Retired Players vs Current Players | Though The Wire Podcast

  • Published on: 26 January 2021
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  • Runtime : 1:22:43
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  • danny chung
    danny chung   1 months ago

    The hospitable start immunohistologically judge because october antenatally harass to a gigantic printer. easy, wakeful room

  • Rico Drillanova
    Rico Drillanova   1 months ago

    Honestly the biggest criticisms you can make about Lebron are all just about his fan base 😂😂🤣

  • Kevvy30
    Kevvy30   3 months ago

    Lmao I’m rewatching all these. Now this is what Shaq could’ve said “ Donovan, I like u as a player but I wanna see u take it to the next level.” But instead he said, “ Donovan, I like u as a player,but how does it feel to be garbage”

  • Corey Brooks
    Corey Brooks   3 months ago

    P will bend over backward to both ends of the Earth to defend Ben Simmons lol. If people wanna preemptively put a cap on a player like Mitchell bc of his skillset, why do those same people place so much faith in a guy like Ben Simmons taking that "next step" when he seems further away from superstardom than Donovan Mitchell?

  • Trey Monii
    Trey Monii   3 months ago

    Kenny with the microphone😂Goat type ish

    TOPSHOT2FR   3 months ago

    mic and derek dont watch basketball

    TOPSHOT2FR   3 months ago

    20:20 mic be so dumb with the recensy bias sometimes man...the lil bro of the NBA is the nuggets man.....

  • Anthony Speta
    Anthony Speta   3 months ago

    I just don't know why that kind of criticism gotta be public. If Shaq cared about helping these guys out, it would be a private convo over dinner or whatever. When u say these kinds of things publicly, it means you wanna be seen doing it. Shaq is a media guy now and that's the game

  • Lui 4CHLo
    Lui 4CHLo   3 months ago


  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith   3 months ago

    Kenny does not play about his team bro lol I like it

  • Sam Oye
    Sam Oye   3 months ago

    Basically Shaq gave that old school uncut criticism and new weak soy boys cried Just take it as real advice and prove him wrong

  • mark
    mark   3 months ago

    spida and the jazz on a 12 game win streak now...👁👄👁

  • Austin Dykstra
    Austin Dykstra   3 months ago

    god damn it pierre fuck you with that pistons joke

  • Daniel Holland
    Daniel Holland   3 months ago

    simmons is a better on ball defender, but draymond is the best team defender ever , and top 5 defender all time

    BPDMF   3 months ago

    I would say today's players are better. It's just math. There are billions more people in the world which means there is a larger gene pool meaning there is the higher likelihood of an extremely great athlete being born. On top of that Euro basketball has increased so much in popularity that more players there are getting better and better to add to the pool of players available to play on the NBA. Some people will bring up toughness and rough play but 2 things about that, 1 is that players often mask a lack of all with toughness, and 2, players today if they played in a "tougher" league they would be more adjusted to it and be better at finishing through contact and as a bonus the great defenders today would have that toughness to do add to their game especially guys like Golbert, Marcus Smart, Pat Beverly, and others would be so much better if they could practically beat up on guys and hand check with reckless abandon. Lastly, in sports guys learn and add to their game things that players before them did so players today have the most in their bag compared to older generations. There weren't AI crossovers and Harden step backs and so on in older generations. All that said i would say that mathematically the league is probably somewhere around 40% more talented on the whole based on the number of humans in total combined with the increase in skill over time plus the nutritional/maintenance that exists today better than in older generations.

    BPDMF   3 months ago

    RIP Kobe and Gigi and the rest of the group.

  • chxpo
    chxpo   3 months ago

    why people so Sad with a rapist lol

  • Jaylon Cary
    Jaylon Cary   3 months ago

    "Who backs up steph cuz they aint doing shit." 🤣🤣

  • The LakeShow
    The LakeShow   3 months ago

    The best part of the show is always the last 5-10 mins

  • BezIsClutch
    BezIsClutch   3 months ago

    the hornets should at least try and SEE what vernon carey has worth a shot

  • BezIsClutch
    BezIsClutch   3 months ago

    jokic won’t need to be overworked if mike malone just put some more faith in porter and integrated him more into the offense

  • kinggalexandre
    kinggalexandre   3 months ago

    Not hating but y’all talked way too much about the damn Jazz and Mitchell

  • TheRulersBack18
    TheRulersBack18   3 months ago

    i ain't expect the ben simmons capes after that donovan mitchell discussion. simmons as draymond is probably about the ceiling, and even then, draymond was a MONSTER at rim protection and thus was a huge part of the 'death lineup' being a thing, even before kd got there. it's crazy i'm here caping for draymond when i hate the warriors lmfao, but draymond literally won dpoy and deserved it. he's been the lead playmaker for the warriors, and he isn't useless in the halfcourt because he sets good screens and makes great decisions. i've never understood why the sixers don't deploy simmons in that way in the halfcourt, especially now that they have shooters. simmons isn't aggressive in the paint (unlike giannis, for ex.), has basically no inside game outside of layups/dunks, obviously no jumpers. hell, he doesn't even need a real midrange shot, just watch what draymond does when teams play off him (when steph and klay are out there lol). this year, the sixers have harris, curry, and green, all solid shooters, simmons should be doing a lot more dribble handoffs and screen actions. some of that is the warriors' system, but some of that is also ben not working on off-ball stuff. he can't just be an absolute 0 as an off-ball guy, and that doesn't mean he needs a jumper. if dude would fight for post position and operate from the low block or, again, work as a screener, that would do wonders for the sixers.

  • Caden Brust
    Caden Brust   3 months ago

    The Utah Jazz should trade for Michael Porter Jr from the Nuggets. The Jazz’s biggest problem is their sf position. They should trade some stuff for him. Maybe like Clarkson, and niang and favors Throw in 2 first round picks like it’s 2k and we’re good? Lmao

  • Driver Jay
    Driver Jay   3 months ago

    Thanks for offering your blessing to the other lost Lives in the Kobe chopper, to much focus on the famous totally overwhelming the importance of everybody else.Also, thanks for admitting conflict of mind, saying you did not think you could deal with Kobe content all day, not because you don't care, because you thought it would be overwhelming for you. This era has become very polerized and tunnel visioned.Not just your Gen but this era, people got to be one way or the other, so all in on Kobe or your a hater.. is not socially healthy.

  • Andrew Simpson
    Andrew Simpson   3 months ago

    The criticism of Shaq shows what the league is missing today. Shaq constantly challenged Kobe to rise to the occasion. Even on the final night of his career, Shaq challenged Kobe to get 50 PTS. When you get to a certain level, no one is going to coddle you. If you have the mettle to be at that level, any criticism positive or negative that comes your way will simply fuel your greatness. Lebron and KD know that, which is why it was interesting to hear them say otherwise.

  • William Coolidge
    William Coolidge   3 months ago

    Hey Kenny, regarding Ben simmons dominating a month straight of basketball I think we should consider the closing months of the 17’-‘18 season when Reddick was on that 76ers team and Ben without Embiid led them on like a win streak in the double digits. Which would justify P’s point about Ben on his own team with shooters. Love the Pod!!!

  • TYG Jaykin
    TYG Jaykin   3 months ago

    Not even capping... Growing up in NZ errr'one ate raw ramen.

  • OnlyMemphis
    OnlyMemphis   3 months ago

    Cereal and thick cheese is the best‼️

  • ChocoCrossiant
    ChocoCrossiant   3 months ago

    Shaq isn't wrong. Look at the base numbers - 23/4//5 Now look at the advance data and everything says he's a second tier star. Mitchell is no superstar. People need to stop pretending what Shaq said was false. Mitchell isn't on that level. He's a top 20 player, top 15 at best. He's no Curry. He isn't even on Lillard's level.

  • Frosty M3nder
    Frosty M3nder   3 months ago

    a couple days late to watch but is there a way to BOOST the audio?.. sometimes i try to listen at work and the audio is so lowwww

  • andrew murray
    andrew murray   3 months ago

    kenny’s hands look massive holding the 🎤

  • Gavin McCraw
    Gavin McCraw   3 months ago

    It’s Ight Pierre you still a knicks fan. 🍀

  • luhmP
    luhmP   3 months ago

    Pacers took Jordan Bulls to 7 y'all. Put some respect on the Davis bros and Travis Best

  • Ty Williams
    Ty Williams   3 months ago

    Do ya realize this is Bud’s 3rd season as the coach. Everyone makes it seem like he was doc on the clippers. His first year they were 2 games from the finals and last year giannis went down so I really do understand the bud hate

  • Kino Lopes
    Kino Lopes   3 months ago

    Joel stats without ben is worse than ben without joel

  • Síle Ní Dhomhnaill
    Síle Ní Dhomhnaill   3 months ago

    That video with Russell and wilt that p was talking about was on thinking basketballs yt channel. Unreal content maker, his greatest peak series atm is on point, strongly recommended yall checking it out