UNDERWATER - What are the Monsters

  • Published on: 14 January 2020
  • Underwater 2020 had an interesting concept for the deep sea monsters from the Mariana Trench. In this video, we propose a theory as to what they are.

    Monster in thumbnail: https://cdna.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/006/838/314/large/jean-diego-rs-render-2.jpg?1501624081
  • Runtime : 6:39
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  • Alteori
    Alteori   1 years ago

    UPDATE: I know what the director said. This was made before that and I made other videos following this one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmdONx9y_JM

  • Gordon Jones
    Gordon Jones   3 weeks ago

    Wasnt a bad movie but the fans of Lovecraft deserve a real adaptation at this point. I have faith that Guillermo Del Toro will one day make AtMoM! B

  • FlexLuther909
    FlexLuther909   1 months ago

    I was gonna say ,u can clearly see it's Cthulhu and it's offspring, but I guess the kraken did have a face too but more tentacles

  • trashsoviet
    trashsoviet   2 months ago

    Imma be honest, i’d rather the monster was the kraken and not cthulhu because that rendition was a fucking mockery of lovecraft.

  • DisasterLeo88
    DisasterLeo88   2 months ago

    I got sad from the thumbnail of kraken from evolve cause i can't play him anymore.

  • cody montuno
    cody montuno   5 months ago

    cthulhu and his offsprings is deep ones

  • Adam Ultimate
    Adam Ultimate   5 months ago

    Cracken I thought the Giant Sea Monster Was The Sea God Cthulhu is that wrong ?

  • RASKAL209
    RASKAL209   5 months ago

    And just so u know the director says it's cthulhu u fuck tard and he calls it the behemoth so stop making shyt up for views on it shyt for a channel

  • RASKAL209
    RASKAL209   5 months ago

    Maybe it a dumbass and u really don't know shyt

  • jay the crazy
    jay the crazy   6 months ago

    There's only one problem Cthulhu sleeps in R'Lyeh which is located near point nemo not the Marianas trench, great movie but got the story location wrong

  • Jarett
    Jarett   6 months ago

    Long live Cthulhu

  • Frog in A bucket
    Frog in A bucket   7 months ago

    I cant tell whether or not I watched this fever dream of a movie

  • Anarchy of 2118
    Anarchy of 2118   7 months ago

    I practically predicted there was Cthulhu before the movie even came out I was just picturing the movie in my head that those creatures were offspring of Cthulhu I didn't know Cthulhu would actually be in the movie shit I think I'm fucking psychic.

  • Glen Dillon
    Glen Dillon   7 months ago

    Your a simpleton and utterly clueless!! Honestly just because you saw a picture of mermaids in the deep sea rig doesn't mean that the creatures are mermaids and as for the "kraken" you couldn't be more blantly incorrect!!! Maybe before you post something and feed misinformation you should know the source material!!! It's based on H.P.Lovecrafts "call of Cthulhu", your so called mermaids are actually "The Deep Ones" and your kraken is actually "Cthulhu the inter-dimensional god of destruction or the accursed God" and the Deep Ones are his minions or army of destruction which Cthulhu controls!!! In H.P.Lovecrafts Call of Cthulhu, Cthulhu breaches into our world through a dimensional Rift from the deepest part of earth ocean!!! So anyone who's watched this video I implore you to blantly disregard everything this idiot has told you in this video! And for the creator of the video you'd fail miserably to understand a movie and trying to explain something you are clueless about and you take this video down cause your embarrassing yourself more and more every minute this pathetic video Continues to exist!!! You get -1000 points out of 1,000,000 for your efforts!!!

  • J. Weatherford
    J. Weatherford   8 months ago

    Degon. It was a mashup between Degon and Cthulu. Director interview on Mr H.

  • Ir0nF0x21
    Ir0nF0x21   8 months ago

    While yes, the monster seems to give off "mermen" they are actually a creature called Chuul, they are minions of the god "Cthulu" who is the confirmed monster at the end. Cthulu is one of many creatures/gods called the Deep Ones/Old Ones. At the end when it's "blown up" It does not kill it considering in the end of Call of Cthulu by HP Lovecraft, Cthulu gets blown up and survives

  • Billy Lyons
    Billy Lyons   8 months ago

    Cthulhu not kraken and there his star spawn aka kids

  • m*she
    m*she   8 months ago

    everybody gangsta until ctuhulu appears

  • Lets Go Blues!!!
    Lets Go Blues!!!   8 months ago

    I really really enjoyed this movie!!!! I thought it was awesome and I'd love for there to be a sequel.

  • Stranger Danger
    Stranger Danger   9 months ago

    omg i love the game evolve too, whats your favourite monster from it? the kraken?

  • IamChickennugget Boi
    IamChickennugget Boi   9 months ago

    I got so many vibes from this movie they are the 3 i can remember (I watched the movie today)Among usLive die repeatPacific rim/Pacific rim uprisingAlien isolation and the aliens movies

  • Alpha 123k5
    Alpha 123k5   9 months ago

    You just used the Evolve Stage 2 kraken

  • gaminsnake {Nostalgic Gamer}

    Not watching this video... I just wanted to say RIP to my favorite game Evolve which you used one of the monsters for the thumbnail. If only Xbox and PS didn’t charge companies to update their games Evolve might still be here

  • Collin McGovern
    Collin McGovern   10 months ago

    I like the idea of chuthulu more then it being a kraken

  • mellow spicoli
    mellow spicoli   10 months ago

    This the call of cthulhu story redone and remixed. That monster was cthulhu

  • Laurent Laloy
    Laurent Laloy   11 months ago

    At first I thought it was Cthulhu, but more likely it's closer to Dagon and the Deep Ones, imo.

  • Alex Dunn
    Alex Dunn   11 months ago

    This movie without watching it, looks like a rip from lovecraft, whats even the point of making this?

  • Superior customer 2.0
    Superior customer 2.0   11 months ago

    Bruh she says the kraken but she shows pictures of giant octopus 🐙 the kraken is a squid 🦑