Mercedes EQS is the Most Luxurious Electric Car and it's Not Even Close...

  • Published on: 03 May 2021
  • The Mercedes EQS takes the electric car to another level.
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  • Runtime : 25:51
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy   2 days ago

    You thought this was luxurious...? Try this 😂 -

  • Jimmy rock
    Jimmy rock   2 seconds ago

    Car intro in samsung galaxy intro tone.

  • MSA
    MSA   44 seconds ago

    Tesla huh?

  • Jessica Jenkins
    Jessica Jenkins   7 minuts ago

    I’ve yet to see an electric car with a beautiful exterior

  • Mridul Rathi
    Mridul Rathi   7 minuts ago

    Am I the only one who hates the exterior? The body shape is like a frikkin Hyundai or something and the front wheels are soooo up front. The bonnet is tiny compared to the older S classes and I know that was done for the drag co-efficient but they could have made it a little bit longer

  • Prof H
    Prof H   15 minuts ago

    It’s got a stupid price for a massively inferior car to the Tesla.

  • CubeLastic
    CubeLastic   16 minuts ago

    when i relize the background isint a green scroon sheeeeee

  • tristache01
    tristache01   16 minuts ago

    Looks like a corolla 🤦‍♂️

  • Prof H
    Prof H   17 minuts ago

    Software is garbage. Looks like a cheap dance club. That’s why it has no traction in the market, just noise and music 🎶.

  • Mário Simas
    Mário Simas   19 minuts ago

    Tesla !!!!!!!lolololololo!!!!!!!!!!!!! It only misses one thing... flying

  • not myname
    not myname   21 minuts ago

    No one is asking but the track at 1:11 is Dark Fantasy by IamDayLight

  • Dennis DB
    Dennis DB   23 minuts ago

    Look like a Citroën C6 upgrade

  • Weston
    Weston   31 minuts ago

    lol. It's a gamer car!

  • Oshiolga 36
    Oshiolga 36   39 minuts ago

    this makes me proud to see it finally =) we worked really hard for it =)

  • Faiyaz Khan
    Faiyaz Khan   40 minuts ago

    I hope it's not concept Car 😹😹😹

  • DhulqarTen
    DhulqarTen   41 minuts ago

    I'm gonna drive my Tesla off a cliff

  • ChristianR
    ChristianR   1 hours ago

    Dogecoin will allow me to get this car 💪🏻

  • JGChannel
    JGChannel   1 hours ago

    I love the air bag fault, visit workshop message <3

  • Chris Obregon
    Chris Obregon   1 hours ago

    so many buttons and options and menus... too much. be like apple and Tesla make it simple and no buttons if any very minimal

  • Mrbigolnuts
    Mrbigolnuts   1 hours ago

    How can this be an unboxing if it didn't come in a box, BIG letdown.

  • Chris Obregon
    Chris Obregon   1 hours ago

    imagine the door auto open and close tech being in a production 7 years ago? wait.. Tesla model X did that.Tesla model S did all this way back then.. and people are amazed, lmao

  • statxc
    statxc   1 hours ago

    When the door opened up I said “yea…. I’ll take it too”

  • Erebos
    Erebos   1 hours ago

    Such an amazing car. A Mercedes, obviously. 👍

  • Eli Qazi
    Eli Qazi   1 hours ago

    Why didn't he drive... ?

  • Banana Split
    Banana Split   1 hours ago

    Looks corny. Too many screens to be distracted with.

  • Jeffrey B
    Jeffrey B   1 hours ago

    Let me guess. This starts at $150,000?

  • Milorad Menjic
    Milorad Menjic   1 hours ago

    7:18 I hope that has some serious screen protection going on 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Nestor Cuellar
    Nestor Cuellar   1 hours ago

    I have a newer Benz c300 and you get over the luxury and my 2014 Honda Accord works just fine

  • Dean H
    Dean H   1 hours ago

    It has a Quaalude interior.

  • Thug9030
    Thug9030   1 hours ago

    These cars will never come to reality why people even get hype 🤦🤦🤦

  • Cody Brdar
    Cody Brdar   1 hours ago

    Many high end cars have door sill hold. Especially the S class haha

  • Raj Deep
    Raj Deep   1 hours ago

    Man hatsoff to his camera crew and post production team!

  • G M
    G M   1 hours ago

    Tesla stock is going to drop to 400/share after this video lmao 🤣

  • Daryl Dyehouse
    Daryl Dyehouse   1 hours ago

    Surely all those lighting options ruin your night vision as your driving down the road, why do you think aircraft pilots like very little light on in cockpit at night

  • G M
    G M   1 hours ago

    What techno track is this very good …

  • GET2222
    GET2222   1 hours ago

    TESLA doors have opened and closed on their own since 2015.