i broke my foot...

  • Published on: 22 February 2021
  • lol oops
  • Runtime : 17:41


  • Nash Mcgrew
    Nash Mcgrew   6 minuts ago

    I broke my foot last month doing a cobra kia kick πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ snap nashmacsmack12

  • AxelRye
    AxelRye   2 hours ago

    He just keeps breaking body parts πŸ˜‚

  • Charlie Arender
    Charlie Arender   2 hours ago

    I literally misstepped off the last step of my porch and did the same thing in January, weirder, I'm 31 too but my bday is July.

  • Emily Love
    Emily Love   3 hours ago


  • Samuel Williams
    Samuel Williams   3 hours ago

    Mark needs to make a playlist for all the times he has broken something or been to hospital

  • fenicearcana
    fenicearcana   3 hours ago

    same thing happened to me years ago , back in 2002, but i was lucky and bones didn't broke, i just had pain for a couple weeks. i can feel it bro, the pain, the disappointment with the silly reality of this wacky world. heal fast Mark, we cheer for you XD

  • Tammy Burling
    Tammy Burling   5 hours ago

    Ohh. The drama 🎭. Markiplier shows you how to milk a story about β€˜tripping’ πŸ˜‰πŸ˜†

  • Nerdly Reviews
    Nerdly Reviews   6 hours ago

    Mark: has a job where he’s a home most of the timeAlso Mark: finds creative way to break bones at home

  • Jess Basta
    Jess Basta   8 hours ago

    Marks needs to just go back to a doctor and get the pain treated no point in suffering

  • giulia
    giulia   8 hours ago

    u sure do like a hospital mark lmao!!! i've been kinda off youtube but it seems every damn time i come on here, u broke something or something exploded and u went to the hospital, whats w/ u lmao

  • Xbox SeriesX
    Xbox SeriesX   9 hours ago

    I’m not,buying the Tylenol thing. He seems a little happy for being a person with a fresh break

  • Ms.Bokugou
    Ms.Bokugou   9 hours ago

    I broke my ankle while running one time lol I was wearing Nike Shoxs and the shox part of it broke and yeah.... 5 years later and my ankle still pops outta place lol

  • Jordyn Dowdy
    Jordyn Dowdy   9 hours ago

    I think it's time to wrap mark in bubble wrap

  • Time Minecraft 60
    Time Minecraft 60   10 hours ago

    It might sound odd but I have broken my bone on that same arm roughly in the same place

  • Melinda Salotti
    Melinda Salotti   10 hours ago

    Knee. I broke my ACL. I also broke all 4 of my toes on my right foot at the same time. I was an adult for both breaks. Knee pain is worse then only second to childbirth.

  • Johanna Reyes
    Johanna Reyes   10 hours ago

    12:40 this is when my man Mark gets to the way he broke his foot yw

  • stqrmp3
    stqrmp3   11 hours ago

    why do i relate to this

  • cai leg
    cai leg   11 hours ago

    i think mark being inside too long is causing him to want to break multiple limbs

  • Snipy
    Snipy   11 hours ago

    So 11:00 is when he starts the story and 13:33 is when he actually tells you what happens πŸ˜‚ Long story short...he tripped

  • Gama
    Gama   14 hours ago

    If markaplire ever narated a book, no matter the book i would listen to it

  • XxStarlightquestxX
    XxStarlightquestxX   14 hours ago

    Ok who has more injuries now deku or mark πŸ™‡β€β™€οΈ

  • Bella
    Bella   15 hours ago

    I had the exact same fracture:(

  • MK Tutorials
    MK Tutorials   16 hours ago

    i also broke my two arm bones i also dislocated my wrist by falling off my bike!

  • E Ee
    E Ee   16 hours ago

    Youre always breaking everything

  • Drew Flores
    Drew Flores   17 hours ago

    Mark have you ever considered asking the hospital if they have a punch card? You’re probably close to a reward!πŸ˜‚

  • Ky An
    Ky An   17 hours ago

    Dunno if he's on the high from the drugs or just being himself from injuring himself again, but I like him being weird, lol.

  • Gummy. Guy
    Gummy. Guy   17 hours ago

    Ur keep breaking all ur bones but ur still alive

  • Feline Samurai
    Feline Samurai   18 hours ago

    I broke my wrist in that way too!Except it was in PE and theyd got us to walk backwards πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

  • TheDJ Wither
    TheDJ Wither   18 hours ago

    Hope you'll get well soon buddy just be more careful

  • Sleep deprived
    Sleep deprived   18 hours ago

    The hospital most definitely never gets surprised seeing him.

  • Yeeeoink
    Yeeeoink   19 hours ago

    I bet marks English papers got A+'s