Princess Polly's WILDEST Summer Dresses?!

  • Published on: 30 August 2021
  • We round up some of the craziest dresses from Princess Polly! Would we wear them IRL or leave them on the internet? Then, watch as we style outfits with items that have our name! ►►
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    What We Wore!
    The Holly Mini Dress -
    Imelda Mini Dress -
    Victory Boulevard Mini Dress -
    Field of Dreams Mini Dress -

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    A wild #princesspolly #dress #haul!

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  • Runtime : 9:49
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  • Jaz Megan
    Jaz Megan   1 weeks ago

    Sinead always looks amazing in anything she wears!

  • shenelle steytler
    shenelle steytler   1 weeks ago

    Uhmm excuse me south Africa??? Girl I'm proud I'm also from south Africa ❤️❤️

  • Loa Lane
    Loa Lane   1 months ago

    Matt Jackson he is so good looking hi rennee cleaver group my name is heather ha

  • KayTeaAndBiscuits
    KayTeaAndBiscuits   1 months ago

    i loved that vintage old ad opening - great stuff :) poor billy doesn't have a chance with any of these gals tho lol

  • Danielle Hanna
    Danielle Hanna   1 months ago

    Absolutely stunning ladies. 😍SN isn't that the same green dress that Jackie had on in the "hot girls summer" episode lol. I still love it!!! ❤

  • Maggie C
    Maggie C   1 months ago

    Mads looked like tinkerbell in the green dress !

    ALBER PAJARES   1 months ago

    Adopt a man,.. you need money and you know it.., 🤙

  • lacey beddingfield
    lacey beddingfield   1 months ago

    Drew you could wear a trash bag with ketchup on it and still look like you stepped off a runway!! Lol

  • lacey beddingfield
    lacey beddingfield   1 months ago

    First dress looked like it fit drew more so she was able to pull it off!

  • Emily Jane
    Emily Jane   1 months ago

    Jesus Christ this editing is TOO MUCH

  • Sarah Stanko
    Sarah Stanko   1 months ago

    Love that they obviously hate each other’s picks 😆 but still all look amazing ❤️

  • Apricot Cat
    Apricot Cat   1 months ago

    Oh, I’m in love with Drew’s skin! It’s flawless like silk.

  • C
    C   1 months ago

    please stop showing all of the outfits in the beginning "preview"! have to skip it every time

  • KySempai
    KySempai   1 months ago

    I bought that green dress, because Jackie had it on in another try on video and I absolutely love it.

    ERROR USER   1 months ago

    I should not be as excited as I am, hearing Sinead is from South Africa 😂😂

  • MinnesotanSyrup
    MinnesotanSyrup   1 months ago

    The fact that the black mini dress is that short on Sinead is saying something.

  • Gemma Sofia
    Gemma Sofia   1 months ago

    Drew could literally wear a trash bag and still look gorgeous 💀

  • Lessy Monroe
    Lessy Monroe   1 months ago

    Loved the video. But I kinda miss Loryn. Did she leave clever?

  • Jaouhari vlog's
    Jaouhari vlog's   1 months ago

    hello dear friend I had a channel but unfortunately my adscence is disabled I beg you to help me with my 2nd channel

  • AmieAmie
    AmieAmie   1 months ago

    Is it just me or is the sound on this video a little weird? I get a lot of echo, especially with the seniad dress.

  • Sarah D
    Sarah D   1 months ago

    MV rất hay, i like it 😴😒😯

  • kekearah1
    kekearah1   1 months ago

    Been wanting to comment for a while now, where is Loryn ? Did I miss the memo??🤔🤔

  • harley boe benson
    harley boe benson   1 months ago

    Bridget vid idea1. "how many outfits can you buy at Ross, tx Maxx, Marshall's for $100. "2. Guess the item by the review makeup edition. Whatever picks they get they need to wear the makeup.Thats it for now.

  • JinaBal
    JinaBal   1 months ago

    Love this! U guys inspired my youtube channel!♡♡

  • Courtnie Chisholm
    Courtnie Chisholm   1 months ago

    Madeleines hair looks cute in a high ponytail 👱‍♀️