Testing Julia’s Tongue Size #shorts

  • Published on: 24 April 2021
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  • oakland venue management

    After reading all the comments, tiktok is not an excuse to film pretty girls, especially when it's their own sisters, that's just sick to me. Also can't believe the sister is willing to go along with it.

  • Adzreen Aziz
    Adzreen Aziz   26 minuts ago

    She could be bill gates new wife...a knockout

  • عقيل التميمي
    عقيل التميمي   55 minuts ago

    تربعت بگلبي هذي البنية عدت المقطع مليون مره 🥺

  • Scythe
    Scythe   2 hours ago

    Hah I’m laughing 😐

  • Dr Hamster
    Dr Hamster   3 hours ago

    “Julia stick it out” -Cringe tiktoker

  • JDW SportsTalkshow
    JDW SportsTalkshow   3 hours ago

    Ik it's not just me tryna stock my young out as far as I could during this

  • XCaliber
    XCaliber   4 hours ago

    Just like covid..tik tok has mutated in the form of youtube shorts!

  • The Hawk 98
    The Hawk 98   4 hours ago

    Why tf is he so obsessed with this girl's tongue

  • DM
    DM   5 hours ago

    TikTok is here to takeover YouTube.

  • Jae KiDd N His 508Cents

    Yeah cus that don't sound wrong "Julia stick it out now"Tik tokers literally ruin all parts of social media!Ho away stay on tik tok this youtube!

  • Zach
    Zach   6 hours ago

    Ban tiktok and these stupid videos please

  • Luci. 1
    Luci. 1   6 hours ago

    K but why didn't she stick it out all the way

  • Honza Škaryd
    Honza Škaryd   6 hours ago

    She looks like my ex... I definitely ddi not need that flashback 🙄

  • Dinora Rodriguez
    Dinora Rodriguez   7 hours ago


  • GhostCat
    GhostCat   7 hours ago

    When your dentist wants you to be healthy

  • Tshego's Terrific World

    "yeah i got the tongue tester right here man" (proceeds to test the tongue) (beeps)"taste!"

  • Nazir Ahmad
    Nazir Ahmad   7 hours ago

    Almost 2 miter always women tounge size for Sure

  • brezat
    brezat   7 hours ago

    My tongue is LONG it goes to my nose and chin

  • سماعيل حسن
    سماعيل حسن   9 hours ago


  • Ajit Kumar
    Ajit Kumar   9 hours ago

    Only youtubers need this useless gadgets

  • Keke Bella
    Keke Bella   10 hours ago


  • LucarioMods
    LucarioMods   10 hours ago

    We should take her and push her to onlyfans.

  • tuxutku
    tuxutku   11 hours ago

    *proceeds to measure his pp in toilet with exaggerated movements for quarter of an hour