Clippers revenge tour P

  • Max Allen
    Max Allen   2 weeks ago

    lmao he said what was in the pre roll Dmills said weed why i love the after show.

  • shmeat____
    shmeat____   2 weeks ago

    bro p and dmills be putting each other on blast 😂🤣

  • Chilz Cold
    Chilz Cold   2 weeks ago

    I see u P wit the GxFR merch griselda the illest 💯💯

  • TheRulersBack18
    TheRulersBack18   2 weeks ago

    Darrick, you ain't gotta talk to no guys you don't wanna talk to lmao. it ain't weird to talk to women over men

  • Jakob Doody
    Jakob Doody   2 weeks ago

    P no longer #1 Knicks fan with how far up the Clippers ass he is

  • Qm Ent
    Qm Ent   2 weeks ago

    where can i watch the after show?

  • Santino
    Santino   2 weeks ago

    P you are 100% an old dude, all of you guys are to me 🤣 Being 12 years old you guys are like mentors to me. Compared to my peers I know so much about the NBA and you guys help me form my own opinion with all your knowledge. Shoutout to all you guys, from New Zealand i love tuning into every single episode

  • Salah Dirir
    Salah Dirir   2 weeks ago

    Y'all talking about how not eating ruins your day while I'm out here fasting 😖

  • Whypigsfly YT
    Whypigsfly YT   2 weeks ago

    I was looking for Kanye though the wire and instead found Kenny. Wow.

  • Skilled Dragon
    Skilled Dragon   2 weeks ago

    As a nuggets fan, I can confirm that we are fucked until Jamal returns

  • Araluen
    Araluen   2 weeks ago

    I'm 18 and don't see you guys as oldheads, but I haven't been watching the NBA for very long. I started really watching the year before GSW got KD, so there was a lot I missed out on

  • lucky
    lucky   2 weeks ago

    this after party has definitely put ttw on another level shout to da homies

  • Jay Kay
    Jay Kay   2 weeks ago

    I was screaming at y'all "IT'S ZION!" when Kenny asked that question. That was so obvious to me

  • Braden Pierce
    Braden Pierce   2 weeks ago

    So what laker y'all think Kenny was gon interview?

  • chief keef
    chief keef   2 weeks ago

    there is no way mitchell is mvp level dawg 💀

  • Jesus Hernandez
    Jesus Hernandez   2 weeks ago

    if dmilss does the food reviewing thing on tik tok he should hit up bud long hot chicken it smacks

  • Daniel Calonge
    Daniel Calonge   2 weeks ago

    Ayo for the ttw YouTube channel, get a collab with 2hype

  • tbm court
    tbm court   2 weeks ago

    I’m some of the few men in the world who can say dmills has responded to me on Twitter love the pods btw

  • YurrMajesty
    YurrMajesty   3 weeks ago

    Lmaooo i remember trynna fit the SnapBack on top of my Mohawk wit the dickie pants and foamposites. Good ole days

  • Finn Baker
    Finn Baker   3 weeks ago

    This whole episode sounds like a whole ass after show episode

  • 3rdgenbobby
    3rdgenbobby   3 weeks ago

    MLB too hard for me and none of my friends play

  • jay 27
    jay 27   3 weeks ago

    Teams still Gotta win in Denver regardless y’all sleeping on wat the team can do without Murray and we haven’t seen wat Gordon finna do 🤷🏾‍♂️ just Gotta wait on it