• Published on: 15 September 2021
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  • Runtime : 9:21
  • x2twins x twins twins fortnite oce battle royale x2jesse jesse x2jordan jordan season 8 sideways sideways encounter


  • Frazix
    Frazix   1 days ago

    Can you do only SMGs?

  • Sobble Squad
    Sobble Squad   1 days ago

    The automatic sniper is so doo doo dog water

  • Jardo Zwaaneveldt
    Jardo Zwaaneveldt   1 weeks ago

    Jesse must be the only youtuber that likes the automatic sniper

    BLIUM   1 weeks ago

    2:00 upside down ?

  • Dca
    Dca   1 weeks ago

    I have all the toona fish styles

  • pablo
    pablo   2 weeks ago

    WOW!!! These gun competitions are awesome all the gun competition are awesome!!!

  • Dd Clapz
    Dd Clapz   2 weeks ago

    Why do Jesse get the worse weapons

  • xD ????
    xD ????   2 weeks ago

    The spaz isnt sideways soo

  • Hreiii Esr
    Hreiii Esr   2 weeks ago

    Bruh Jordan has only won these but Jesse has won 0

  • Jai playz
    Jai playz   3 weeks ago

    3 seasons ago the charge was vaulted

  • GHOST 50
    GHOST 50   3 weeks ago

    Ther realy twins arend thee

  • Strawberry
    Strawberry   3 weeks ago

    i just watched a man drop a purple p90 for a blue auto sniper instead of dropping a green burst rifleend my suffering

  • TheBuzzer63
    TheBuzzer63   3 weeks ago

    Those graphics your playing on are dog s***

  • Rupi K
    Rupi K   4 weeks ago

    at the begining 1 plus 2 points isnt six

  • Bowser
    Bowser   4 weeks ago

    jordan cheatingwith spaz

  • Fugi
    Fugi   4 weeks ago

    Hmmm I still can’t decide what twin is better🤔

  • Nightmare AB
    Nightmare AB   4 weeks ago

    Jesse: lever is new this season Me: last season they had it aswell

  • FS soul
    FS soul   1 months ago

    Jesse making gun look broken me piking it up and dyeing because of it

  • Rehan Saied
    Rehan Saied   1 months ago

    jesse lost cause of the spas retry in creative with only minigun and rifle vs charge and p90

  • Markell Cue
    Markell Cue   1 months ago

    All he did was spamming the minigun