The BBC's Most Controversial TV Show - Inside A Mind

  • Published on: 16 October 2019
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    Reality and Fiction have blurred together many times on TV and media. This is one of the very first cases that gained mainstream attention before the BBC made attempts to cover it up.

    Ghostwatch was a TV Programme that aired on 31st October 1992, appearing to be a live broadcast going horribly wrong. Gaining 20 - 30,000 phone calls all at once while it was live

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  • Runtime : 20:24
  • The BBC's Most Controversial TV Show - Inside A Mind Ghostwatch Ghostwatch behind the curtains Inside A Mind Inside No.9 This Show Went Horribly Wrong mysterious Inside No.9 Live


  • slushpuppie19
    slushpuppie19   6 days ago

    Imagine though if you turned on the telly right after the disclaimer 😅 You'd be like... this isn't real... right? Why are they all acting like it's real? You'd be frantically leafing through Radio Times trying to see if there was anything written about it ha. Or calling your friends to see if they were watching

  • slushpuppie19
    slushpuppie19   6 days ago

    Why is the 081 number the Live & Kicking number 😂

  • Robert Wright
    Robert Wright   1 weeks ago

    I've got this on DVD. I was sixteen in 1992, and I'll be honest, I saw this, and almost believed in ghosts after. 🤯

  • Sanguinem De
    Sanguinem De   1 weeks ago

    I was 15when this aired on TV. Me, my sister an my parents and Grandparents crowded around the TV and watched. We absolutely messed our pants. It was terrifying, but utterly brilliant. We knew it wasn't real, but it was so well done, even with some of the slightly dodgy acting. Though, to be honest, the dodgy acting added to it, made it feel more real.

  • Nicholas McNamara
    Nicholas McNamara   1 weeks ago

    i thought love thy neighbor was the most controversial show they ever made

  • Larinda Nomikos
    Larinda Nomikos   2 weeks ago

    Well, I watched this. You'd have to be pretty naive to fall for this. It wasn't particularly well done. Unless you believe in this sort of thing to begin with, which I have no reason to, it was pretty typical cheesy 70's t.v. In fact, it was actually cheesier than most.

  • Faith
    Faith   3 weeks ago

    Holy fuck I was obsessed with this video

  • Czech Mate
    Czech Mate   3 weeks ago

    "Yeah hi BBC, imma need a check for $30 my husband shit his pants watching your show".

  • Mistermiss
    Mistermiss   3 weeks ago

    this is people being sensitive yes it is a horror show that was advertised as being horror and fake ooooh such a horrible thing

  • Backup
    Backup   4 weeks ago

    Not the first time white women were scared by BBC ;)

  • BofinQ
    BofinQ   4 weeks ago

    Literally every ghost-hunting show does this. Sometimes even with local celebrities. I just cringe at it.

  • The Living Risi
    The Living Risi   4 weeks ago

    Seriously, people blamed a fictional show for these things? Oh wait.. it's in UK.

  • John Huddleston
    John Huddleston   1 months ago

    Oi bruv, 'ave you got a loicense fuh that ghost the' yeh?

  • Pete 89
    Pete 89   1 months ago

    If you want to see another horror movie that's setup like a documentary; check out Lake Mungo.

  • RacuTW
    RacuTW   1 months ago

    PTSD from a horror thing, how mentally weak you gotta be chief

  • DarkStu
    DarkStu   1 months ago

    ADS FUCK OFF!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • DarkStu
    DarkStu   1 months ago

    Shows the castle made famous by Vlad Tepes while mentioning a haunted house at the start

  • J. S.
    J. S.   1 months ago

    The parallels between this and the panic that ensued after War of the Worlds was broadcasted over the radio in 1938 is really interesting and a bit sad lmao

  • Meru
    Meru   1 months ago

    not gonna lie tho they fucking nailed it if a horror broadcast has consequences like this then they did it right maybe a bit too right still tho I'm of course sorry for the people who actually got PTSD from this and rip to the guy that killed himself because of it

  • Andrew Fallon
    Andrew Fallon   1 months ago

    I watched this LIVE at the time. About 12. Scared the living SHIT out of me. Even after my patents pointed out "written by" in the credits.I now photograph abandoned buildings and I wouldn't have had the courage without this programme. ❤️✌️❤️

  • 孙愉悦
    孙愉悦   1 months ago

    So Ghostwatch is basically ARG before ARG, on TV, broadcast to public. Michael Parkinson is genius.

  • The Report Future
    The Report Future   1 months ago

    wtf how do you even get ptsd to children they havent seen death nor war this makes no sense

  • LTrain45 45
    LTrain45 45   1 months ago

    The way I always looked at it as a kid what if there's a ghost in my house, I mean, what's it going to do "get" me? It's not even physical, how can that hurt me!? I was much more afraid of burglars than something that would go through me if it tried to touch me.

  • MarioSMG64
    MarioSMG64   1 months ago

    All these comments with thousands of likes dissing the audience are completely missing the point of this video- it's pretty sad. The whole point was that nothing like this had been done before and people weren't prepared for it, and that the BBC didn't warn people adequately given that there was no warning on the actual program.

  • 47
    47   1 months ago

    The west is really immature and dumb

  • pinknoted
    pinknoted   2 months ago

    Just another case of bad boomer parenting. So dumb.

  • Halina Pitchfork
    Halina Pitchfork   2 months ago

    Your son was special needs and you banged on the pipes to scare him because you thought it was funny

  • Tom Souden
    Tom Souden   2 months ago

    Don't let your kids watch something if you haven't looked into it at least a little bit. Pretty simple. This show wasn't even for kids, so, these angry parents have no leverage on this one

  • GhostMiner
    GhostMiner   2 months ago

    This programme killed my son:The programme: How to fake suicide

  • Perry James
    Perry James   2 months ago

    The acting on that show was so awful, especially from the stage school children. Remember their accents that didn't relate to their "mother" or the area that they were supposed to live in? It was clearly Dramarama (remember that show?) with a slightly bigger budget lol

  • Aurelie Sophie
    Aurelie Sophie   2 months ago

    Disclaimer : could be fucked up pictures and such mate!Parents : oi my child. You watch this nowKid - can't handle the shitParents : surprised pikatchu face.jpg

  • Marie-Louise Gariépy
    Marie-Louise Gariépy   2 months ago

    4:22 "something like that had never been attempted before" What about "The War of the world" by Orson Welles?

  • jaundice
    jaundice   2 months ago

    i'm traumatized slightly by watching ghost videos on youtube when i was probably like,,,5. there were times when i was too scared to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. i still sometimes get scared being in the dark or my basement alone. but i don't blame the ppl who made the videos (some of which my small mind 100% believed were true bc they were vlog style) and i still love horror movies and ARGs and other spooky stuff. lmao those parents way overreacted

  • Jennea Cubero
    Jennea Cubero   2 months ago

    Did the producers know of the "McPherson Tape"? It was released in 1989, just a few years prior to "Ghostwatch". Did any of them see that film to get some inspiration or was it not yet popular in the US or the UK?

  • Lobster Monster
    Lobster Monster   2 months ago

    i watch a lot of youtube videos and this is one of them