Caught On Camera! Paranormal Footprints Leading Away!

  • Published on: 23 November 2021
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    And so the plot thickens. It turns out that the room with the body outline isn't finished with the team, and intends to lead them on another wild goose chase. To where? It's unclear at first, but the discovery itself finally opens up a piece of evidence that everyone's been waiting for since the team first found it. And it seems to provide some new information, hopefully to give them a light in the dark...

    ‼️ Would you like to know how these videos are made? Warning! The rest of the description will break the spell and take you out of this story world we've worked so hard to make magical. There may be spoilers ahead!
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    ⚠️ The following story was created for entertainment purposes only and may not be suitable for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. This story and its characters are fictitious. Certain long-standing institutions, agencies, and public offices are mentioned, but the characters involved are wholly imaginary. Do not contact, engage with, or approach anyone or any company not directly linked in the description or confirmed to be a part of the story.
  • Runtime : 28:8
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  • Rozsa
    Rozsa   10 hours ago

    I believe you have demonic activity around you if you've dabled in stuff you could have opened portals to demonic n God had to send angel in to fight them n protect you

  • Dafi Ngo
    Dafi Ngo   12 hours ago

    Ok think about it after you talk to deb you see messages on the wall I think it is talking about to find Wes or maybe it will on purpose and you make the right choice

  • ItsJacob
    ItsJacob   1 days ago

    Poor Bailey <3Its a spirit box

  • Carolyn s
    Carolyn s   1 days ago

    How about a medium they can help maybe cause if it’s Wes or someone you have seen then

  • Cameron Wessels
    Cameron Wessels   1 days ago

    I Have Completed Catching up. and now i can help with everything and give off Ideas

  • Kate Elle
    Kate Elle   1 days ago

    You know the writing on the walls is two different spirits trying to talk to each other

  • Gertie Games
    Gertie Games   1 days ago


  • Erin Holt
    Erin Holt   1 days ago

    She’s talking about a spirit box

    TILTED FISHY   2 days ago

    You will not see this but my moms name is in there at 26:01

  • Riley Everett
    Riley Everett   2 days ago

    Something walked past you when you guys were looking at the filing cabinet I think it was behind you

  • Ezekiel Sanchez
    Ezekiel Sanchez   2 days ago

    Are we all just not gonna talk about someone walking behind the when the were opening the top drawer of files?😶

  • Yoshi
    Yoshi   3 days ago

    In school today we did the story you guys are talking about and i saw you fancy me mad and the meaning was you think I’m mad

  • Gha770
    Gha770   4 days ago

    lets all agree this is a halloween special start to season 3

  • RichBoyMichal
    RichBoyMichal   4 days ago

    Matt “ It’s expensive tho”Me “you ,literally bought a Tesla and your worried about $450”

  • Daniel leon
    Daniel leon   4 days ago

    you should have just unplugged the server

  • FantasyNetic
    FantasyNetic   4 days ago

    Who was that in the background walking at time 26:38

  • Funtime Ian
    Funtime Ian   4 days ago

    26:41 Am i tripping or is there someone that looks like Matt walking past the hallway O_O

  • Timothy Shaw
    Timothy Shaw   4 days ago

    Yo there was someone walking in the background 26:43

  • David FXP
    David FXP   4 days ago

    At 26:38 there is someone walking in the background on the left… who is that?

  • Daniel Anstey
    Daniel Anstey   5 days ago

    Also can we get a Sam and Colby colab like they could help u

  • Daniel Anstey
    Daniel Anstey   5 days ago

    HOW IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS! when they are going to megadesk to buy some ghost tools a few seconds before they exit the room Tanner say "its cold in here". WHEN THERE IS PARANORMAL ACTIVITY IN A ROOM IT TURN SUPER COLD! So that must mean that the ghost that is talking to us WAS IN THE ROOM WITH THEM WHILE THEY WERE TALKING!

  • vision2.0
    vision2.0   5 days ago

    is this like reel or a game cos if its a game it looks cool

  • xxsenpaixx Baby
    xxsenpaixx Baby   5 days ago

    Tbh no hate but like I don't really follow this story much anymore it's gotten a little too weird... But hey still love y'all lol

  • holly b
    holly b   5 days ago

    Omg my heart just stopped when sam asked if the ghost was one of the patients because right when she did someone who works at spellbound Casually walked in the background lol man that was scary

  • Marshall Walton
    Marshall Walton   5 days ago

    So that "ghostpro" camera, I have it. Doesn't see Ghost. 0/10

  • Nathan Barboza
    Nathan Barboza   5 days ago

    The smiley face is the same one from Blink 182... BLINK 182 = SYPHUS!!!

  • MelloDell0
    MelloDell0   5 days ago

    Emf is not frequentie if im right its fields

  • Mxrt0
    Mxrt0   6 days ago

    was i the only one that was sceared when at 26:41 the guy walked by?

  • Fabienne Frank
    Fabienne Frank   6 days ago

    Did Nobody see the guy at 26:41. Is it me or does he look like Matthias

    FARRAN ALI SHIHAB   6 days ago

    subject 4 looks up the smiley face on google and finds that its a logo of an company

    YN_LXST   6 days ago

    26:00 watch the background a dude walks right past