100 Hours In Minecraft Hardcore: Episode 1

  • Published on: 12 January 2022
  • Grian surviving 100 Hours In Minecraft Hardcore I am spending 100 hours in minecraft hardcore and trying to do all the minecraft things and still survive till the end, when do you think I will fail? This is a unique series where we have guests on to help out with difficult tasks

  • Runtime : 25:2
  • Minecraft Grian building grian mincraft tutorial yt:quality=high hardcore minecraft hard core minecraft 100 hours 100 hours minecraft grian minecraft minecraft grian 100 days hardcormode minecraft hardcormode minecraft hard mode hard mode survival 1.18


  • Cih90mashups
    Cih90mashups   1 hours ago

    Idk why but he sounded so much like stampy in that outro with the goood bye

  • Angela Barefoot
    Angela Barefoot   1 hours ago

    Love the starter house (a.k.a. villager hall). Very Frank Lloyd Wright. I also appreciate the series in-between the seasons.

  • TCG TV
    TCG TV   1 hours ago

    What seed was this

  • Mel Kheios
    Mel Kheios   2 hours ago

    if every episode is approx ten hours of survival, i'm betting he dies ep. 6 or 7 <w<

  • Skidz
    Skidz   2 hours ago

    Ive been in a single player world for three years and still havent gotten a trident.... Grian got two in less than three hours.... wut

  • Jack Hobson
    Jack Hobson   3 hours ago

    Should of built walls against the tridents

  • kayson Comeskilling
    kayson Comeskilling   4 hours ago

    I thought 100 days were 33 hours.. so 100 hours would be about 301 hours. Did he say 600?

  • Eddie_The_Underlord_Cow

    1. So, Using the mountain as the back are we (the mansion (I wasn't around for much of season 8) and 2. Winging it: Better than anything I could put together in a few hours with creative.

  • #Britt The Ravenclaw
    #Britt The Ravenclaw   5 hours ago

    Grian : if you total it up it's about 600 Minecraft Days!!Joel : Child's play...Also grian : and 100 days per episode is quite literally insane...Also Joel : yeah...*looks back at 100 day world* INSANE!...

  • DemonicNightmare
    DemonicNightmare   5 hours ago

    Grian : with the last 2 hours of my lifeMe: you have an actual outside of minecraft life?! u posting so much im starting to think ur a robot!

  • Anubis
    Anubis   5 hours ago

    The time he said β€œ bababababababa BAD β€œ and when he said β€œ GoOd SoUp β€œ are my favorite times XD

  • N Lundberg
    N Lundberg   5 hours ago

    Still thinking about how i watched you since you played old minecraft and started hermitcraft. Hehe still do

  • Yendo Mendo
    Yendo Mendo   6 hours ago

    You should invite Taurtis to the server, he probably won’t last a single hour, but it would be funny to see how long he lasts.

  • Amelia
    Amelia   7 hours ago

    Why no coordinates πŸ˜”

  • The #6 Runaway Guys Fan

    Unless this was scripted, like Forrestbono and Painful's 100 Days Challenges, some miscreant must've logged on while you weren't looking, found your base, pilfered your wheat, and planted that sign there.

  • Om Ridhorkar
    Om Ridhorkar   9 hours ago


  • I_-AM_CJ
    I_-AM_CJ   9 hours ago

    What is the seed for this world

  • Chicken Man
    Chicken Man   10 hours ago

    Get the totems of undying from the mansion

  • Andgup
    Andgup   10 hours ago

    Ludzulikatandguplakus unpapiskas

  • Henry Bruh
    Henry Bruh   10 hours ago

    ah lacking in views i see (im joking btw he can do whatever he wants

  • Skrrrrtttttttt
    Skrrrrtttttttt   10 hours ago

    Gian:"Well they didn't steal anything"meanwhile..SmallishBeans:*Casually took some wheats*πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Muhammadunni Chundakkadan

    because 100 days is 33 hours and he is spending 100 hours it means he would be spending 300 days

  • Alice Nyu
    Alice Nyu   11 hours ago

    Hey Grian, are you gonna share the seed in the End of the project? I really love the location you are in and would like to start my own world there :)

  • Braiden Treadway
    Braiden Treadway   11 hours ago

    He got everything done in 3 hours that would have taken me 3 days

  • Ryan Kurenaii
    Ryan Kurenaii   12 hours ago

    i'm disapointed of how this video isn't that long as other 100 days minecraft videos. THIS IS 100 HOURS-