The Cost of the Crown - Mercedes Lackey & Margie Butler

  • Published on: 30 December 2018
  • ✦Lyrics: Mercedes Lackey

    ✦Vocals: Margie Butler

    ✦Art: Wang Ling (wlop)

    ✦Track: The Cost of the Crown

    ✦Album: Lovers, Lore & Loss: Songs From the "Heralds of Valdemar" Trilogy

    The stars are very beautiful above the palace walls
    They shine with equal splendor still above far humbler halls
    I watch them from my window, but their bright, entrancing glow
    Reminds me of the freedom I gave up so long ago

    The royal circlet of bright gold rests lightly on my brow
    I once thought only of the rights this circlet would endow
    But once I took the crown to which I had been schooled and bred
    I found it heavy on the heart, though light upon the head

    Although I am the head of state, in truth I am the least
    The true Queen knows her people fed, before she sits to feast
    The good Queen knows her people safe, before she takes her rest
    Thinks twice and thrice and yet again, before she makes request

    For they are all my children, all that I swore to defend
    It is my duty to become both Queen and trusted friend—
    And of my children high and low, from beggar to above
    The dearest are my Heralds, who return my care with love

    The dearest are my Heralds, swift to spring to my command
    Who give me aid and fellowship, who always understand
    That land and people first have needs that I may not deny—
    So I must send my dearest friends to danger—and to die

    A friend, a love, a child—it matters not. I know indeed
    That I must sacrifice them all if there should be the need
    They know, and they forgive me—doing more than I require
    With willing minds and loving hearts go straight to grasp the fire

    These tears that burn my eyes are all the tears the Queen can't shed
    The tears I weep in silence as I mourn my Heralds dead
    O Gods that dwell beyond the stars, if you can hear my cry—
    And if you have compassion—let me send no more to die!
  • Runtime : 3:34


  • helmut helmlos
    helmut helmlos   1 days ago

    sounds a lot like the philosophy from Saber form "Fate Zero" -> the king who is a saint

  • Colin Moore
    Colin Moore   6 days ago

    Everyone knows RHIP but forgets RHIR! You dint't know what that is? It's very old, but OK...Rank Hath (or has) Its Privileges and Rank Hath It's Responsibilities!

  • Klinika M.
    Klinika M.   1 weeks ago

    I really want to read Mercede Lackey's novels but I don't know where to start (my first language is not English, I don't even know if I can get her books in my country). Can someone help me? In what order should I read them?

  • Hannah McCandless
    Hannah McCandless   1 weeks ago

    This song Makes me think of Aelin from the Throne of glass series

  • Emily Wellborn
    Emily Wellborn   1 weeks ago

    This is wonderful. I see the queen as she reads reports and has to write orders for her men. Oh that war was tragic and brutal!!!! Then the mage winds, and storm series.

  • Matthew Washburn
    Matthew Washburn   1 weeks ago

    This song just gives all the points as to why I would hate being the leader of a people, I feel too deeply, although I know when to take emotion out of things that doesn’t help because once I let myself feel again I break and crack at the cruelties I might have to or have committed.

  • Eden PK
    Eden PK   3 weeks ago

    Came here from a Zelda PMV (or whatever that type of video is called) and this song is PERFECT for BotW's princess Zelda. Like at first I thought it was written specifically for her

  • What is life?
    What is life?   3 weeks ago

    Ok, I just need to do this. All those Warriors fans out there (warriors is a books series)"Oh gods that dwel beyond the stars..."Me: wait- Starclan has come :D

  • Dp Dragonwolf
    Dp Dragonwolf   3 weeks ago

    Ive always loved songs like this, it makes me miss a home I've never seen. I hope some day I'll find it, I hope the same for anyone that shares my feelings.

  • Dors A
    Dors A   4 weeks ago

    I heard this song through "My Little Pony" and now I'm hearing the original version

  • Arctic Seanachai
    Arctic Seanachai   4 weeks ago

    Comparing this to “Daughter of Evil” is interesting. Very different styles, very different ends

  • Gergyta
    Gergyta   1 months ago

    Did I just make up a whole music video that I’ll never be able to create in my head? Yes. Am I sad that I’ll never be able to create it? Yes

  • Kaia D
    Kaia D   1 months ago

    When you have solid proof that you are the one keeping a group together, though all your efforts are brushed aside, and dismissed.When you were taught to hold the weight of what feels like the world but it never feels like you're holding it all. When you can relate to this song and you don't know how to feel about it.

  • Beldandy100
    Beldandy100   1 months ago

    Definitely makes me think of Queen Selenay explaining exactly the cost she pays to wear the crown

  • pRahvi0
    pRahvi0   1 months ago

    The lyrics are nice and the melody is fine, but I'd love to hear more variation during the piece. Now it was kinda repeating, even though the lyrics made some change so it wasn't that bad.TL;DR: Needs more variation in the music, otherwise great!

  • terror Rashi
    terror Rashi   1 months ago

    I GOT IT, I just found a song for my queen "Hera" which I named so after a certain, this describes her internaly cuz she NEVER shows this side, instead she shows beautiful, brave, confident and all you would call Perfect

  • Lee Sanchez
    Lee Sanchez   1 months ago

    This song writing was inspired by Mercedes Lackeys Valdemar books. If you have not read them, go to the library and check them out.

  • Yeter Yilmam
    Yeter Yilmam   1 months ago

    Selam ibrahim ÖNLÜ senin çıplak omuzunu görüm de görmüştüm .

  • Skeltion
    Skeltion   2 months ago

    This needs to be on spotify

  • T F
    T F   2 months ago

    I like how this song manes me think on how just because a person is a king or queen they actually cant just do what they want because their job comes first and the choices they have to make, even if the outcome isnt optimal, sometimes cant be avoided even though they wish it. It puts it into perspective.

  • TheJECNova
    TheJECNova   2 months ago

    Is "Mercedes Lackey" also an author...?

  • Red Ravenwing
    Red Ravenwing   2 months ago

    I love Mercedes lackey. I didnt know her songs had been put to music

  • Star Shine
    Star Shine   2 months ago

    Oh that is gorgeous. I adore Mercedes Lackey's Heralds of Valdemar series (as well as the 500 Kingdoms and Elemental Masters series). I haven't heard too much of her Filk stuff though.

  • Misty
    Misty   2 months ago

    This needs to be on Spotify

  • R.R Hannaman
    R.R Hannaman   2 months ago

    This song is relatable to a couple of characters I have for my book.

  • Jazz Stew
    Jazz Stew   2 months ago

    Wait, where's the nightcore version