Trying Weird Halloween Costumes from WISH! *all under $20*

  • Published on: 15 October 2021
  • We're rounding up the BEST costumes from WISH under $20?! Will they actually be good?! Then, watch as 5 women try overalls! ►►
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    What We Wore!
    French Maid -
    Halloween Pumpkin -
    The Shining Twins -
    Naughty Nurse -
    Clown Costume -

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    We review #halloweencostumes from #wish for under20!

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  • Runtime : 10:33
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  • Clevver Style
    Clevver Style   1 months ago

    Which WISH costume surprised you the most?!

  • beccaxox03
    beccaxox03   1 months ago

    Missed opportunity to rename this segment to “trick or treat” for October, but they all look amazing in them as always!

  • Abby M
    Abby M   1 months ago

    Okay so as someone who has been watching the channel for a while it has been taking some getting used to seeing new girls instead of the old ones HOWEVER I absolutely love Leah she is my spirit animal!

  • Megan P
    Megan P   1 months ago

    The shining costume actually look like hospital gowns with a ribbon

  • Taishea
    Taishea   1 months ago

    I would totally watch a video of Leah just scaring Jackie around the office. 🤣🤣

  • Samantha O'Rourke
    Samantha O'Rourke   1 months ago

    Okay, but I NEED Leah’s shirt from the intro 😍😍😍

  • callista w
    callista w   1 months ago

    I swear I wore that same pumpkin costume when I was 2 years old! 😂❤️

  • Ebony Burgess
    Ebony Burgess   1 months ago

    YOOOOO when she started walking towards the camera, i panicked

  • Emily Garcia
    Emily Garcia   1 months ago

    We need more videos with Drew and Jackie!!!

  • Curves On The Road
    Curves On The Road   1 months ago

    The pumpkin reminds me of the slutty pumpkin form How I met your mother, but the rest is just too short or all over the place. Maybe the shining dress but they did not pack a creepy twin so it's not gonna work :-D

  • M M
    M M   1 months ago

    Who is that in the middle?

  • asia8910
    asia8910   1 months ago

    This channel is absolutely hilarious!!

  • Ashley M
    Ashley M   1 months ago

    Sadly if you liked any of these it's too late to order them even if you ordered it the day the video came out. wish takes like 3 months to ship rip lol

  • syd smith
    syd smith   1 months ago

    Also I luv ur YouTube channel

  • syd smith
    syd smith   1 months ago

    I will sh for you to try the one size fits Amazon Halloween Costumes.

  • Gia Weir
    Gia Weir   1 months ago

    6:49 is that the Blink 182 lady costume? lmao is it just me who sees the similarities

  • Brigi Anna
    Brigi Anna   1 months ago

    such a great show! girls are hilarious <3

  • Tohru Marie
    Tohru Marie   1 months ago

    Jackie and Drew looking like the queens they are as always!

  • Tom Hinks
    Tom Hinks   1 months ago

    Hi I’m new and outstanding video 👍😁🔥👍

  • Caroline Sullivan
    Caroline Sullivan   1 months ago

    Where is Leah's shirt in the intro from??? I need to buy it lol

  • Angelena R.
    Angelena R.   1 months ago

    This video needed to be in the beginning of October to have any hope of getting these costumes in time 😂

  • megfence
    megfence   1 months ago

    Does Erin and Lauren still work at clevver

  • Alexus Smith
    Alexus Smith   1 months ago

    Please have Harrison try on kids costumes!!

  • Vicki Shaw
    Vicki Shaw   1 months ago

    It's not Harley Quinn it's a Harlequin Jester.

  • Samantha Bradley
    Samantha Bradley   1 months ago

    You know what would go even better with those Shining girls costumes? Zombeh (zombie) makeup!!!

  • Ella J
    Ella J   1 months ago

    where has lauren been??

  • Laura K
    Laura K   1 months ago

    While I love Drew's laugh...Jackie's is just as appealing...she makes me laugh every time

  • IamEm
    IamEm   1 months ago

    Omg imagine going to a covid room in that nurse costume 😂😅

  • Maggie B
    Maggie B   1 months ago

    You guys should do a video where you try on Shein Halloween Costumes

  • Manvendra Rawat
    Manvendra Rawat   1 months ago

    I don’t know why you guys are not trying morphsuit😂😂

  • Ciara Sheehan
    Ciara Sheehan   1 months ago

    Where is Loryn??? She's been missing for ages! 😫

  • Zoe T
    Zoe T   1 months ago

    "$7 for some last minute fun" that takes 5 months to ship 😂😂😂

  • Melz
    Melz   1 months ago

    Wish is shit, why even bother? 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Anna-Katharina
    Anna-Katharina   1 months ago

    I wish they would've included how long it took to arrive 😫

  • Gracie Freya
    Gracie Freya   1 months ago

    I gotta be honest, I don’t really know why they talk about quality when doing hauls from Wish.. do we not all already know that nothing is going to be decent quality from there? Especially for $7? Love these videos because they’re always funny and entertaining but we don’t need you to pretend to be sad or disappointed the quality isn’t there