The BBC's Most Controversial TV Show - Inside A Mind

  • Published on: 16 October 2019
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    Reality and Fiction have blurred together many times on TV and media. This is one of the very first cases that gained mainstream attention before the BBC made attempts to cover it up.

    Ghostwatch was a TV Programme that aired on 31st October 1992, appearing to be a live broadcast going horribly wrong. Gaining 20 - 30,000 phone calls all at once while it was live

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  • Runtime : 20:24
  • The BBC's Most Controversial TV Show - Inside A Mind Ghostwatch Ghostwatch behind the curtains Inside A Mind Inside No.9 This Show Went Horribly Wrong mysterious Inside No.9 Live


  • Matt Middlehurst
    Matt Middlehurst   4 days ago

    What an amazing piece of work - the power behind a creation like this, the ultimate psychological horror.

  • • H m m •
    • H m m •   1 weeks ago

    I think ghost watch was so scary at the time because there weren’t many things out like it. Like you said in the video, things like found footage styled movies barely existed back then, and this took place 7 years before the original Blair witch project was released. I’m not saying Ghost Watch was a found footage broadcast, but it was created in a way that found footage likes to try and trick its viewers, because if it’s from a found footage perspective, or a live broadcast perspective, it does feel like the possibility of it being real is higher than that of a regular horror movie. Ghost watch was ahead of its time, which is probably why it scared so many people. I don’t believe it’s because people were softer back then when it came to that stuff, because I simply just don’t think comments like that regarding anything are completely factual. Ghost Watch was something people probably did not expect, and because the warnings that everything was fictional had a malfunction and no longer played for viewers, it was even more convincing evidence to make people watching it think it was real. I know I can’t say things that scary didn’t exist at that time, because I know movies like the Exorcism were released far before Ghost Watch aired, but even though it was based on a true story, people could sit back knowing the movie itself was not real. With ghost watch, they could not do that, because it was designed to look like it is real, and like I said before, not many things like that existed at the time, so it was bound to scare at least some people shitless.

  • Minecraft world
    Minecraft world   3 weeks ago

    Name another example of a horror media that achieved similar effects, where it scared the audience so hard, they never forgot.The closest example I can get is The Blair Witch Project.

  • Ashes Ashes
    Ashes Ashes   3 weeks ago

    Where can I watch this? Is it on britbox?

  • Supreme Court Justice Alex Jones

    Ironic how people blame the show rather then the piss poor parenting that allowed the children to be exposed to this material.

  • TJ in Toronto
    TJ in Toronto   1 months ago

    **long post, but pls read, it’s important, and comment (intelligent comments only please) if you wish**Although this was completely fictitious, it’s an absolutely incredible study regarding human psychology, and how our brains can perceive things that aren’t really there, all through the power of suggestion. I actually do believe in the paranormal, i’ve had numerous encounters throughout my life, reason being, I actually volunteer as an amateur paranormal investigator, but I approach it from the scientific viewpoint. I have to say that about 90% of all cases have an absolutely logical explanation, but much like this video, people perceive things that they cannot immediately explain, to be something supernatural instead. I have two masters degrees, both in the healthcare field, and I have to say that from a psychological standpoint, this is absolutely fascinating! It just blows my mind how many people claim to have seen things, the exact same things, when it wasn’t even there, all from the power of suggestion. The first thing any good investigator does, is rule out any and all possible explanations before even entertaining the notion that it could be paranormal, unfortunately not many people do, and just jump to the conclusion that it has to be paranormal in nature. You would be amazed at the sounds a house or a structure can make, that do sound incredibly spooky, you would swear it was a ghost, when in fact it was nothing but the expansion and contraction of all the materials used to build a home, especially during varied weather conditions. But to be fair, that 10% that is real? I’ve been doing this for 35 years now, never in my life had I had a case that was this active, most spiritual activity is subtle, and brief, not at all what you see in Hollywood, or on shows like this. Something like this is the holy Grail of paranormal investigation, but to my knowledge, no one has ever recorded that much activity that quickly in one location. Sometimes it takes weeks, months, or even years, to get that much evidence, so please don’t be fooled, if you experience something seemingly unnatural, do not automatically assume it’s paranormal, most people can actually figure it out themselves, unfortunately, most of them are too frightened to do so. Case and point?, My last investigation? It was a brand new home, built last year, a beautiful six bedroom mansion, but at all hours of the day and night you could literally hear what sounded like somebody with heavy boots walking up and down the hallways, or banging inside the walls, as well as pictures falling off the wall, even seeing a strange mist appear out of nowhere and then vanish. Sounds legitimate doesn’t it? Well guess what? It was all natural, not paranormal. If they would have went into their attic, they would have noticed that one of the windows was missing a pane of glass, so every time it rained, water was literally pouring in, causing all the wood and drywall to swell (causing the falling pictures), creek, and moan, combined with the wind, many of the pipes that ran through the attic, were being banged around by the wind, and because of the expansion and contraction of the wood in the walls and the floor. It was absolutely fantastic, because when I first walked into the home, I heard all the noises myself, and even I thought it was paranormal, but I did as I always do, and did a thorough investigation, which was how I discovered the missing pane of glass in the window in the attic. The strange mist they kept seeing? It was fog, actual fog caused by warm, very humid summer air, coming in contact with the ice cold A/C air. So when the air conditioner kicked in, the fog would appear, and quickly condense, and disappear, leaving the floor wet, but it looked absolutely incredible, I couldn’t fake a haunting any better than that! I felt so bad for the poor family. This poor man and his wife worked so hard to buy their dream home, but after a few weeks they were terrified and wanted to leave. It just so happened that the man of the house was one of my coworkers, who knew I was an amateur paranormal investigator and asked me to have a look. Because it was a brand new home I was suspicious, so I asked another friend of mine, who works as a building inspector for the city, to come with me and take proper readings and measurements, and sure enough within 30 minutes we had the problem solved. As soon as they fix the window, everything was perfectly fine. But that’s my whole point here, even sceptical people will jump to the conclusion it’s a ghost, when most of the time it’s anything but. If you encounter what you think is paranormal please try to remain calm, take pictures of the area in question, video would be preferable, record everything and make a journal, see if there’s a pattern, and do a full investigation of your home from top to bottom, keep a flashlight with you at all times so you don’t miss any of the dark corners that could have hidden cracks in the wall, and I’m willing to bet that you’ll be able to figure out the problem yourself without ever having to contact anyone. If you’re uneasy, then ask a family member or a friend to do it with you, but honestly there’s nothing to fear. This show was intended to scare them the heck out of everybody, a real spirit isn’t trying to scare you, but they are only trying to get your attention because they need help. If you have any questions I’d be more than happy to help, so just leave a comment, and I’ll get back to you ASAP. I’m in the Toronto area as you can tell from my name, if you’re having a problem, again just leave me a message and I’ll get back to you, I’m sure I’ll be able to help. And as a final note, if you do look for a paranormal investigator, I’m sorry to say there are a lot of frauds out there looking to take advantage of people who are terrified and desperate for answers. Those people will actually ask for money, if any investigator ever asks you for one cent, hang up the phone, because it means they’re a fraud. Every investigator I have ever met, myself included, wouldn’t dream of ever charging for their services, we do it because we want to help people, and if it’s legitimate, we also do it because we want to help those lost souls find their way, and by doing so, help the family that’s living with fear every day. I assure you I am 100% legitimate, having my masters in medical radiation sciences and medical laboratory sciences, I’m definitely not a storefront psychic! Lol! Anyways, thank you for listening, and again if you need help just let me know, take care and God bless.

  • Dante Rodriguez
    Dante Rodriguez   1 months ago

    I know, it's technical difficulties, but how perfect to the tension that the automated message failed

  • AnonymouS
    AnonymouS   1 months ago

    This is why, the BBC still charges all for viewing live broadcasts, should be stopped.

  • Némésis
    Némésis   1 months ago

    The true scary thing is how people was in this impossible mind to accept new things

  • Helena Thomas
    Helena Thomas   1 months ago

    Hello, I'm a 12year old girl and I watched these things and now I'm scared,terrified,worried and my mom told me to be brave I'm scared please help 😭

  • Simone Vennon
    Simone Vennon   1 months ago

    Let me just explain to all the thicko's here, who probably weren't alive at the time. I was there, I was 11 years old at the time and fyi not me, nor my friends knew anything about this show, we simply turned over and started watching it, thinking it was real. Don't speak shit when you don't understand the circumstances.

  • Lisa Sweeney
    Lisa Sweeney   2 months ago

    Hahah. This terrified my mum. I didn’t watch is , because I was a child but my aunt taught me to say “ it’s in the pipes” so I could scare my mum.

  • feixranks
    feixranks   2 months ago

    very reminiscent of the live inside no 9 episodes. both of these videos are great, thanks!

  • Pavel Morozov
    Pavel Morozov   2 months ago

    why do people watch this ? i shit my pants.

  • Kalebplayz125
    Kalebplayz125   2 months ago

    1:55 so like inside no. 9 live but different

  • A M
    A M   2 months ago

  • Nacho Mamma
    Nacho Mamma   3 months ago

    NOBODY DIED!My God! I can’t believe people STILL think this was real!This didn’t just air in England, but also in the USA as well. I remember watching the premiere. I kept telling everyone it was only a movie, but nobody believed me. People actually think everyone died & “Pipes” is a real ghost. It’s not, and neither was Pipes!

  • boskovski
    boskovski   3 months ago

    we should bring ghost watch back, but make it be real!

  • Marquis DeSadie
    Marquis DeSadie   3 months ago

    I just know this has to be "Ghostwatch", don't even need to start the vid, I remember. Funny I jusy watched your documentary on Inside Number 9. The Night that happened, my hubby and I reminisced about the similarities, especially the live aspect. The fact they used BBC personalities known and accepted reporters to do this lent the ultimate air of believability. t's amazing how the media can shape our lives.I was waiting for Black Mirror to attempt something along these lines, but Booker went with another sort of audience participation with Bandersnatch. The BBC definately has some serious love for their audience.

  • qmob0121
    qmob0121   3 months ago

    Messed my sleep up for life, I didn't sleep for weeks without waking up screaming, and I've struggled with my sleep ever since

  • Thelonleygengar
    Thelonleygengar   4 months ago

    A thing where something goes terribly wrong at a haunted spot where it is a live broadcast in October where it goes terribly wrongHmm where have I heard that beforeIt sounds like something morgz would do, staying inside for as long until he can count to .09 Wich he would expand into 10 episodes

  • Stephen White
    Stephen White   4 months ago

    One of the things that ghost watch proved was how stupid people are and that its not right to blame a tv show for someone to kill themselfs.

  • Grublin
    Grublin   4 months ago

    The only horror here is the parenting. It really pisses me off that these parents are blaming BBC and not taking any responsibility for their children. It was never a children's show in the first place and you let your child watch it. Take accountability and stop blaming a program.This is a prime example of the entitled Karens and children we have nowadays.

  • Gurriato
    Gurriato   4 months ago

    Only morons would trust anything the BBC says. The lack of self-awareness of the people who look back at this and think it's an obvious fabrication, while simultaneously tuning into their current programming and accepting it as the truth is really astounding.

  • ThatOneGuyFromSchool
    ThatOneGuyFromSchool   4 months ago

    This is why people say "if there are supernatural things, the government wouldn't tell us", I hate it when people say that, but maybe they're right?🤷‍♂️😂 I'd still hope they'd tell us if they knew lol 🙏

  • Pat Tanackered
    Pat Tanackered   5 months ago

    I work with a guy who is friends with the writer Stephen Volk and I asked him to pass on my thanks to him for scaring the living daylights out of me as a 12 year old.I always felt he got a raw deal for doing his job to the best of his ability i.e actually scare people

  • Inky
    Inky   5 months ago

    this would've been so fun to watch live

  • DecimDekimu
    DecimDekimu   5 months ago

    Gotta love when people are told ghost stories are real right from the get go they deny it. But then as soon as it's fiction everyone loses their minds saying ghosts are real. I would have loved watching this live, this is innovative! Just wish it would have been obvious it was fiction...

  • slushpuppie
    slushpuppie   5 months ago

    Imagine though if you turned on the telly right after the disclaimer 😅 You'd be like... this isn't real... right? Why are they all acting like it's real? You'd be frantically leafing through Radio Times trying to see if there was anything written about it ha. Or calling your friends to see if they were watching

  • slushpuppie
    slushpuppie   5 months ago

    Why is the 081 number the Live & Kicking number 😂

  • Robert Wright
    Robert Wright   5 months ago

    I've got this on DVD. I was sixteen in 1992, and I'll be honest, I saw this, and almost believed in ghosts after. 🤯