Buying Crazy Mystery Items Based ONLY on Reviews?!

  • Published on: 15 August 2021
  • We're BACK with our new favorite game where we buy clothes and accessories based ONLY on their reviews! What will be behind the mystery reviews today??? Then, join us as we style outfits according to our zodiac signs! ►►
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    What We Unboxed!
    Princess Polly Louie Midi Dress -
    Fashion Nova Treasure Within Wedge Flip Flops -
    Amazon Denim Overalls -
    Etsy Free Britney Sweatshirt -
    SHEIN Mermaid Costume -
    Amazon Money Clutch -
    Amazon Leather Opera Gloves -
    Fashion Nova Double Down Toe Ring -
    Ivy Park Bathing Suit – No longer available
    Cape Robbin Cowboy Boots -

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    We buy #clothes and #accessories based only on #reviews!

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  • Runtime : 17:39
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  • Alex Hood
    Alex Hood   3 hours ago

    Sineads face when she pulled those boots out was 100% my favorite part of this entire video

  • Cassandra W
    Cassandra W   1 days ago

    The replay clip of Madeline falling in those pink wedged flip flops killed me😂

  • DeJa marie
    DeJa marie   2 weeks ago

    Omgs not they skipped the ivy park😩

  • Kristie Ray
    Kristie Ray   1 months ago

    3:20 the memes made it somehow even FUNNIER i die 🤣

  • Davida21
    Davida21   1 months ago

    Man those overalls do not look like the photo

  • thereaderbug
    thereaderbug   1 months ago

    The next time you play this game, you shouldn't show us the photo either until they open it, then we'd all be surprised!

  • Drea Mendez
    Drea Mendez   1 months ago

    I love Jackie and sineade together 😂😂😭💯

  • Alyson Fewless
    Alyson Fewless   1 months ago

    They should make a rule (which Jackie LOVES lol) that whoever doesn't get 4 items gets to pick from the skipped items, but if both don't get to 4 (both get 3 items) then neither get to pick from the skipped.

  • Serafina Fool
    Serafina Fool   1 months ago

    It seems like Sinead thinks through the items that are skipped, more than the items that she actually picked.

  • Kelly Song
    Kelly Song   1 months ago

    I literally LOL’ed 🤣🤣 Jackie and Sinead are both hilarious. MORE PLEASE!!!

  • Taylor
    Taylor   1 months ago

    I really liked this!!

  • Maya Stoyanova Warner
    Maya Stoyanova Warner   1 months ago

    Can the editors please adjust the volume when there's screaming and yelling?

  • irene rucker
    irene rucker   2 months ago

    This game is so intense with jackie playing😂😂....when i saw item 1 i screamed noooo madeline broke her ankles in them😂😂💀

  • Greycie Pesh
    Greycie Pesh   2 months ago

    I just love them so much ❤️. Jackie is a happy person ❤️🤗.

  • la Ra
    la Ra   2 months ago

    Omg, when Sinead reads the text on the bag, I'm dying....

  • Bec
    Bec   2 months ago

    Toe rings can be a signal in certain circles to indicate willingness to hook up, especially if you are already with a partner. So this is a very targeted review and she probably did get some attention for it.

  • Rebeca Gomez
    Rebeca Gomez   2 months ago

    Loved that “h-town” moment😂😂😂

  • becky pack
    becky pack   2 months ago

    Oh god! I laughed until I cried! This video was so, so funny! More of these, please!

  • Sofia Chalkias
    Sofia Chalkias   2 months ago

    These videos are my absolute favorites, I needed the good laugh

  • ggp321
    ggp321   2 months ago

    I feel like they got a new editor or something and I really like the change!!

  • Isabella Seemann
    Isabella Seemann   2 months ago

    Oh my gosh this was hilarious! It would be super fun to see them actually try the items on so we can see if the review is accurate.

  • amanda
    amanda   2 months ago

    "what!? It's called The Elf!!" 💁🏽‍♀️ Lol no, honey

  • Brenda Christensen
    Brenda Christensen   2 months ago

    They should have to pick an outfit this way. Have two items for tops and so on and have to try on the whole outfit at the end

  • Alecha Mister
    Alecha Mister   2 months ago

    this has to be 1 of my FAVS! do ot again Do It AGAIN ‼️😂🤣

  • Ami White
    Ami White   2 months ago

    How about the name Review Based Buying???

  • Cat Prime Evil
    Cat Prime Evil   2 months ago

    I'm pretty sure these review episodes are my favorite type of Clevver episodes so far 😂😂😂 endless joy

  • mmessi72
    mmessi72   2 months ago

    "God Himself was like, 'Jackie no'"Lol

  • helloharlow
    helloharlow   2 months ago

    Jackie was such a hilarious ball of energy in this and Sinead had so many adorable quiet moments that cracked me up!

  • kcbaby136
    kcbaby136   2 months ago

    Jackie should rock the overalls with the boots😆

  • kcbaby136
    kcbaby136   2 months ago

    Damn it Jackie, that swimsuit would have looked SO good on you! I think it’s hilarious though that Sinead already owns it!😆

  • gndisluv
    gndisluv   2 months ago

    Love this series 😂😂

  • n y
    n y   2 months ago

    YALL they need to try the things on for REAL like I wanted to see the dress on, the mermaid dress, etc!!! Would’ve elevated this vid!

  • Jazz. Morales
    Jazz. Morales   2 months ago

    this felt like it was set up to troll Jackie regardless of the outcome 😂

  • Jennifer Fernandez
    Jennifer Fernandez   2 months ago

    I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!! You two need to do more videos together 😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤠

  • egiap1234
    egiap1234   2 months ago

    You should call this show Blind Buys! Or Buying Blind!