BFFs Style Each Other in 30 minutes with $30?!

  • Published on: 22 August 2021
  • We're playing a NEW GAME where we have 30 minutes and only $30 to buy an outfit for each other! How hard could it be?! Then, watch us try H&M's Y2K collection! ►►
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    What We Wore!
    Old Navy Shorts -
    Similar Top -

    Two Tone Necklace -

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  • Runtime : 10:46
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  • Clevver Style
    Clevver Style   2 months ago

    What is your go to store for an affordable outfit under $30?!

  • Jasmine Boyle
    Jasmine Boyle   2 weeks ago

    You should go to the uk and do some shop challenges and I'm sure you will love the charity shops in the UK to x

  • Loa Lane
    Loa Lane   2 weeks ago

    Don't go for under budget have fun shopping rennee and Gail my name is heather hall from buzzfeed

  • chelsea walsh
    chelsea walsh   1 months ago

    Old Navy is the PLACE TO GO, if you want good deals! I work in one of our Canadian stores and we now have "everyday magic deals" in our womens and mens departments, some of them are $10 classic plain tees, $12 for classic graphic tees, and those shorts Sinead is wearing is a set $17 always!! Such great deals at Old Navy!!🥰

  • Rachelle
    Rachelle   1 months ago

    I love Drew’s outfit and necklace on her!🙌

  • Izabela Legowska
    Izabela Legowska   1 months ago

    WHERE ARE DREW BOOTS FROM ?! Please help me, I am looking for white boots for sooo long....

  • Hey Sas
    Hey Sas   1 months ago

    I just realized that Sinead is the girl from the PLL after show. 😀

  • hopemjacquet
    hopemjacquet   1 months ago

    Drew we need to know about your epic mask!

  • Sara Samaletdin
    Sara Samaletdin   1 months ago

    I don’t know how Drew is wearing that white fabric/top to work.

  • Muzainah Saffdar
    Muzainah Saffdar   2 months ago

    Sinead did not bu an outfit. Fax. It was a jacket and a necklace. I repeat , a JACKET and a necklace.

  • Aleshaburton
    Aleshaburton   2 months ago

    I like drew outfit ! I can see Rihanna wear it !

  • Ani
    Ani   2 months ago

    I love you guys but one question I Sinead And Drew really best friends or just good friends. 🤔

  • Juliet Ngweno
    Juliet Ngweno   2 months ago

    This was so underwhelming especially the outfit she got Drew! A jacket and boots? I wanted to see more. Drew has such good style, she should have gotten her a cute dress, maybe a skirt. This was meeh.

  • L LS
    L LS   2 months ago

    Excuse you a "full" outfit includes the shoes!

  • Ola ShaLynn
    Ola ShaLynn   2 months ago

    They should try to fine 5 dupes in 30mins

  • Kira L
    Kira L   2 months ago

    The dynamic duo 😍👏

  • MariE
    MariE   2 months ago

    They should've went to the thrift store lol

    RENEE W   2 months ago

    I swear all the Clevver ladies are goals!

  • Alyssa Marie Quinones
    Alyssa Marie Quinones   2 months ago

    I love them don’t get me wrong but sometimes I feel like they aren’t up to date on trends and they do way to much.

  • pugs910
    pugs910   2 months ago

    You should do this again but at a thrift store

  • Maria Cervantes
    Maria Cervantes   2 months ago

    Where did drew get that mask ???!! I neeeeeeeeeed !!!!!! 😂

  • Kathleen Birrell
    Kathleen Birrell   2 months ago

    Maybe this is an Aussie thing but this challenge is easy, like a crop top is like $5

  • Rebecca Westervelt
    Rebecca Westervelt   2 months ago

    You guys should make a video on picking outfits from Old Navy! Like “shopping at unpopular places.”

  • Brandi Munguia
    Brandi Munguia   2 months ago

    We all need a sinéad or drew in our lives to constantly hype us up.

  • Ariel Ross
    Ariel Ross   2 months ago

    $60 & 60 minutes maybe? Then maybe they can put a little more thought into it. 💘

  • JessicascBeckham
    JessicascBeckham   2 months ago

    I’m a grownup and you could buy a lot of clothes for under $30 I whair kids clothes some times

  • oneringlotr
    oneringlotr   2 months ago

    Am I the only one who would love to see all the ladies style Crocs???

  • BananVapnet
    BananVapnet   2 months ago

    Did Drew make her own top? The white with a chain! 😀

  • Akinia
    Akinia   2 months ago

    I'm just like, why go to Zara on a $30 budget??? Sinead!!!! Zara can be so expensive! Even when shopping the sales x.x.... I went with a friend for the first time this June and I think I walked out with one dress lol. Got it for $15 tho xD. But I would love to do this with a friend! Gotta love she got the top in the kids section. Id do it lol.

  • Tubbkin
    Tubbkin   2 months ago

    I don't consider a jacket and a necklace to be a full outfit but it was a cute jacket lol

  • Shanalee Ayee
    Shanalee Ayee   2 months ago

    I’ve done that for less including shipping on fashion nova just saying

  • Rayven Rose
    Rayven Rose   2 months ago

    Okay but nobody is taking about how good Drew's diy top looks on her 🔥❣️

  • Miss Adventure
    Miss Adventure   2 months ago

    I'm petitioning to see this fashion game in the next Clevver Fashion Olympics. 😭 It's so good!

  • Bridget Gray
    Bridget Gray   2 months ago

    Try the new Liza koshy x fabletics collection please