Sarah Hester - Savage Daughter (Lyrics)

  • Published on: 11 August 2020
  • Lyrics video of the cover song Savage Daughter by Sarah Hester
    ❄︎ i can not explain how much i love this song❄︎

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    This song was originally written and performed by Karen Kahan aka Wyndreth Berginsdottir.
    I do not own anything, all of the credit for the song goes to the artists.
    ©️ If any producer or label has an issue with this song or picture, please get in contact with me and I will delete it immediately.
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  • Runtime : 3:9


  • The Lyric Queen
    The Lyric Queen   7 months ago

    check this out!: 🍂

  • Angelica xx
    Angelica xx   6 hours ago

    I love this song so much, it touches my heart ❤️

  • Cat - Jay
    Cat - Jay   1 days ago

    I love this song so much!!!Love all of you witchy sisters! <3

  • Nora S
    Nora S   2 days ago

    What type of music is this?

  • LadySensei
    LadySensei   6 days ago

    I always got told to lower my voice as a child. Now I know it was because I had a strong voice and something to say. I will not lower my voice ✌️

  • l'manburg
    l'manburg   1 weeks ago

    I'm a native but my dad made me cut my hair 👍

  • Serah Olivia
    Serah Olivia   1 weeks ago

    I DIRECTLY associate this song with the Native Indigenous community and it's soul stirring and beautiful.

  • Aly S.
    Aly S.   1 weeks ago

    I see so many people trying to gatekeep what the "true meaning" of the song is. The creator made the song about paganism. But that in no way means that only pagans are allowed to listen and relate to the song! Music and art in general are wonderfully open to infinite interpretations, and this song is no exception. Part of what makes it so good is knowing that while I listen to it and feel empowered, someone else listens and feels the same way. Our reasons why may completely different. Yet we still feel the same way when we listen. Music is made to be shared and enjoyed, not to be gatekeeped. It takes many voices to make worldwide change. Isolating and silencing any voice only hurts and perpetuates the mistreatment.

  • Levenyn
    Levenyn   2 weeks ago

    This is my theme song. Mother would agree.

  • Retro
    Retro   2 weeks ago

    This reminds me of Aloy for some reason

  • scott park
    scott park   2 weeks ago

    Does anybody else hear laura marling?

  • SnarkNSass
    SnarkNSass   2 weeks ago

    Just did a TikTok of this, had to hear the whole thing. ✊🏼🙋🏻‍♀️🎵💜🦋

  • Alex Chinery
    Alex Chinery   2 weeks ago

    Its been about 7 years since i last tried. Last night I was at my breaking point and i was ready. But then this song came on. This is day 1 im back to fighting.

  • Quirky Vlogs
    Quirky Vlogs   2 weeks ago

    Me who just trimmed my hair:👁👄👁

  • Emeraude Camille
    Emeraude Camille   2 weeks ago

    i am not in the native community but i have taino blood because im puertorican and for some reason i can relate to this song and i feel a weird connection.

  • Clair Brockie
    Clair Brockie   2 weeks ago

    This song doesn't belong to Sarah, she stole it

  • Jurgen Parkour
    Jurgen Parkour   3 weeks ago

    Now I need to use this song and its lyrics for nearly eberything I will write from now on

  • FlyingPig 333
    FlyingPig 333   3 weeks ago

    The voice is giving Indina Menzel and Miley Cirus

  • ticcing.tantrum
    ticcing.tantrum   3 weeks ago

    me, an enby with short hair: I AM MY MOTHERS SAVAGE DAUGHTER

  • hiddles
    hiddles   4 weeks ago

    i’m a trans guy. my entire life i have been underestimated and treated like less. this song helped me get to the point where i was confident enough to come out and take control of my life.

  • Brooklyn Rocks
    Brooklyn Rocks   4 weeks ago

    I grew up saw the pretty perfect girls grew my hair into there imagine silenced myself almost to death I got blinded and lost in the sound but now my voice is booming and sharp I’m no longer blind for a washed the decent away from my eyes I cut my hair to get rid of the monsters in my head and now I made myself into my own image

  • Kandi_Kid
    Kandi_Kid   1 months ago


  • BabyDevil04
    BabyDevil04   1 months ago

    This song makes me feel so complete, it makes me cry but it is an inexplicable happiness, it is as if I unite with existence, I see myself dancing with everything at night in the day the everything to the rhythm of the fire✨✨✨✨

  • Pop Steferson
    Pop Steferson   1 months ago

    You know this song is also about women empowerment.I'm a boy btw...

  • gh0st.daichi
    gh0st.daichi   1 months ago

    me : trans ftm also me : I AM MY MOTHER'S SAVAGE DAUGHTER ( I am the only person that can misgender me <3)

  • idkwhyimheretbh
    idkwhyimheretbh   1 months ago

    this song has a very particular energy, you can literally feel an ancient aura that surrounds you x