#TeamLeBron & #TeamDurant Draft | 2021 #NBAAllStar

  • Published on: 05 March 2021
  • Watch LeBron James and Kevin Durant make their selections for the 2021 #NBAAllStar game!

    All of All-Star in One Night on March 7!

    🌟5 PM ET: NBA Tip-Off presented by CarMax
    🌟6:30 PM ET: #TacoBellSkills & #MtnDew3PT
    🌟8:00 PM ET: 70th NBA All-Star Game
    🌟Halftime: #ATTSlamDunk

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  • Runtime : 10:2
  • NBA Basketball Assist Dunk Jump Shot Team LeBron LeBron LeBron James LBJ Los Angeles Lakers Lakers NBA All-Star All-Star NBA All-Star Weekend All-Star Weekend All-Star Weekend Atlanta Atlanta All-Star All-Star 2021 2021 Atlanta Atlanta #NBAAllStar Brooklyn Brooklyn Nets LA Lakers L.A. Lakers Durant KD Kevin Durant Team Durant Offense Defense Three Three-Pointer Triple Mid-Range Fadeaway Highlight Highlights Play Plays Double-Double Triple-Double 2020-21 Season


  • Beth Lee
    Beth Lee   54 minuts ago

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  • Annerik c
    Annerik c   5 days ago

    U know LeBron gonna win when he picked jiannis and curry 🤣🤣🙌

  • fu ck
    fu ck   1 weeks ago

    No westbrick??? Wtf??

  • Klamille X Steroline
    Klamille X Steroline   1 weeks ago

    Can somebody please explain why KD didn't pick Steph at the first choice😭I didn't expect it from KD

  • Haris Yasir
    Haris Yasir   2 weeks ago

    You know kd should have picked kawhi first

  • ani hatillari
    ani hatillari   2 weeks ago

    Love watching LeBron and Steph in the same team and we had the chance to see them playing together.They don’t hate themselves.Ok there were some fights between LeBron and Curry but it was just the rivarly and the pression of the nba finals.

  • Lakers fam
    Lakers fam   2 weeks ago

    I didnt even see Ben Simmons or Embiid play although they were selected

  • riri toto
    riri toto   2 weeks ago

    Bobota miditra ao anatiny peiso ny mama

  • Chef Peanut YEET
    Chef Peanut YEET   2 weeks ago

    The thing with durant is he picked emotionally while LeBron pick tactically

  • Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry   2 weeks ago

    Wondering what is KD thinking for letting LeBron pick Giannis and Steph....

  • C-Gaming SKo
    C-Gaming SKo   2 weeks ago

    Luka Was Selected 3rd In the 2018 Nba Draft and Picked 3rd Twice in his two All-Star Selections

  • Quran Mcclure
    Quran Mcclure   2 weeks ago

    LeBron just Cherry picked all the good players like seriously you that pathetic

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B   2 weeks ago

    LEBRON JAMES IS IGNORANT as f. i hope that police officer sues the f out of that clown

  • Sarah French
    Sarah French   3 weeks ago

    Kevin Durand is the best player of all time

  • Pedro Fran
    Pedro Fran   1 months ago

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  • Pedro Fran
    Pedro Fran   1 months ago

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  • Paco Martin
    Paco Martin   1 months ago

    I love how the starters are worst than the reserves on Kevin durants team

  • Captain Hoops
    Captain Hoops   1 months ago

    KD was like, if I cant play, our teams not winning 😂

  • Leonard Dalien
    Leonard Dalien   1 months ago

    It’s the fact that LeBron barely played and still won😭😭

  • Fliqs colex.
    Fliqs colex.   1 months ago

    LeBron : ima take GiannisGiannis : that’s a great pick

  • Rufus Lorena
    Rufus Lorena   1 months ago

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  • Alfredo Alonso
    Alfredo Alonso   1 months ago

    LeBron: I’ll take Giannis Giannis at home: Hey, thats my african brother

  • Rosella Yesenia
    Rosella Yesenia   1 months ago

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  • Chris Gray
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