Is Blake Griffin To The Nets Fair? | Through The Wire Podcast

  • Published on: 06 March 2021
    #HouseofHighlights #NBA
  • Runtime : 1:33:58
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  • Cole Aspect
    Cole Aspect   1 months ago

    I hope yall get to hoop soon i love watching other people hoop other than just nba ball

  • flipping things
    flipping things   1 months ago

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  • Player 1NE
    Player 1NE   1 months ago

    not a fan of the off brand Kyle Kuzma

  • Ben Tao
    Ben Tao   1 months ago

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  • Kilo Dolla
    Kilo Dolla   1 months ago

    Wendell sucks ass in pick and roll defense

  • Jeremiah Soria
    Jeremiah Soria   1 months ago

    you guys accidentally have some video in your ads

  • Squilliam Fancyson
    Squilliam Fancyson   1 months ago

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  • Natthan Clark
    Natthan Clark   1 months ago

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  • William Pettway
    William Pettway   1 months ago

    7:20 , mike conley too might be an easy choice, because inviting the spurs get another team involved, can't be good for covid reasons

  • Mr. Zombie
    Mr. Zombie   1 months ago

    Blake can barely stay healthy. This move doesn’t mean they’re going to win a championship.

  • The HBIC
    The HBIC   1 months ago

    The rockets taking a page out of ur book kenny. Get assets and flip em

  • Nathan Little
    Nathan Little   1 months ago

    Don’t be talking wild on my trash ass kings

  • Jacob Reyes
    Jacob Reyes   1 months ago

    If I had a dollar for every time P said Cade Cunningham....

  • Aaron Wu
    Aaron Wu   1 months ago

    We need more music segments

  • Zach Rehfuss
    Zach Rehfuss   1 months ago

    Don’t give me hope as a wolves fan..... Cade cunningham would be unreal

  • Shear_Lock_combs IG
    Shear_Lock_combs IG   1 months ago

    You know you’re too young when you don’t know who Clinton big neck Portis is 😂

  • Rico Drillanova
    Rico Drillanova   1 months ago

    2 weeks ago Blake griffin was a bum, all of a sudden people remember he was an all star 😂😂😂🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Project Omnis
    Project Omnis   1 months ago

    No disrespect.....We don't need him at all.

  • Jared Purcell
    Jared Purcell   1 months ago

    Kenny you be cappin when you said the Nuggets have had no injuries. They have been injured all year

  • Jared Purcell
    Jared Purcell   1 months ago

    You gotta be watching more basketball guys. That Morris question took way too long to be answered

  • Agape Love
    Agape Love   1 months ago

    Lol who is really bothered by derozen nt making it over Mike Conley??? Damn let the brother enjoy at least 1 all star while.his team is top of the league

  • M J
    M J   1 months ago

    20 ads in this video wow

  • rene v
    rene v   1 months ago

    Man time flies, I remember when HOH was only at 600k, this production is epic

  • Dante
    Dante   1 months ago

    Great episode but theres so many ads and it’s not available on the podcasts app. Ik it’s not the boys’ fault but damn

  • Ben Ryan
    Ben Ryan   1 months ago

    Daymond had 32 in Game 7 of the 2016 finals

  • NBA 2gay
    NBA 2gay   1 months ago

    If he plays like he did in his 1st full season in Detroit it won't b

  • kelly
    kelly   1 months ago

    dont they have andre roberson and iman shumpert? they both lockdown perimeter D guards

  • kelly
    kelly   1 months ago

    bruh hes gonna play like his first season in detroit

  • Fabrizio Mendelzon
    Fabrizio Mendelzon   1 months ago

    If last years bucks got 41-6 before losing their 7th and they didn’t have 3 why do the Jazz who went 27-7 got 3?

  • A 4n'er
    A 4n'er   1 months ago

    is it me just me or Jeff Green is a Blacker version of Blake Grffin... same playstyle, same body type, athletism questionable but dang they even loook alike XD

  • Luke Canale
    Luke Canale   1 months ago

    If queen James can join a finals MVP something Durant never did to carry and protect himThen yea Nets teams fairJames had AD and wanted Kwahi right? Right so just because he is a bitch and nobody wants his bs and join others it's still James creationLet's be real AD not carrying James he is out of playoffs like 1st year in LA and probably a bench player or quit by now

  • Kobi Nakasone
    Kobi Nakasone   1 months ago

    casuals for calling that playoff cavs team bad on defense....

  • Terrence Rawlins
    Terrence Rawlins   1 months ago

    01 Lakers was ranked somewhere in the 20’s and went 15-1 in the playoffs