Next To You - NSP

  • Published on: 24 April 2012
  • Yet another unbelievable installment of amazingness from Ninja Sex Party! Buy the song on iTunes here:

    Written and performed by Ninja Sex Party

    Featuring members of the Spangles Dance Company: Marjorie Failoni, Gina Trello, Kristina Fernandez, Alissa Alter, Becca Lee, Valerie Salgado, Lizz Picini, Julie Kotarides

    Directed by Jim Turner
    Assistant Directed by Eric Smith and Bill Schaumberg
    Gaffed by Benjamin Becker
    Zombie Makeup Effects by Jess Rajs and Aileen Salerno
    Stick Figure Illustrations by the Ninja Brian Graphic Design Co.

    Guest starring:
    Julie Katz as "Girl Who Broke Danny's Heart"
    Dan Hodapp as "Roger Roger"
    Gina Trello as "Claire"
    Kristina Fernandez as "Lisa"
    Rachel Bitney Wecht, Bill Schaumberg, and Benjamin Becker as Party People
    Jerry Nwosuocha, Jess Rajs, Aileen Salerno, and Rachel Bitney Wecht as Zombies


    We'd been friends for many years
    Until I finally confessed
    That I've always loved you darling
    But you were not impressed

    If I can never be your lover
    Then I'll accept our destiny
    And I'll embrace your gift of friendship
    As I jack off constantly

    Oh, I'll be there to lift you when you fall
    With one arm around your shoulder and the other on my balls
    Oh, if you need me you just have to call
    'Cause I'll be next to you,

    1, 2, 3, let's do it!

    Through the good times and the bad
    I will do everything I can
    Like if you ever need help moving,
    I can jerk off in the van

    If your car breaks on the road
    I'll grab my crank and pick you up
    And we can drive away together
    As I lotion up my junk

    Oh, it doesn't matter where our lives will lead us
    I will always stand beside you, both in spirit and in penis
    Oh, excuse me but I have to go dry clean this
    'Cause I've been next to you,

    Look, I know this may seem weird, but it's not.
    Every friendship I've ever had has been like this
    You should know that I'm not doing this for myself
    It's partly for you, but most of all, I'm doing this...
    for America!

    Oh, tell me everything that's in your heart
    This is Claire, we're gonna make out
    You just go ahead and start
    If it escalates to boning, it means I'm listening super hard
    'Cause I'll be next to you,

    Oh, wait, Claire brought a friend
    We're gonna have a threesome
    And a crowd of people's gathered
    To watch me bang both her and Lisa
    Oh, when this is done you and I are getting pizza
    'Cause I'll be next to you,

    Slash having a threesome with Claire
    But still masturbating.
  • Runtime : 3:11
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  • Team Cyborg
    Team Cyborg   3 days ago

    "Every friendship I've ever had has been like this."Looks at Ninja Brian

  • Baron Von Esad
    Baron Von Esad   4 months ago

    I have the same Kimono... So this is the feeling of joy.

  • Spencer_is_back
    Spencer_is_back   5 months ago

    There is no way Brian would get defeated by zombies, this video is very unrealistic.

  • Viper V
    Viper V   6 months ago

    Geez, the background dancers either look hot or their pained, fake smiles make me semi uncomfortable. Specifically 2:04

  • Jakori
    Jakori   7 months ago

    The van and car part is a masterpiece

  • Domino Lexington
    Domino Lexington   8 months ago

    Listen to the bridge (@1:30) at half speed, it sounds like Danny's drunk off his ass! 😂

  • Aon Brogan
    Aon Brogan   8 months ago

    Can't believe those zombies were so weak that Ninja Brian fell to his knees in pity for them when they tried to attack him.

  • Dominic Jackson
    Dominic Jackson   9 months ago

    0:16 The Deadpool movie got inspiration from this video

  • MAK3X7
    MAK3X7   9 months ago

    wait i never heard this one

  • Matthew Bergeron
    Matthew Bergeron   10 months ago

    She has never into him, but her boyfriend has been after him since day 1

  • Ink Static
    Ink Static   11 months ago

    Do you think Danny actually fell for this girl, and her rejection traumatized himso much he never wanted a geniune relationship again (hence Road Trip and every other song)?

  • SuperJNG18
    SuperJNG18   1 years ago

    I love how the backing dancers just start doing the chicken dance

  • SuperJNG18
    SuperJNG18   1 years ago

    It's funny to think that the girl who breaks Danny's heart is the same as the girl from "The Decision."

  • weeabootrash 7
    weeabootrash 7   1 years ago

    I wonder if the dancers knew they would be in the video for one of the top five best songs about masturbation?

  • Spicy Wolf
    Spicy Wolf   1 years ago

    I love coming back to these early songs and remembering that these guys have been making awesome and hilarious music for more than 8 years now.

  • Solid Dragon
    Solid Dragon   1 years ago

    0:15 Is that Dan's headshot he took for the orgy he didn't go to?

  • Ava O'Brien
    Ava O'Brien   1 years ago

    not gonna lie but I don't think this is a real nsp video. ninja Brian would never go down to zombies that easy

  • DarkShadows713
    DarkShadows713   1 years ago

    Still more respectful than guys who complain about the "friendzone"

  • Chlorate
    Chlorate   1 years ago

    Danny should have gone with the drawing of his nuts as well as the headshot.

  • Montesama314
    Montesama314   1 years ago

    "Every friendship I've had ended up like this." Yikes, those are some really high dry cleaning bills.

  • Montesama314
    Montesama314   1 years ago

    Of course she wasn't impressed with that Ring Pop. She hated that flavor.

  • Drake Curry
    Drake Curry   1 years ago

    Dannys faces through out this video had me rolling the whole time

  • Sean O'Grady
    Sean O'Grady   1 years ago

    For all my brothers who were in the friendzone with me; this is our anthem

  • Drunken Master
    Drunken Master   1 years ago

    Best video they ever made! And they have made a lot of great videos.

  • Toxic Melon
    Toxic Melon   1 years ago

    “It doesn’t matter where our lives will lead us, I will always stand beside you, in spirit and in penis” best lyric

  • Richard Landgraf
    Richard Landgraf   1 years ago

    The main girl is the same girl in The Decision. Her name is Julie Katz. She introduced Danny to Brian and nsp wouldn't be a thing without her.

  • Keanna Hickman
    Keanna Hickman   1 years ago

    It took me 4 years to notice the 2nd Ninja Brian....

  • Probably.A.Goth17
    Probably.A.Goth17   1 years ago

    Is no one going to be the one to say this is one of their best music videos? Danny's awesome hair? Check.Aerobics girls? Check.That head-shot of Danny that we can't tell if he loves it or hates it? Check.Kimono? Check.Hotel? Trivago.

  • bluELFsuma
    bluELFsuma   1 years ago

    This is the kind of friend I aspire to be.