FNCS Analyst - "Who Has The High Ground?" feat Kelly and Panda

  • Published on: 05 September 2021
  • Our NAW broadcast analysts, Kelly and Panda, take a look at who has the high ground heading into the finals.

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  • Runtime : 4:10
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  • veeresh babu
    veeresh babu   1 months ago

    epic pls tell when is fortnite returning to play store because have a unsupported device pls pls

  • Gerald
    Gerald   1 months ago

    Sky Fire is almost a go.

  • Jānis
    Jānis   1 months ago

    Just remember that they got killed 3v1 against Stompy.

  • YDAF
    YDAF   1 months ago

    It's over Anakin I have The High Ground

  • Jeremiah Skywalker
    Jeremiah Skywalker   1 months ago

    Obi-Wan Kenobi is the only person who can hold the High Ground, not these loosers.

  • CoRt1
    CoRt1   1 months ago

    Hey fortnite PLEASE bring back the locker bundles! Ive been waiting for you guys to bring it back but it hasnt came back so im just sending this comment.

  • Hypez Eon
    Hypez Eon   1 months ago

    No only obi wan has the high ground?

  • trellyobread
    trellyobread   1 months ago

    Why do y'all put emojis only chat on when drops are enabled I just the loading screen and I can't even get it thanks to all the streamers out their who have subscriber only chat turned on with drops enabled tbh it doesn't seem fair that I have to pay 5 bucks for free rewards also I believe that's against the rules in private policy for epic games please next fnc live stream turn emoji chat off or give drops enabled to people who do put on subscriber only

  • Geo
    Geo   1 months ago

    Hopefully Jannisz's trio wins S7 FNCS

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren   1 months ago


  • Jean-Luca Raatz
    Jean-Luca Raatz   1 months ago

    Dumm viedeo 💁🏻‍♂️😵‍💫🤷🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Fionn Kelly
    Fionn Kelly   1 months ago

    No, only obi wan has the high ground