BLACK WIDOW - A Marvelous Disaster

  • Published on: 30 November 2021
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  • Runtime : 34:23
  • Elvis the Alien ElvistheAlien satire black widow


  • Jillian Cancellieri
    Jillian Cancellieri   1 days ago

    The main thing I didn't like, Scarlett's ass was in full Frame for like a full 2 minutes. (When she searches the rv thing and when she finds the generator broken and walks away) Like I know it was there for Eye candy, but respect the actor. There's more scenes that the back if her butt is in frame and it is clearly there to be eye candy. It was just something that bothered me.

  • Jack Collins
    Jack Collins   1 days ago

    This movie is a hot mess. So forgettable. Don’t let feminists tell you it’s great or being review bombed. It’s just plain bad

  • Zom
    Zom   4 days ago

    At this point can we just assume she had a dose of super soldier serum v3? She survives so much lethal causing shit through these movies its asinine to think she's regular durability

  • Deep Basu
    Deep Basu   5 days ago

    Just so you all know, Kamikoto knives are a complete scam, they were tested by Shadiversity and proven to be low quality knives

  • Josué Patiño
    Josué Patiño   6 days ago

    4:30 That montage was the movie we expected to see. That was a very dick move so cheap and dirty

  • Flow
    Flow   1 weeks ago

    I wish this movie was darker... Because yknow what happened to Natasha

  • talus0q
    talus0q   1 weeks ago

    This movie is so goofy They must have luck 100

  • Nick Samuel
    Nick Samuel   1 weeks ago

    I absolutely love superheros. But I love watching parodies & all the funny Jokes & flaws that come along with them ;)

  • Pheonix_7789
    Pheonix_7789   1 weeks ago

    i find it ironic how Alexi was the hero of Russia and the captain America of it yet in stranger things season 4 he is trapped in Russia as a prisoner and a slave

  • NovelTea
    NovelTea   1 weeks ago

    I've been working on a book for about six years... and the story is remarkably similar to this and it's scares me. I swear mine is original... and also wayyyyyy better lol

  • Boldipie
    Boldipie   1 weeks ago

    Considering the date of the beginning of the movie in 1995, they might’ve been flying a Piper PA 28 - 181 Archer III which was first certified in mid to late 1994, it’s maximum range on a full tank and with optimal flight conditions is nearly 500 miles, so they would’ve had to refuel at least twice before making it to Cuba. Tbh it’s just a nitpick but I swear to god this movie is so dumb.

  • The Hobbler
    The Hobbler   1 weeks ago

    It's been a while since you released this, so I doubt you'll see it. Assuming you would otherwise haha. Anyway, an incel like Drakov (spelling?) acts characterizing women was "black widows" is very much on character. The guy views women as objects that reject him, so he forcibly makes them reject everyone. An incel made supervillain.That said, I'm not a huge fan of the "involuntary celibate" term because I was literally involuntarily celibate for many years before I met the most amazing woman, who I am currently with.Edit: Your ending tune almost sounds like Terminator music. Which in turn reminds me of John Carpenter's compositions.

  • Cye
    Cye   1 weeks ago

    Black widow really showing why the civil war thing was necessary lmao

  • Aidan Kelly
    Aidan Kelly   2 weeks ago

    The move where you drop your weapon into your other hand was done best (to me) in far cry 3

  • Super
    Super   2 weeks ago

    They fucking ruined Taskmaster, Jesus..

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith   3 weeks ago

    I'm glad I didn't see this movie. I knew it was going to be bad

  • Alkatrz
    Alkatrz   3 weeks ago

    One of the better marvel flicks

  • Name
    Name   4 weeks ago

    Bro are u high I enjoyed black widow

  • Nerdialismo404
    Nerdialismo404   4 weeks ago

    Can't wait for Marvel to do to Taskmaster the same they did to the Mandarin.

  • Remedie X
    Remedie X   1 months ago

    Gendering bending Taskmaster was stupid, wrong, and unnecessary, but it wasn't near as stupid to how bad the character was done. Barely copied, there were no unique abilities to copy when everyone was fighting the same, his story was changed, etc. They really used him "just cuz" and it sucked to see the wasted potential of such a cool character. Taskmaster would've been better in a movie with characters that all (or several) have different abilities and movesets, not in one where everyone fights like a Widow.

  • macojo 24
    macojo 24   1 months ago

    03:10 broooo that cgi hahahahahahaha. literal phone effect

  • Ruan Farmer
    Ruan Farmer   1 months ago

    to everyone saying she has plot armor about how she survives things that should have killed i've got your answer,it's because she was given the super soldier serum just like captain america.

  • loki5123
    loki5123   1 months ago

    How the pig understand that command ? Is it so inteligent that it knows what breath mean ?

  • Sean k
    Sean k   1 months ago

    If somebody wonderd, the guy with the cross in the beginning who dressed like Jesus said:"Oh shit" in German.

  • Shardool Trivedi
    Shardool Trivedi   1 months ago

    Theres a lot of videos dissing black widow...but this has to be the dumbest. And to top it off he spent an entire minute announicing he is neutral and logical.

  • Oliver Polyzois
    Oliver Polyzois   1 months ago

    Elvis is obviously a misogynist, and therefor he hates this movie...

  • Channel 14
    Channel 14   1 months ago

    Natasha being on the run from Sheild plays zero part in intensifying the movie where it could, the only reason it's brought up is to poorly explain away viewers asking that question because the producers are stuck forcing the movie in the timeline before Endgame because the character is dead and it seems like the other producers in the MCU really didn't want her to die in Endgame

  • mythicalstorm 43
    mythicalstorm 43   1 months ago

    as a marvel fan and someone who watched this movie 5 times. SOOOOOO many points in this video are wrong

  • ruimy9
    ruimy9   1 months ago

    3:12 my god that cgi is horrible

  • Damian Gutierrez
    Damian Gutierrez   1 months ago

    What is the song playing at 33:10 sounds like doom or something

  • void anims
    void anims   1 months ago

    THEY RUINED TASKMASTERand that angers and saddens me

  • Deez Boyeed
    Deez Boyeed   1 months ago

    Honestly I don't care if these films are amazing or bad anymore, I am just kinda sick of marvel movies and superhero movies in general.

  • Furunama — フルナマ

    I think i dislike Black Widow because it's a movie, and my brain couldn't handle it because it used to seeing a miniseries