How To Organize Your Fortnite Roles in Season 8! (IGL, Fragger, Support)

  • Published on: 25 October 2021
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  • C Lillz
    C Lillz   1 weeks ago

    ATTENTION: My card was stolen, and used to make a purchase for pro guides for $100. After contacting them about the situation, they offered me a $50 refund, and a half year membership. Or 3000 points, and a full year membership. When I don’t even play video games. Never waste your money with this piece of shit company..

  • Paul Walsh
    Paul Walsh   1 weeks ago

    You forgot another role the decoy, provide an easy target so the enemies so busy on you my team mates hopefully kills them (The Magnet )

  • Doughnut
    Doughnut   1 weeks ago

    The best tarper in my opinion is Endretta

  • Sleakyy
    Sleakyy   1 months ago

    POV mongral dead shit on dance get the fuck out of my game !!!!!!!

  • Spectra1_Zexify
    Spectra1_Zexify   1 months ago

    i dont have a trio so anyone in the chat thats british who wants to be my trio

  • LoneG
    LoneG   1 months ago

    igl aka point guard

  • CS Huzaifa
    CS Huzaifa   1 months ago

    My problem is that I’m the igl and tarper. That’s why my team always loses!

  • Javster
    Javster   1 months ago

    Yo anyone trying to be a team with me for tourneys I’m not in champs yet but I’ll getting there

  • Gen Lipzy
    Gen Lipzy   1 months ago

    I remember when you used to be on 27k subs

  • Imraz Khan
    Imraz Khan   1 months ago

    I reckon most of it falls under muscle memory after some time, but communication is crucial. Hard af to play without it lol.

  • Devonrr
    Devonrr   1 months ago

    why are all the fn stories private?

    RC TOYS MANIA   1 months ago

    Just wanna say, love the way you speak. ❤

  • Mang0
    Mang0   1 months ago

    How do I know which role is right for me though? I’m a big soloist so I am decent in all areas, but what role do I assign to myself or my teammates when I play trios?

  • KingDomSZN
    KingDomSZN   1 months ago

    As an X pro player I agree with this and I am thinking of playing the game seriously again

  • VortexElM
    VortexElM   1 months ago

    Wow ur like best yt and ur settings is fire

  • Nadir Chahboun
    Nadir Chahboun   1 months ago

    Iam looking for a trio for hype cup on Europe who can play hype cup with me

  • Tai Strnad
    Tai Strnad   1 months ago

    ALAN Im very good on controller but i think i could get beter on mouse and keyboard.its worth swiching ?

  • Dan Tube
    Dan Tube   1 months ago

    I practiced and practiced and still getting killed by bots 😭😭

  • albert nazario
    albert nazario   1 months ago

    Am I the only one who doesn’t believe in this role stuff?

  • Ixkify
    Ixkify   1 months ago

    Keith Allan I need you please reply

  • Dreadorama
    Dreadorama   1 months ago

    me watching without a trio or duo to play with : (

  • Kaiky Moura off
    Kaiky Moura off   1 months ago

    So queriaa dar um orgulho pra minhaa mãe mais ta difícil? 😕

  • Cat
    Cat   1 months ago

    I don't get why anyone would dislike this

  • Dylan johnsen
    Dylan johnsen   1 months ago

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  • mon s
    mon s   1 months ago

    keith alan you are a god