301 NBA Open Court - The 90's

  • Published on: 28 September 2016
  • Runtime : 46:28
  • NBA Open Court Ernie Johnson Isiah Thomas Grant Hill Brent Barry Dennis Scott Kenny Smith Steve Kerr Bulls Lakers Denver Nuggets Thunders Wizards Grizzlies Jazz Spurs Timberwolves Heat Bucks Celtics Rockets Nets Pelicans Warriors Suns Philadelphia 76ers Detroit Pistons Dallas Mavericks New York Knicks Cleveland Cavaliers Portland Trail Blazers Atlanta Hawks Sacramento Kings Raptors Clippers Magic Pacers Hornets 90s Los Angeles Chicago Boston Jordan


  • Janah gretcheng
    Janah gretcheng   2 days ago

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  • Duncan Brode
    Duncan Brode   5 days ago

    Great conversations about guys we watched growing up! Wonderful concept for the players to share, and the fans to get a little (fascinating) insight from the players perspective.

  • VakP79
    VakP79   1 weeks ago

    Many people dislike Isiah including me. But let's be honest when people from other teams dislike you that's a sign of respect because it means they know you are a good player. Most winners aren't nice people on the court. Because they are only busy trying to win. Of the court Isiah seems like a nice guy. Still don't understand the big fuzz about Laimbeer. He wasn't that tough. What he did on the court had nothing to do with basketball. When you take away the bullying he just was another tall guy. Not a NBA player. But props to him and the pistons because they did win a lot of games in them days.

    GREG THURMAN   1 weeks ago

    i hate these guys,i would not choose none of guys,over PIPPEN!!!

  • Tony Nikolovski
    Tony Nikolovski   1 weeks ago

    I'm from Windsor, Ontario––border city with Detroit, so I was a Pistons fan since I was 11-years-old. I was born in 1997, so I never watched Isaiah Thomas and the Bad Boys live. I am a 2004 onwards Pistons fan. Although a fan, there's something about Thomas that makes me hate him. Imagine his arrogance vs Chauncey's humility. If you're gonna praise yourself, at least do it without putting others (like the GOAT, MJ) down. Relax, Ben Wallace and the crew would smack you. Angry, petty old man.

  • Dwayne Haddock
    Dwayne Haddock   1 weeks ago

    What happen to Rodman now u got him in North Korea 😂

  • chris anthony
    chris anthony   2 weeks ago

    20:55 Lmao kenny wanna insert himself you werent invited dude

  • Funkgun
    Funkgun   2 weeks ago

    Isaiah, "Yeah, but you all blew it" Poor Grant.

  • jb_tomorrow
    jb_tomorrow   2 weeks ago

    Isaiah Thomas fan as a player but as a person, he's still hating and not owning up to being the ring leader of the bad boys lol

  • wasabi19821
    wasabi19821   2 weeks ago

    I would have loved to see a pacers-jazz series.

  • Jerry Lewis
    Jerry Lewis   2 weeks ago

    Dennis Scott is only on the panel because he's Shaq's boyfriend.

  • Chance Cooper
    Chance Cooper   3 weeks ago

    A great way to understand how "GOAT" MJ was....You aint never seen that man sitting around talking about the greats in the NBA....This dude out buying teams....Hes always played above his peers. This is a great example. These old dudes sitting round talking bout greats and MJ is in a booth somewhere trying to win a chip as an owner....

  • Pedro Torres
    Pedro Torres   3 weeks ago

    Houston had to go through New York as well as San Antonio! Let’s not forget the battles Chicago had with Néw York

  • WiseOwl Videos
    WiseOwl Videos   3 weeks ago

    Isaiah Thomas really knows the game of basketball i love listening to him critique the game, players, etc.!

  • darts21
    darts21   3 weeks ago

    It's a good thing Shaq wasn't on the panel for this episode. He would have refuted that 3D story in a heartbeat. LOL.

  • Darrell Mitchell
    Darrell Mitchell   4 weeks ago

    It’s not really New Years Eve you can’t have a New Year in the DEAD WINTER.....

  • John Doe
    John Doe   4 weeks ago

    30:40 they really set the standard for professionalism in competitive basketball when they walked out on the Bulls with time left on the clock.

  • David Jordan Jr
    David Jordan Jr   4 weeks ago

    I can hear E Johnson saying "my nigga" so smooth 🤣

  • Woodgrain Owings Mills
    Woodgrain Owings Mills   1 months ago

    Ernie was right "broken up by Michael Jordan to go play basketball". Even the year they lost to the Magic he didn't play the whole year. Kenny got to get over it lol.

  • Shawn Carter
    Shawn Carter   1 months ago

    Orlando made the biggest mistake in history not giving shaq that $100M...they were a pre-season away from a dynasty in the 90's(they broke up a championship squad 4real Penny,Horace, Nick & Dennis)with hunt and the rest of the bench...I can go on and on about that squad... who's with me on this one???

  • Shawn Carter
    Shawn Carter   1 months ago

    We lost real hip hop & real ballers..."DAMN SHIT DONE CHANGE"!!!

  • Richie G
    Richie G   1 months ago

    And he gave a 9 to Vince Carter's 2nd dunk. Come on man!

    NBAGOATS   1 months ago

    Isaiah is very respectful whenever he talks about MJ. I never heard him say one bad thing when discussing MJ.

  • senor frog
    senor frog   1 months ago

    ewing could get up and down the court like hell in college. even if he had a better system and teammates, i still dont think he would have won a ring though, because he started having major lower body issues right in what should have been his prime. ridiculous competitor though

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    Pham Ba Loc   1 months ago

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  • Braden Nichols
    Braden Nichols   1 months ago

    The problem with the pistons is they played marine ball. They couldnt play straight up basketball. They were the bullies on the playground. No one liked em. Bullies end up walking off the court like little bitches and not shake anyone's hand. Jordan lost and still shook hands and met em after the game in the locker room. Pistons were classless. That's why nobody respects that team

  • leorosa
    leorosa   1 months ago

    Isiah: I threw punches out of retaliation*Remembers Mahorn.

  • Chris Newman
    Chris Newman   1 months ago

    94-98 the jazz were championship contenders

  • Mhy Kreazion
    Mhy Kreazion   1 months ago

    that hatred of IT really clouded his mind, Rodman dated Madonna, became a party animal during the time he was in San Antonio it just only continues when he was traded to Chicago.

  • Daryl Melliza
    Daryl Melliza   1 months ago

    Zeke keeps saying mental toughness... Bro stfu the videos and stories says something else. Mental toughness couldn't even shake hands when they lost lol

  • Nicolas Dane
    Nicolas Dane   1 months ago

    Isiah is correct at around 34:30, every team had an "enforcer" in the 80s, early 90s. Every team had a rule that if a little guy started having success going to the hole, knock him on his butt. Nothing dirty but let him know "no more". The Jordan Bulls branded that style of play as "thuggish" and then Jordan got protected the rest of his career and the game proceeded to get softer. Think about it, those same Bulls players later took on Dennis Rodman and John Sally. I lived through it, this is just what happened, like it or not.

  • Tania Mendez
    Tania Mendez   1 months ago

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