Cards Against Humanity PHAN EDITION!

  • Published on: 21 February 2021
  • We play an offensive card game ..created by Dan and Phil viewers?? What could go wrong!

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  • Runtime : 19:8
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  • Nube rosa
    Nube rosa   9 minuts ago


  • sea bass
    sea bass   5 hours ago

    Dan and Phil are like the gay British versions of Rhett and Link

  • Cheyanne Cortez
    Cheyanne Cortez   6 hours ago

    Can we have a Dan&Phil Crafts for the tree with moss and rock thing?

  • Q
    Q   7 hours ago

    My philosophy teacher used a picture of Dan lying on the floor as an example of an existential crisis.

  • giulia
    giulia   8 hours ago

    "the coke is hitting" i missed u danny boy!! ♡ glad u seem okay

  • Thalia Arias
    Thalia Arias   11 hours ago

    I missed u guys together!!! so exited!!!

  • Kay Austin
    Kay Austin   12 hours ago

    I feel like a high schooler again watching this and it's wonderful

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty   12 hours ago

    “hamster in a hat” dear fucking god phil what have you done

  • rj peaches
    rj peaches   13 hours ago

    tbf, there’s a lot more leeway when cutting curly/wavy hair (in my experience) bc most mistakes can be blended in with the ✨luscious curls✨

  • Mia Childers
    Mia Childers   14 hours ago

    I want to see them play those mobile games you get those shitty ads for

  • Danielle
    Danielle   14 hours ago

    dan and phil started my addiction to BL

  • Trey Atkins
    Trey Atkins   14 hours ago

    I think my favorite part about this dynamic is that you don't see it often: Two (adorable) gay guys who have decided to move into a house together, but their friendship is still platonic and nothing more. It's just such a wholesome dynamic undermined by Dan's not-so-wholesome demeanor.

  • Trey Atkins
    Trey Atkins   15 hours ago

    "A hamster in a hat"NO, I thought we all agreed to leave the milkfic behind us.

  • JT
    JT   15 hours ago

    I have missed Dan so freaking much. It's so good to see them together again 🥺

  • Trey Atkins
    Trey Atkins   15 hours ago

    Phil somehow made Dan even more adorable and Dan somehow made Phil even more adorable.

  • amé astral
    amé astral   15 hours ago

    gracias dan and phil por hacer que de mis 14-16 mi adolescencia fuese menos dolorosa

  • Commit Kitty
    Commit Kitty   16 hours ago

    "We're here we're queer and the rest of it " 😂

  • larhonda41
    larhonda41   17 hours ago

    You guys are hilarious. The world definitely needs your content.

  • liten fråga
    liten fråga   17 hours ago

    Okay you compLETELY got me when you were counting in German haha lovvve the video btw

  • JustNate
    JustNate   19 hours ago

    The Phanfics are writing themselves at this point

  • marin carey
    marin carey   21 hours ago

    so much................ c r e a t i v i t y

  • Frr
    Frr   22 hours ago

    My brain literally everytime they're about to say stereo: s t e r o i d s

  • JL B
    JL B   22 hours ago

    3:20 how about: Cardbuds

  • Anastacia Pedersen
    Anastacia Pedersen   23 hours ago

    is this 2014? i'm literally screaming. My sense of reality is gone.

  • KashmirKreations :P
    KashmirKreations :P   1 days ago

    “This is for you sugar freak” gonna start saying that unironically

  • underscorellie
    underscorellie   1 days ago

    they saw when the world needed them and gave us life