Hairy To Bald Mod in Among Us

  • Published on: 17 March 2022
  • We play a new Hairy To bald Mod in Among us!

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    Mod By DoubleJump

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  • Runtime : 15:25


  • Oceania
    Oceania   6 hours ago

    Hey SSundee, did you actually get a surgery to grow your hair again?

  • Ana Rodriguez
    Ana Rodriguez   1 days ago

    I think he is faking his vids because he always says everyone be quiet when he's imposter and they don't know

  • Benjamin Lombardi
    Benjamin Lombardi   1 days ago

    at 2:39 all those wigs are from the same anime which is Jojo's Bizzare Adventure

  • Ford tv
    Ford tv   2 days ago

    and you can convert some crewmate and they can puch crewmate and pick them up and send them to you

  • Ford tv
    Ford tv   2 days ago

    i have a mod that i just think of now the imposter is balddy and ha can press the mini game but you have to slove the math answer if you lose balddy is going to jump scare you and you'll die and his kills are math class and if you fail you'll die and you need to get some ingredients for the next kills if you get it wrong or the time is fone you'll die and you can go invis and put a math board if the time is done you'll die but if you get the answer right you won't die and the last kill button is secinst class if you make it wrong the ingredients will explode

  • Nemeth Richard
    Nemeth Richard   2 days ago

    Hey SSundee. I have a question for you. How do you get all these mods because a i wanna download some because they are cool. Thanks for the answer.

  • Charlsprodude
    Charlsprodude   3 days ago

    me when isaw the wig : is that a f**king jojo reference

  • Gamer_770
    Gamer_770   3 days ago

    The wigs you try on are jojo hairs

  • Ellen Manda Gomani
    Ellen Manda Gomani   3 days ago

    Pov: He says make the like button blue Mobile users: What are you talking about mine turns black!