• Published on: 29 August 2021
  • We add a LIFEGUARD Impostor Mod in Among Us!

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  • Runtime : 14:44


  • 00OOooFf theman
    00OOooFf theman   2 days ago

    does anybody ever notice that the like button turns black not blue

  • J Deb
    J Deb   3 days ago

    he dindt see patp drowned now he survivedbut the beartrap is more iq

  • Greyson Beier
    Greyson Beier   4 days ago

    Henwy โ€œDid I just see what I think I seed?โ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Joshua Altmann
    Joshua Altmann   4 days ago

    every time ssundee is inposter he makes a werid face

  • Papa yumyum
    Papa yumyum   5 days ago

    I clicked the like button. But then I unliked this vid , cuz it wasent blue. SCAM ON EVERY VID

  • Danielle Davison
    Danielle Davison   6 days ago

    I think you should do vid where do lifeguard Vs kraken Vs work out crewmate and lifeguard is the imposter working with kraken and the work out guy kills 1 of them when they get there tasks finished and then to defeat the other imposter they need to the again to defeat the imposters and get the victory

  • Sonja Jenkins
    Sonja Jenkins   1 weeks ago

    Hi ๐Ÿ‘‹ hi ๐Ÿ‘‹ how are you feeling today love you bye

  • crystal mayo
    crystal mayo   1 weeks ago

    i know this was a long time ago but you could do lifeguard vs shark imposter shark trying to kill them and the lifeguard saving them.

  • Lauren clarke
    Lauren clarke   1 weeks ago


  • Roberta Nastiuc
    Roberta Nastiuc   1 weeks ago

    mod idea:robber(crew) and police impostor or supply teacher mod

  • Gamamating
    Gamamating   1 weeks ago

    Like button turns blue turns white Wat da

  • Shannon Circe
    Shannon Circe   1 weeks ago

    Mod idea lifeguard versus shark versus boy versus teacher

  • Dustin Kasal
    Dustin Kasal   2 weeks ago

    The shower mod: Crewmates: they have to try and stay really dirty by rolling in mud and fixing cars. When they fix the cars they get oil on them. They can also buy an item witch will help them if the shower uses a power they have. The I donโ€™t know that they would have is a bunker. Go in the bunker when the fossett makes water come down. The objective for them is to do all of their tasks while being dirty.Imposter: the imposter is a shower. The shower has a lot of things they can do. They can make the Fossett make water come out of it and then it will kill people if they are not in their bunker. They can also start a mini game which is the crewmates have to get to the mud puddles first and the last one to get there hast to take a shower and dies. The shower person if they donโ€™t get there then the loose but they will most likely get there because they are slightly faster than everybody else. The shower can pick people up and bring them to the bathroom and the Crewmates cannot leave the bathroom until they take a shower. The shower can shoot shampoo and conditioner into a crewmates eyes and after that they will die. The shower can make a crewmates hold 2 bottles of shampoo one has shampoo in it the other does not

  • Cindy Ciudad Real
    Cindy Ciudad Real   2 weeks ago

    Please make a among us vid about class mates and a imposter is a bully