• Published on: 17 July 2020
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    Thank you Silva for creating this amazing fansong and allowing us to bring it to life!! I hope you all enjoy this deeper peek into Angel Dust, -and please look forward to BIG NEWS about HAZBIN HOTEL real soon!! Thank you everyone who has supported the project so far, stay tuned!!



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  • Runtime : 5:25
  • Vivziepop hazbin hotel hazbin angel dust


  • Vivziepop
    Vivziepop   1 years ago

    Limited Edition Hazbin Hotel HALLOWEEN merch is HERE! Get it before it's all GONE RIGHT HERE ►

  • LOKI
    LOKI   2 hours ago

    I'm DEFINITELY booking a room and not by choice it's just gonna happen and I kinda want it to.

  • Quinn
    Quinn   5 hours ago

    I haven't watched the Hazbin Hotel episodes, but this is some good shit.

  • Skarin Blackraven
    Skarin Blackraven   7 hours ago

    So everyone for a nice orderly mob behind Cherri, time to go Val hunting.

  • Skarin Blackraven
    Skarin Blackraven   7 hours ago

    The heart goes away when he's with Cherri, I think most of his outfits would still show it, when they are together is really when they can both be free. These are what friends are for, they can share our sorrow and can pull us back.

  • Rəna Məmmədova
    Rəna Məmmədova   7 hours ago

    Уважаю мальт но как в аду дождь?😂😂😂

  • Examination.Trojan
    Examination.Trojan   10 hours ago

    The beat is so upbeat and happy but the video is just really sad...

  • Teresa Tomas
    Teresa Tomas   11 hours ago

    Dud he's face in real life is boy so he is gayAnd that other guy love himThey are gay what is going on?!?!!?!?!

  • Hazard Boi
    Hazard Boi   11 hours ago

    I can't stop singing or humming this song now, im "addicted to lyrics" and I'm never gonna want this feeling to ever end!

  • Welshman_Dan
    Welshman_Dan   15 hours ago

    Valentino abuses Angel DustEveryone disliked that

  • Yeet my life
    Yeet my life   22 hours ago

    Is it just me or does this sort of sound like part of Zedd’s stay the night in some parts?

  • Jamish Mcquo
    Jamish Mcquo   23 hours ago

    such a pretty, lively, reactive song. Its hard to not imagine the reaction from a person who hears it for the first or maybe even the hundredth time. absolutely amazing work, its like a song that never gets old

  • France Aira Paredes
    France Aira Paredes   23 hours ago

    Dis music vdeo is nothing but bad and promoting devils place and habits this adult cartoon must be stopped because it can affect many individuals in their perspective and their lives this adult cartoon must not be release

  • Zach Sullivan
    Zach Sullivan   1 days ago

    The glasses angel has on look like Valentino's so did he kill him if so he had it coming

  • KoolBear
    KoolBear   1 days ago

    Video: Literally has incredible animation incredible song and amazing lore to itMe: looking at the background characters tryna find an oc inspiration cus I just has a very very stupid imp oc

  • It'sシMikasaシ
    It'sシMikasaシ   1 days ago

    I still cant belive this was one year ago,since when did time go that far...i remember watching this when it was like released after 3 days 😀

  • Mike Ingo
    Mike Ingo   1 days ago

    you tryna tell me that nobody talking about the Blob Fish at 3:18 ??

  • Grape!
    Grape!   1 days ago

    im- im breaking down slowly this song gets 7 million views a month roughly

  • LALA 0of
    LALA 0of   1 days ago


  • Matthew Moore
    Matthew Moore   1 days ago

    This video has 40 million more views than the pilot, holy shit

  • Leonhart
    Leonhart   1 days ago

    I love this song too much. It ain't HEALTHY.