Cookies! - NSP

  • Published on: 28 July 2015
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    Written, composed, and performed by Ninja Sex Party (Dan Avidan and Brian Wecht)

    The Cast:
    Main Victim - Zan Alda
    Hellslaves - Jared Rosen, Vernon Shaw
    Other victims - Jack Douglass, Barry Kramer
    Demon Girls - Maxine Hupy, Kristen Ige
    Demons - Evan McGee, Jared Rosen
    Giant Dancing Cookie - Kati Schwartz

    The Crew:
    Director - Aaron Umetani
    Editing & Visual Effects - Garret Fallin
    Assistant Director - Austin Herring
    Associate Producer - Jason Serrato


    From the darkest pits of the deepest well
    We're Ninja Sex Party and we've come from hell
    You curse as our name passes your lips
    We're the two horsemen of the Rockpocalypse

    Flying on the backs of flaming horses
    We'll ride into your town and leave nothing but corpses
    We'll kill your family and scream obscenities
    The streets will flow with the blood of our enemies

    Death and destruction are all around
    We're motherfucking evil and we'll never slow down
    We are the nightmares you should be afraid of
    There is just one thing we love and that's

    Cookies!  Yaaaaay!
    Cookies!  Pass the milk please!
    Everybody loves cookies hooray!

    OH GOD SAVE ME!!!!    I SEE DEMONS!!!!

    All your nightmares have come to life
    The horror survives in the darkest of night
    Take a final breath in our realm of hate
    And wish for merciful death as we eat this plate of

    Cookies!   They're the taste of happy!
    Cookies!   Chocolate chips for everyone!
    Cookies!   The demons are consuming me!
    Everybody eat some cookies today!

    That fuckin' do anything for you...Megadeth?
  • Runtime : 1:54
  • game grumps cookies Comedy Rock (Musical Genre) attitude city nsp


  • Brett Cooper
    Brett Cooper   1 months ago

    Sounds like "Escape From LA" by Rob Zombie. Alice Cooper makeup, I see.

  • Nick Johnson
    Nick Johnson   2 months ago

    I just noticed after years of watching this that Arin is in the cookie suit.

  • Moth Man
    Moth Man   2 months ago

    This is on my wedding playlist lol its right after the song for our first dance 😂

  • kale wolf
    kale wolf   5 months ago

    What's this? some kind of Lil Nas x music video

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude   5 months ago

    technically they are more hardcore than any metal bad because they summoned real demons

  • Katrina Payne
    Katrina Payne   5 months ago

    ... nevermind Megadeth... what does Gloryhammer think of this?

  • mothman
    mothman   5 months ago

    Man, I love this new lil nas x song 😌😌😌

  • 美君主
    美君主   6 months ago

    Similar energy to Give me Chocolate by BabyMetal

  • V-Bot Gamer
    V-Bot Gamer   7 months ago

    I need this song as an Amv but with the Good omens characters

  • Paige Thomas
    Paige Thomas   7 months ago

    I literally found this song from a fanfiction. The author said this was Nightwing's theme song and let me tell you, it's hilarious

  • Dominic Jackson
    Dominic Jackson   8 months ago

    Before quarantine I liked a girl. does anyone have advice on how I can tell her?

  • roden706
    roden706   9 months ago

    it gets me every time when they transition from metal to cookies! I can't help but have a smile on my face.

  • Ettel
    Ettel   9 months ago

    OH MAN! I never noticed Jacksfilms was in this!

  • Trevor Burke
    Trevor Burke   9 months ago

    I like how everyone is talking about the cookies and no one is mentioning that this is closer to rap than actual metal... still a good song.

  • TeaTime Abyss
    TeaTime Abyss   9 months ago

    Dan playing with pony plushies should've been our first clue...

  • Joe B
    Joe B   9 months ago

    After all these years I just noticed Jacksfilms is in this.

  • christmasleds
    christmasleds   10 months ago

    everybody loves cookies hooray!!AAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Bovine Designs
    Bovine Designs   11 months ago

    The demon chick stealing cookies cracks me up every time.

  • EchoKnightTeddy
    EchoKnightTeddy   11 months ago

    Wow literally just posted about this in one of the new grump community posts

  • bore dom
    bore dom   11 months ago

    1:09 DIO and Pucci dying somewhat normal deaths1:13 Kira not really complaining about his death1:17 Kars and Diavolo not actually dying

  • bartlettmichael62
    bartlettmichael62   11 months ago

    Has Dave Mustaine seen this? And more importantly, does it do anything for him?

  • Amanda
    Amanda   12 months ago

    Perfect way of describing covid-19