The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 5 Soundtrack - Clementine's Theme (Anadel Mix)

  • Published on: 08 December 2014
  • By Anadel. Originally from Soundcloud:

    Now without background noise! Plays in the No Going Back launch trailer.

    Special thanks to XNovaSpartan for pointing out where to find this.
  • Runtime : 6:14
  • The Walking Dead: Season 2 Soundtrack Anadel All That Remains A House Divided In Harm's Way Amid the Ruins No Going Back Clementine Kenny Carver Lee Telltale Jared Emerson-Johnson The Walking Dead Jane Carlos Sarah Bonnie Nick Pete Luke Mike Rebecca AJ Alvin Troy Tavia Vince Lee Everett Edith Wellington Howe's Hardware


  • Lạnh Như Sương
    Lạnh Như Sương   3 weeks ago

    Man, I missed everyone in season 1 and 2And Clem is a badass now, watching her grow up and mature is wonderful

  • DrasticBoy 6696
    DrasticBoy 6696   2 months ago

    This is literally the best music for a tribute, funeral, ending or speech.

  • LifeIsGreat Art
    LifeIsGreat Art   2 months ago

    This is definitely my favorite theme from the soundtracks to the TWD game. It just starts out calm and then becomes chaotic just like Clem’s journey does. There are very few times to relax and enjoy life until she gets thrown back into the chaos. She loses people she grows to care about. The end of the theme is perfect too, in my opinion the ending represents her being on her own again, yes there is despair but also a sense of hope for the future. I just can’t describe how much I love this theme.

  • YaBigBoii II
    YaBigBoii II   3 months ago

    “You’re always… good for a smile…”

  • Zeoinfinit Neospace
    Zeoinfinit Neospace   3 months ago

    Back in the good old days in 2014 when The Walking Dead Season 2 was finished those were the good old days

  • AkdrzlLOL
    AkdrzlLOL   3 months ago

    The feels I get from this song man😔rip to everyone

  • Dallas
    Dallas   4 months ago

    I still play the two games I cry everytime same parts no matter what

  • Kindred
    Kindred   5 months ago

    Pray for the day Clementine meets us will be distant for decades to come, that AJ may be her last guardian, and Lee watching over her from above, do not panic when life ebbs o' sweet Clementine.

  • KNChannel
    KNChannel   5 months ago

    3:03, man the feels kicked in

  • James Whitler
    James Whitler   5 months ago

    This game series will be in the hall of fame

  • Kontact 20
    Kontact 20   6 months ago

    FINALLY I FOUND IT...THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL..but sad at the sametime... I was looking for this from Babyzone's Clementine Story video... "When the dead started walking...I was small..and alone..until a man named Lee became my protector :)" RIP Lee the GOAT...also only recently found out this in the season 2 episode 4 and 5 trailers :) ..finally found this on 11/03/21

  • Solar Liquid
    Solar Liquid   6 months ago

    season 1 and 2 are the best ones out of the 4 walking dead games, i have such fond memories of both games, i remember waiting every day for trailers of the next episodes and I've always had a blast with them , i might replay them this month

  • modern_sink67
    modern_sink67   8 months ago

    "I'm not a monster.....but I did made the wrong choices"

    Clem STILLNOTBITTEN   9 months ago

    Idk if i should download the music cause i get so emotional towards this game its unbelievable

  • y'all ugly
    y'all ugly   9 months ago

    This song makes me tear up every time...why?

    DÊVIL   10 months ago

    Imagine if this whole game was just a bad dream of clementine

  • Robert Mican
    Robert Mican   10 months ago

    The perfect Telltale story game. 100%. Wolf Among Us is 2nd but light years from this blessing of a story and game.

  • Kenny Play
    Kenny Play   11 months ago

    So Sad.... Telltale.... Goodbye..

  • Jimpy
    Jimpy   11 months ago

    We can all agree this is one of the best game series ever made!

  • Adamari Renteria
    Adamari Renteria   1 years ago

    I'm crying love you Clementine ❤️ miss you tell tales I've been trying to get this sound thank you 👍

  • SlayQuinn
    SlayQuinn   1 years ago

    Damn this beautiful music❤ I can hear clem say those lines from the trailer ❤

  • Steve
    Steve   1 years ago

    This has to be the best theme ever

  • Aesthetic Tingz
    Aesthetic Tingz   1 years ago

    Look how far clementine has gone now she with AJ and her friends. And she still has Lee's bloold on her hat. This song means that clementine made it

  • Cole Price
    Cole Price   1 years ago

    I wanted clem to go back to Richland in season 4

  • Jesse Pinkman
    Jesse Pinkman   1 years ago

    Clem is one character I will never forget The journey of emotion that came with her will live on with AJ and so fourth

  • M H
    M H   1 years ago

    I was alone in my ending. I shot Kenny. Then I left Jane behind. It was depressing, but somehow, I felt... fulfilled. Kenny didn’t suffer. He wasn’t eaten by walkers and Jane didn’t hang herself. I feel like I did a good thing when I did that, no matter how sad it may be. Sometimes the best choice requires sacrifice.

  • Cashout cam
    Cashout cam   1 years ago

    This brings people together not to fight each other we get to express how we feel this game is the most best thing in my life yet to come. I want to thank you all for being so nice and supportive to the game creators and I have a couple more thanks. Thank you Lee. Thank you clementine. Thank you Kenny. Thank you Luke. Thank you christa and omid. Thank you Rebecca and Alvin. Thank you AJ. Thank you Ben. Thank you Javi. Thank you duck. And to all the people that have played this game one last time Thank you For everything.🙏