IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS (1994) Ending Explained

  • Published on: 16 August 2021
  • In John Carpenter's underrated In the Mouth of Madness, an insurance claim investigator is thrust into a search for a missing author, and uncovers a bubbling evil that could spell the end of the world. We're breaking down the reality bending story, including the importance of John Trent's worldview, and explaining the bonkers ending.

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  • Runtime : 28:12
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  • kev lee
    kev lee   6 days ago

    I’ve only seen this movie once when I was like 5 or 6. I’ve always been confused about the film l. I’ve forgotten the majority of the film since it’s been over 25 years. Now this will give me some explanation.

  • Colby Woolsey
    Colby Woolsey   1 weeks ago

    Foundflix! We ever gonna get an Antichrist Explained?

  • Seth Bishop
    Seth Bishop   1 weeks ago

    I have been searching for this movie for years. I was very young when it aired on television. A cop came to our school the next day to tell us about policing and I asked if he saw it last night and he said yeah pretty freaky but no way to find the damn movie thanks for this!

  • Goldenkitten1
    Goldenkitten1   2 weeks ago

    So the world is going insane and there's mass riots and nobody has drawn a link between this and the book? I mean sure it'd sound insane at first but by the point the world was on the brink you'd think people would understand.

  • Vio Viooo
    Vio Viooo   2 weeks ago

    back when movies kept you by the edge of the seat and actors would dedicate themselves to the craft

  • Leslie Sauceman
    Leslie Sauceman   2 weeks ago

    Big Trouble in Little China is my favorire movie. Kurt Russell is the best in it.

  • jason duncan
    jason duncan   3 weeks ago

    Foundflix, I just noticed something about you bro. You’re mad cute😅

  • Mack Edwards
    Mack Edwards   3 weeks ago

    A black Byzantine Church. A place of pure evil

  • Gabrielle
    Gabrielle   1 months ago

    They really show us a map of Maine and New Hampshire as if the guy wasn’t already a Stephen King proxy

  • Jason Moore
    Jason Moore   1 months ago

    In the mouth of madness sounds like a heavy metal song

  • Andrew Martinez
    Andrew Martinez   1 months ago

    Im sorry John carpenter. But holy shit this movie sucked

  • Matthew Hines
    Matthew Hines   1 months ago

    Anyone who has used a crayon knows you cannot draw on skin with it.

  • Wound Clan
    Wound Clan   1 months ago

    Dude i loved this movie sooo fuckin much

    TOEQIEM   1 months ago

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  • will
    will   1 months ago

    I liked ghosts of Mars 🤷‍♂️....not a great movie by any means but a fun little action horror movie with a bleak but fun ending.

  • Gretelpop
    Gretelpop   2 months ago

    When I was in high school, and friend of mine and I were bored out of our minds. We drove to Best Buy and sat in the movie aisle to look at all the movies. An employee came by and started recommending a few movies to us. This was his top pick. We went home and watched this and “I know who killed me” with Lindsay Lohan. What a wild ride.

  • Mr. Coupe
    Mr. Coupe   2 months ago

    I love this movie so much and I have no idea why other than your videos are just that awesome but I watch this video at least once or twice a month at this point xDLove you and your content brother keep doing

  • Peter Charles
    Peter Charles   2 months ago

    Waiting for the sequel: Qannon, the mouth of madness.

  • the Lone Spartan
    the Lone Spartan   2 months ago

    The thing is easily one of the most well made and effective horror movies that I have ever seen

  • OfficialDungeons
    OfficialDungeons   2 months ago

    I feel like this kind of bastardises the Lovecraftian Old Gods concept. Unless Sutter was always a disguised embodiment of one of those omnipotent beings, I feel like those creatures would never allow themselves to be harnessed by a mortal human being. It’s just kind of contrary to how Lovecraft and his protégés wrote them.

  • John Anderson
    John Anderson   2 months ago

    You should do a episode on The Prince of Darkness.

  • Piper Marie
    Piper Marie   2 months ago

    I love this movie…can’t wait for this

  • Zanimations
    Zanimations   2 months ago

    Its a great movie, and you can find it on here in full lenght. Many many times uploaded, so many times that my upload doesn't even show up when i search for it :)

  • twindrill
    twindrill   2 months ago

    You could make an AMV of this movie with The Mind Electric and it'd fit perfectly.

  • Tielner -
    Tielner -   2 months ago

    Does anybody know who the mistress was? She was damn looking hot. Looked up her name in thd end credits but couldn't find her. On imdb was no further information ...

  • Weekend Weakling
    Weekend Weakling   2 months ago

    Ghost of Mars was a fantastic dare you. Next your going to tell me Vampires was not good...

  • Jim Mulvaney
    Jim Mulvaney   2 months ago

    A John Carpenter classic! This is one of my all-time personal favorites!

    MATT CYPRESS   3 months ago

    Out of all the explained videos this one is my favorite so i have subscribed to this channel right now.

  • jamesy
    jamesy   3 months ago

    I was turned on to this great movie by the drinkers use of the scene of him screaming on the bus

  • Frozun Yogert
    Frozun Yogert   3 months ago

    This is one my favorite Carpenter movies. Maybe his most underrated. It’s very meta approach has a lot to say about how we interact & consume media. Crazy how Sutter Cane stans brought about the apocalypse.

  • Wormillion OW
    Wormillion OW   3 months ago

    😆lol... "Media will destroy us all! But don't forget to like and subscribe.)