Anthony Edwards is Named #KiaROTM​ Honors For March | Western Conference

  • Published on: 01 April 2021
  • Anthony Edwards of the Minnesota Timberwolves takes home #KiaROTM​​ honors for March in the Western Conference!

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  • Runtime : 10:20
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  • BTS Dance Studio
    BTS Dance Studio   2 months ago

    Ant. Man hates basketball but great at it! Only honest guy in sports!

  • dem0niker
    dem0niker   2 months ago

    Kid needs to work on his landings

  • Loï
    Loï   2 months ago

    hes just getting nba topshot moment after nba topshot moment out there hahaha, nice

  • Emmit G
    Emmit G   2 months ago

    Just give him the ROTY already. ITS OVER!

  • Braden Macurdy
    Braden Macurdy   2 months ago

    Pure hooper. Needs some polishing with shot efficiency and defense but man o man this dude is gonna be a problem!!!

  • H. J. D.
    H. J. D.   2 months ago

    Tyrese Haliburton has a better fg %, ft %, true shooting %, and mid range shooting %. Haliburton avgs. 2.3 made threes per game and Edwards avgs 2.1. The difference? Edwards takes an avg of 4 more 3 pt shots per game. Haliburton has a 48% fg % Edwards is at 38%. Haliburton shoots 43% from 3 Edwards shoots 30%. Haliburton has a 3.3 to 1 assist to turnover ratio. Edwards has a 1.25 to 1 assist to turnover ratio which is terrible. Haliburton has more steals and blocks but has played in 6 less games. Haliburton has a 122 offensive rating which is higher than the likes of lebron, curry, Giannis, etc. and Edwards has a LEAGUE LOW 96 offensive rating. The fact people try to say edwards is ROY over Haliburton is a joke.

  • Vilas Stolpman
    Vilas Stolpman   2 months ago

    Ant never getting caught on the fast break, that boy speedy

  • Richard DeJoode
    Richard DeJoode   2 months ago

    Dave Benz is inadvertently becoming an expert on ants as he searches out more corny (and thus great) ways to celebrate plays by the best damn rookie in the league, Anthony Edwards.

  • Rural vibes
    Rural vibes   2 months ago

    Ant is an Apex predator. He's gonna be a superstar in some time.

  • Gold Mind
    Gold Mind   2 months ago

    Edwards is a poor mans Mitchell

  • Punchø
    Punchø   2 months ago

    my dawggg 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • Seymour LOVE
    Seymour LOVE   2 months ago

    Season ticket holderWatch every game.Trying not to hate however night unimpressed.

  • Imurgoat Amelga
    Imurgoat Amelga   2 months ago

    Also has the longest streak of at least 1 steal a game this season

  • carolyn browning
    carolyn browning   2 months ago

    The light trout advisably continue because india perioperaively clean as a curvy norwegian. shallow, deep banker

  • John DeLuca
    John DeLuca   2 months ago

    his defense is improving a ton you love to see it

  • once upon a time
    once upon a time   2 months ago

    He’s really good at getting steals he just needs to improve his defense and that would be beautiful

  • Marky McNasty
    Marky McNasty   2 months ago

    He's been playing lights out since the all-star game

  • Connor P
    Connor P   2 months ago

    We are so lucky to have the Ant-Man!!! Go Wolves!!!

  • Piano Armond
    Piano Armond   2 months ago

    This dude will be one of the greatest. Just watch. He's only 19. Reminds me of a Kobe Bryant resurrection!!!! This is scary right here!

  • Solidus
    Solidus   2 months ago

    “Ants have compound eyes!” The best!