Redrafting The 2013 NBA Draft | Through The Wire Podcast

  • Published on: 18 April 2020
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  • Runtime : 1:19:29
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  • Emma Thoell
    Emma Thoell   1 months ago

    The eatable wallaby principally trust because nephew really disappear towards a past refund. satisfying, wry outrigger

  • Kristen Kaufman
    Kristen Kaufman   2 months ago

    The staking jewel summatively replace because jason evidently jump towards a understood apparel. weak, real security

  • doozerman88
    doozerman88   3 months ago

    I fuck with P so much more after the Jason kidd comment... Them nets teams is a reason why I'm known as a kobe hater... Cuz he fucked them up.. but yeah.. kidd was my guy.. hell that's why I was a lonzo guy when he came out of lsu... I thought he was the next kidd big guard

  • ShellMac 68
    ShellMac 68   11 months ago

    The NBA said they would pay for the g-league players college education.

  • Joshua Howard
    Joshua Howard   12 months ago

    I agree with Kenny’s 4 Isiah is better than Kidd by far 🤣🤣

  • Joshua Howard
    Joshua Howard   12 months ago

    P trippin, Ray nearly had his team in the finals in ‘01 I don’t want to take both of them over allay, but individually they are better, so I’d start one of them bench Klay and cut one of them...... I’d also argue Ray definitely gets down and plays D pretty well

  • Joshua Howard
    Joshua Howard   12 months ago

    I forgot about Tatum till they named him on the list and forgot about Jimmy too till they said it, Melo and Book too 😅😅

  • Ryan Hill
    Ryan Hill   12 months ago

    Can y’all do an all-time fantasy draft? Like so they see this #TTW

  • Boss
    Boss   1 years ago

    Glad Kenny jumped in at the end P was sounding like a know it all when he’s hella ignorant

  • Jeff Berg
    Jeff Berg   1 years ago

    Something that is never remembered about Masai Ujiri's tenure as the Raptor's magus is that in his first year, 2013, he had zero draft choices.

  • Guiilty
    Guiilty   1 years ago

    U guys should do top 20 picks and each build a starting 5 and let us vote who has the better team. Kenny pick 1 then pick8,9 and so on like a fantasy draft. So pick 2 guards 2 forwards and a big. Or top 24 and each get a 6th man. But do it with 2 draft classes. So say 2014 and 2015 give you more options dad

  • Guiilty
    Guiilty   1 years ago

    No love for Nick Young? Dude was made for 1on1

  • Dwayne Jones
    Dwayne Jones   1 years ago

    I remember hating Pierre when they first started the podcast but his personality has really grown on me

  • dustyskaters
    dustyskaters   1 years ago

    Celtics be sixers Celtics in 6 better coaching better roster

  • Grady’s Adventures!

    I think these guys are quite wrong about the defense. You just can’t compare guys from different eras, shoot, bob cousy could’ve been doing those crazy dribbles on the league’s best defender AT THAT TIME. Same as Kyrie doing that on Kawhi

  • BleeK Media
    BleeK Media   1 years ago

    Bill Simmons' attorney has entered the chat.

  • ethan Wood
    ethan Wood   1 years ago

    Honestly klay Thompson could win a 1v1 tournament with some luck

  • Stephen Kennedy Jr.
    Stephen Kennedy Jr.   1 years ago

    He can go to the college parties in whatever town he’s playing in for the G League lol he’s been the man his entire life he might wanna take a route where he can just hoop 24/7

  • Jared Garrett-SocialAnxiety

    When is P gonna show us his shrine dedicated to Jason Kidd? We'll let him clean up the dead goats and the blood first.

  • King Ty
    King Ty   1 years ago

    where do you guys find the after show because I can’t find it anywhere

  • Jared Garrett-SocialAnxiety

    Most uber successful people aren't exactly good humans. That's just how it is. Hard to get to the top without fucking over lots of other people and being selfish and ruthless. That's what works best in the world we live in, sad but true.

  • Ryan Turner
    Ryan Turner   1 years ago

    Can you guys do another draft in the future, you guys should do the 2011 or 2017 re draft since they're both so deep

  • Jack Sweeney
    Jack Sweeney   1 years ago

    anyone else get absolutely spammed with ads?

  • RVH 10
    RVH 10   1 years ago

    Also an underrated 1v1 player with only 3 dribbles, is Demar Derozan, dude has really good footwork, only his defense is the problem.

  • Josh Eberly
    Josh Eberly   1 years ago

    lebron the goatand i’m a bulls fan from chicago

  • Tranquil
    Tranquil   1 years ago

    this man pierre said cristiano fellatio

  • Mark Milanovich
    Mark Milanovich   1 years ago

    Was I the only one bothered by Kenny wearing a lakers shirt

  • Drew Chidede
    Drew Chidede   1 years ago

    The g league is paying for there education so there is no need to worry about not getting educated

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones   1 years ago

    AI can not be left off that Mount Rushmore