The BEST Update No One is Talking About!

  • Published on: 10 August 2021
  • This may be the BEST #FortniteCreative Update that hardly anyone is talking about! Vehicles can now travel SUPER fast, and it's amazing!

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    The BEST Update No One is Talking About!
  • Runtime : 9:7
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  • Mustard Plays
    Mustard Plays   3 months ago

    What else did I miss while I was out of town?!

  • Pyrobyte
    Pyrobyte   3 months ago

    Should’ve put ice on the wheels for the car

  • NitroCar
    NitroCar   3 months ago

    anyone used the movement modulator on vehicles before this?

  • Aaron
    Aaron   3 months ago

    What about the shopping cart

  • pelkey boy3421
    pelkey boy3421   3 months ago

    make the hover bord fast then boost it goes so fast

  • Jimmy cool
    Jimmy cool   3 months ago

    Also it has been like that for so long before this update but good video 😃

  • JLRAM488
    JLRAM488   3 months ago

    Can you tell your brother to update the borders so it teleports you back when you get past it and also your items don't disappear

  • Mylesfest
    Mylesfest   3 months ago

    They should add a hyper speed option as wellIt would be SUPER fast!

  • Lone-Wolf17
    Lone-Wolf17   3 months ago

    Another crazy thing is grappling to the floor with baller with speed going backwards a little far and then press the extend button and quickly let go of everything or just the extend button

  • Squoopert
    Squoopert   3 months ago

    Can you gift me renegade raider my epic is Squoopert

  • BUBS MAN09
    BUBS MAN09   3 months ago

    Gift me renagade reader my epic is BUBS MAN09

  • Dead Face
    Dead Face   3 months ago

    What happend to the Brutes/Mechs?

  • lol master
    lol master   3 months ago

    That plane said to infinity and beoned

  • Q Brizzy
    Q Brizzy   3 months ago

    You should try using the body on the animals

  • Pump
    Pump   3 months ago

    The driftboards worked on the speed pads before. I remember the cars not there.

  • King karter
    King karter   3 months ago

    Can u plssssssss plssssss make Marino’s house with. Furniture plsssssss🥺🥺

  • MR. NEW YEAR 335
    MR. NEW YEAR 335   3 months ago

    You used to only be able to have SONIC SPEEEEEED crash kart

    STONKS   3 months ago

    If u use the pinball bouncer thing with the super speed it will send u flying at a max speed of over 2000 mph. Also do with a semi truck, but most of the time it’s like 1700

  • Naruto Gang
    Naruto Gang   3 months ago

    tell ur brother give cartersavge11 every skin in fortnite plz

  • Matthewblue720
    Matthewblue720   3 months ago

    Can you ask Donald mustard to bring back the police cars in creative but so we can drive it with sirens and lights

  • James Wells
    James Wells   3 months ago

    Fortnite video makers are moving to RUMBLE! YouTube is a pain today!Time to switch to RUMBLE video service. YouTube is too restrictive and will delete your videos at will. RUMBLE is better to use and is First State quality. YouTube is dated for old-timers and 5 year olds.

  • Cronk Is Dummy
    Cronk Is Dummy   3 months ago

    Semi unrelated: Someone should try to make Sonic Riders maps with the drift boards, we have to many Mario kart remakes

  • BHJ Films
    BHJ Films   3 months ago

    Someone PLEASE make a resorts circut map with this

  • Dream SMP Things
    Dream SMP Things   3 months ago

    I don’t think anyone knows this, but Epic also added NEW sounds to the speaker device! They are very useful for horror maps, so make sure you use them! I am making one currently and these sounds are improving it quickly.

  • SasukeCat
    SasukeCat   3 months ago

    Mustard Plays You talked about a person before you started Who is that

  • MidKnightQ
    MidKnightQ   3 months ago

    LOL, My brain is saying make three different versions of the road and trees and then copy and paste them randomly so you don't have to move every tree, but yeah, I agree, I would get stuck on all the little things.

  • sopkungen gamer
    sopkungen gamer   3 months ago

    Can you tell your brother to ad back the guided missle please... Just for creative please 🙏

  • A J
    A J   3 months ago

    I’ve been using that trick for years