SEC Shorts - SEC fights to get two teams into the Playoff

  • Published on: 21 December 2020
  • After a crazy 2020 College football season, it all comes down to this. Only four playoff spots are available and the SEC wants to get two teams in. Water balloons and lots of other trouble stand in their way.
  • Runtime : 4:3
  • sec shorts florida gators alabama crimson tide texas a&M aggies georgia bulldogs notre dame ohio state clemson


  • Easton Henderson
    Easton Henderson   5 days ago

    3:45 “*silent boiling rage at the disrespect shown by the media including the person about to appear at the end of this video*” PERFECTIONEdit: turn on captions

  • TC 501
    TC 501   1 weeks ago

    The officials have once again completely screwed arkansas against auburn. Wow

  • 146TS
    146TS   1 weeks ago

    I still can't get over the irony of SEC fans complaining about media bias.

  • Samuel Judah
    Samuel Judah   1 weeks ago

    I just discovered this channel a couple of months ago, these skits are hilarious😂😂😂😂👍

  • John Guillett
    John Guillett   1 weeks ago

    When ESPN hit us I felt that at a spiritual level.

  • Ranty McRantRant
    Ranty McRantRant   2 weeks ago

    Yall should be watching these with the CC on, it's way funnier! 🍑Go Dawgs 🍑

  • Kristi Evans
    Kristi Evans   2 weeks ago

    “Ya lost Jamie Newman. Don’t be a hero.” 🤣🤣😭

  • name
    name   3 weeks ago

    5 games in and the Clemson one hasn't aged well

  • Kristi Evans
    Kristi Evans   3 weeks ago

    Okay, I’m a Buckeye, but I had to agree with the Aggie. 🤣 “You gotta be kiddin’ me!”

  • Jamie Pettus
    Jamie Pettus   3 weeks ago

    The replay booth really did do it to Arkansas too

  • John Grissom
    John Grissom   3 weeks ago

    The replay booth execution of Arkansas… oddly enough, gave me chills? I’m not even an Arkansas fan.

  • Logan Goodin
    Logan Goodin   3 weeks ago

    Finally watched this masterpiece. The fact Ohio State even got in is just dumb

  • Eddie Butler
    Eddie Butler   4 weeks ago

    Well A&M won’t have to worry about making the playoffs this year

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy   4 weeks ago


  • HPayne62
    HPayne62   1 months ago

    Tennessee was kicked out of the battalion because they couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with a BB gun

  • Pancho Verde
    Pancho Verde   1 months ago

    Why don't you come out from behind that tree and I'll show you what a real targeting headshot looks like.

  • Mathew Mckenna
    Mathew Mckenna   1 months ago

    Playoff committee: OSU has no right to be in the playoffs, they have not met the required number of g.....wait....what is this big bag of money? You know OSU really should be in the playoffs, they deserve it.

  • Mrs Graham
    Mrs Graham   1 months ago

    Why did I get chills watching this…even a year later? Lol

  • Larez Moody
    Larez Moody   1 months ago

    Had to watch this one again. The shoe still get me🤣🤣🤣

  • Mazdak Mina
    Mazdak Mina   1 months ago

    LMAO re-watching this with the captions on, I have to say... All those jokes in the captions were awesome! But despite the one right before she says "we're on our own" being incredible, as well as the one right as the heroic music starts playing, my favorite is undoubtedly the very last one (I won't say what they are, so as not to spoil them for anyone who hasn't watched the video with caption yet)! Well done! XD XD XD XD XD XD

  • Jacob Hammock
    Jacob Hammock   1 months ago

    The fact that Arkansas getting pimped by the refs is so commonplace people make comedy skits about it is kind of surreal. It's amazing we can even get players to come and play here.

  • Doug Shelton
    Doug Shelton   1 months ago

    I dont care who you are thats good shit

  • bevoburn
    bevoburn   1 months ago

    Reliving that tragedy is a tough pill. The ending of this video was more sad and poignant than the ending of "Saving Private Ryan."

  • Travis Hightower
    Travis Hightower   1 months ago

    I find it really interesting they were able to go after their sponsor with this - but it did the aggies some justice and still makes me kind of tear up lol

  • Mike Holley
    Mike Holley   1 months ago

    Yep, but God blessed us with a beatable, Mack Brown-coached ACC team missing half their backfield in a legacy bowl. Sometimes God closes a door and opens a 5-hole with just enough space for a third-string running back to take the ball 76 yards for the winning touchdown.

  • Brandon Maddox
    Brandon Maddox   2 months ago

    That Ohio state one really hits me, A&M deserved it more

  • GreekMonkey
    GreekMonkey   2 months ago

    The closed caption makes this even better.

  • David Murphey
    David Murphey   2 months ago

    Marco Wilson, the cornerback responsible for throwing the shoe, is now an Arizona Cardinal. Obviously it was something that was careless and unfortunate, but he should definitely be known for something better than that particular incident.