Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Psycho' MV

  • Published on: 23 December 2019
  • Red Velvet's "'The ReVe Festival' Finale" is out!
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    01 Psycho
    02 In & Out
    03 Remember Forever
    04 눈 맞추고, 손 맞대고 (Eyes Locked, Hands Locked)
    05 Ladies Night
    06 Jumpin'
    07 Love Is The Way
    08 카풀 (Carpool)
    09 음파음파 (Umpah Umpah)
    10 LP
    11 안녕, 여름 (Parade)
    12 친구가 아냐 (Bing Bing)
    13 Milkshake
    14 Sunny Side Up!
    15 짐살라빔 (Zimzalabim)
    16 La Rouge (Special Track)

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    Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Psycho' MV ℗ SM ENTERTAINMENT
  • Runtime : 3:36
  • 레드벨벳 Red Velvet IRENE SEULGI WENDY JOY YERI PSYCHO 아이린 슬기 웬디 조이 사이코 싸이코 피날레 리브페스티벌 The ReVe Festival RVF Finale MV music video 뮤직비디오


  • S D 穏茨タ
    S D 穏茨タ   12 minuts ago

    Reveluvs, we can again see Joy in 'Just One Person' drama again as an actress!!!!I can't wait to see Yeri and Joy as actresses. WOW!!! I can't wait to see their new drama!

  • shadi
    shadi   15 minuts ago

    Suelgi:everything will be ok.Me: InshaAllah

  • cloudsmii
    cloudsmii   35 minuts ago


  • ᴍʀ. M
    ᴍʀ. M   48 minuts ago

    Just every time I listen to vocals..and beat and blinks but just cant stop listening to it...

  • Baby Parvin
    Baby Parvin   1 hours ago

    This is one of the best M.Vs i have ever seen in my life 😍

  • Babs Grayson
    Babs Grayson   2 hours ago

    Psycho by Red Velvet: toxic relationshipObession by Exo: ending the toxic relationships Don't Call Me by Shinee: moving on from the toxic relationships

  • Erma 56
    Erma 56   2 hours ago

    Psycho psycho psycho

  • Sky
    Sky   2 hours ago

    Stre *m like water, peekaboo and monster

  • La rouge
    La rouge   2 hours ago

    새 타이틀곡 말고 1위 다시 못먹어도 좋으니까 sbs가 완전히 조졌던 이거 재활동 좀 ㅠ. 트리플크라운 달성곡이지만 단 한번도 공중파 정식 활동을 해본적도 없는게 말이되나.

  • Sky
    Sky   3 hours ago


  • PS.E
    PS.E   3 hours ago

    Don’t worry luvies,if Joy accept the role in the new drama,it won’t cause any problem for the group comeback.She has done acting and preparing for comeback at the same time before.Don’t start writing hate comments again! Instead of being proud of her for receiving a great chance after 3 years,some stupid fans write hate comments😐She hasn’t even accepted the role yet!!Calm down!Joyfuls and real luvies who support ot5 ,we should support Joy if she accepts the new role and SM let her accept it.It’s been 3 years since her last role.Even if you didn’t like her acting,know that Joy said she has been taking acting classes in the past 3 years,and she worked hard to improve her acting.Haters started to write comments like “what about RV comeback?” 🤦🏻‍♀️You know Joy did acting and preparing for comeback at the same time before so why do you ask this?!Yeri is also acting in a web drama.Please stop writing these comments.Acting and preparing for comeback at the same time is so hard for Joy,the only thing we can do for her is to show love and support🙏💚

  • Jigme Tenzin
    Jigme Tenzin   3 hours ago

    Damn, how come I never came across this music before. The production is lit. Seriously, the chorus is really unique- cacophony turned into pleasant and elegant music.

  • Daphe Tormes
    Daphe Tormes   3 hours ago

    For new fans :Irene : 0:17Seulgi : 0:29 Yeri : 0:30Wendy : 0:48 ( 0:53 )Joy : 1:41 ( 1:44)

  • blackpink's baby
    blackpink's baby   3 hours ago

    This is what Song Of The Year sounds like. Even though they didn't win, you still can't convince me that this song deserves to win SOTY.

  • Adam Molnar
    Adam Molnar   3 hours ago

    Perfect. Everything in it. Just perfect.

  • —
      3 hours ago